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 Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #5

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PostSubject: Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #5   Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:05 pm

Title: Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #5
James Rubino Comics
Price: $3.00
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts – Present – Jazma Online!
Comments: Marvel Universe, DC Universe step aside, here comes the Rubinoverse! A multitude of characters. James Rubino is a non-stop, 24/7 creator, always thinking of new characters, new worlds, new dimensions, new storylines, new plots and more! That is why you will never be bored with any of his material, because it’s always NEW! As soon as you open up this comic book, it bursts with characters. As a reader you will be curious on who these characters are, what are their powers, where are they from? What is their mission in the Rubinoverse? You get some exciting stories in this issue from meeting the terrified Jean Paul who will be confined to a small concrete space in a wall. He will learn that it doesn’t pay to be lazy on Devil’s Island in French Guiana! In this issue, you will get plenty of pin-ups and it makes me think that the Rubinoverse should come out with a calendar utilizing some of their main characters! Another story, ‘A Matter of Time’ and seeking out the truth…does God exist? With this story a very scared Steven Zagen sees an ark, does this mean that the rain is coming? Holy crap! More pin ups with vital information about the Rubinoverse characters! You gotta love this issue! Straight up from the creative genius mind of James Rubino!
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Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #5
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