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 The Paul Pabian Story

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PostSubject: The Paul Pabian Story   Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:24 pm

The Paul Pabian Story
Story By Paul Pabian
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

When Katy and I moved into 311 Morrissey Blvd., we didn't have many other choices of where to stay other than motel rooms and someone we were acquainted with had referred us to it. Apparently the landlord was his friend. It was a house rennovated into 3 apartments, 1 single and 1 3 bedroom. We were in one of the rooms in the 3 room section. Being a practitioner of meditation, I set up an altar and sitting space in a loft which was up a shifty ladder in the middle of the room. We were able to make ourselves somewhat comfortable when the land lord wasn't trying to “chill” with us. His presence would become more bothersome and menacing as time went on.
The land lord and another tenant in the 3 bedroom area had engaged the land lord in a verbal argument within the first two days of our residence. This was unusual to me and there would be more unusual events to come. I ended up intervening and was attacked by the other tenant – further details are not too important, aside from shedding light on the peculiarly tense dynamic tinging the interactions at this place. Within the first 2 months of our stay we noticed a shockingly large blood stain in the wood floor. The landlord said he had been here for a while yet did not tell us about any violent history in this
house. Months later we, along with others who offered to help, discovered public records indicating a “mass-murder suicide” at this location. I had looked through various sources of information including newspaper articles at the Santa Cruz Downtown Library,
yielding no detailed results.
I had practiced meditation frequently in the loft, with suprising effects I did not notice anywhere else, increasing as time went on. Once I felt as if sand was being poured over my head as if I was in the middle section of an hourglass. Another time my vision adjusted to an internal view from the center of my head and turned 90 degrees
to the right, where I glimpsed a white radiant light – then my vision immediately snapped back to my regular eyesight vision and I proceeded to close my meditation. A couple days later I had a peculiar experience when taking a moment for mindfulness when I was at the Capitola Mall, where my normal visual and spatial awareness suddenly completely dissolved. This was just the beginning of strangeness that would arise.
We had gotten a book that instructed us to clear the plants around the house and make it look nice if we may believe there is a possibility of a haunting here, it may calm the energies. As the weeks past, there was various conflicts and attempts at resolutions
among various combinations of the house mates and landlord here. I had managed to get a job at Goodwill Capitola while living here and that began taking up much of my time – I was unable to keep my meditation practice up as much and switched to more dynamic exercise routine. Right around this time we started having frequent, profusive
night sweats, nightmares – the tension among the housemates picked up as well. I had wanted to quite cigarettes but the stress of this environment made cigarettes helpful (to get out of the house when there was conflict, etc.) - I was riding my bike to a job that
involved constant walking and lifting (stocking). I would get exhausted and over time this wore me out, however having to spend this extra income to feed and entertain ourselves away from the house because of the awful dynamic there made it unable for me to afford a bus pass.
We had to call the police to let us into our room when the room-mates were convinced it was necessary to try and block me from entering the door. The land lord had attempted an unlawful eviction and send the room mates to bully my wife while I was at work with the letter – this was when I had to quit this job and focus on safely moving us out of here while preserving our livelihood and legal housing rights. There was a time when I had to come home to this and needed to drink water, I was unable to enter my room, the other housemates were screaming at us not letting me in, and the police showed up. I had to step away but the officer let us in, while I was on the corner I had a feeling
like my heart was enduring an unusual amount of tension, as if it was cold sweating inside my rib cage. I think the malevolent force at this house follows one of the people that lives there to work where it interferes with other communities. I have never seen people who seemed to prefer conflict, rancor and mean ness and did not know any
way to just get along. The quarters were too close, we were all being charged $200 too much for rent, and the landlord was living in a garage in the backyard always around trying to get his tenants to help him buy pot. There was a time when for days I felt from the moment I awoke until I went to bed, like something was squeezing my abdome, as
if a 50 pound barbell was sitting on my solar plexus whether I was standing or sitting. This began to happen when I was not able to meditate at home as much due to having 40 hours of work per week at a large Goodwill Inc. store. It is even more peculiar that I got hired at Goodwill while living at this house – Goodwill is mostly full of items that were left behind by the recently deceased. Once, during another night of troubled sleep, Katy awoke suddenly in the early A.M. , she was short of breath and upon seeing herself in a mirror she was startled because she had a hand print across her neck that was larger
than mine and was in a strangling sort of gesture.
The intense abdominal pressure followed me to and from work for a few days. I started taking up a more diligent Qi Gong practice and this abdominal pressure went away. I have read before that haunting forces can interfere with the well being of someone who may be exhausted already, taking advantage of their tiredness to affect their life force. This entity seemed to create a stale air in the cooridors of the house, and would perhaps make some kind of alteration to the fluctuation of the resident's brain waves in such a way that would suggest divisive thoughts, depressive sociopathic behavior. We feel we were influenced by this disturbing presence from time to time but
not as much as the others, yet kept it at bay enough to get out safely with certain techniques we picked up along the way through our earth-based/buddhist spiritual tradition. There were strange power outages that occurred around our house only which were unusual in that the power seemed to taper down, in a sort of gradually diminishing
drain until it all went out. It went out at 12:21pm. I was changing and my wife was arousing me so I got an erection and when I took off my pants right at the moment my erection to the air the power went back on, right at 12:34pm. The synchronistic connections of the digits of these times is uncanny to me: the first a palendrome and
connected to the recent winter solstice connected to the Great Solar Year beginning in Aquarius, the next a sequence of numbers. The fact that the disturbance was dispelled by my erection was shocking in that it revealed in a reverse sort of way the joy erasing power of negative entities that reside in houses which people living there have not
appropriately addressed – or ghosts, possibly “demons”. These left over spirit forces to me now seem like another form of human pollution and has the potential to cause damage to the mind of the earth and its people, may be already and needs to be addressed. I have a deep appreciation for paranormal investigators, metaphysical practitioners, and my Buddhist practice after going through this, more than I had before – especially for my own body and the energy that is shared in universal love. Once when the harshness was particularly palpable in the house, I had seen when falling a sleep two pairs of eyes hovering beyond my closed eyelids – the first was glaring and malevolent and had a tornado kind of quality to it, the second seems innocent and scared like that of a
frightened child hoping to be helped. After these events, we knew it was time to invest in protecting ourselves while we were here. We had obtained a potent “Triple Action Cleanse-Protect Spray” which was appropriately charged in a earth-based tradition from the local metaphysical shoppe Serpent's Kiss. There were remarkable effects when we would use this spray. Sometimes, if we used the spray when the others were making hate speech, they would all be away from the house within 10 minutes. The other housemates, who I think were heavily prone to being influenced by the harmful presence due to their
unfamiliarity with their own auras/minds in general, didnt come to our door or leave mean notes when we were using this. Its envigorating scent and purifying effect was welcome with gratitude daily. I must say that as I write this I notice that a part of my
subconscious mind seems to be comforted and relaxing in a way that was not possible while living at that place. There have been many insights and feelings in meditation coming through for me since leaving that place and taking up my practice again, that I must conclude from my inner knowledge the malevolent presence that was at
that house was in fact distorting the available thoughts for the humans living there – it was a thought form sort of entity that was amplifying bad thoughts and squelching positive ones, it is certainly a mystery of the experience of human life that seems important at this time. As soon as we got away from that place we felt better, every
time. The world has never looked so bright after being away from there. I would never question there is an invisible world around us that flucuates in the qualities of thoughts are suggested and shared. I'm not sure how much more I can say about this at this time. We have to move yet again at the moment, yet I feel ready to release this story from my soul.
While at that house, when I would try to write about what was going on there, my fingers would ache in a terrible way and I would have to stop. Thats not happening now. In fact I feel that there are spirit guide like beings that are closer to me now because they arent trying to fight something off around me, and they are letting me know that this is a part of what I must do at the moment to move on appropriately. From memory, any residual sound in that house seemed to cause a huge knee jerk sort of reaction in our bodies that we would gasp and hold onto each other just from someone opening a door, it was the quality of the way sound vibrated through the air, I'm sure this is related to EVP sort of phenomena we were just able to sense was it was like to be around that with our brains and bodies – I can feel a difference in the way the neuroelectricity of my brain is able to arc upon itself, that is new there seemed to have some kind of damper on
it there. We did not do any investigation ourselves as we were advised because the presence seemed so harmful and strong and also since the other housemates were so caught up in the divisive behavior and speech there would be no chance for a team to successfully enter, research and cleanse the house. Our probing may have caused stronger conflagrations of activity, and we are just happy to be away from it
and that I can finally write this story.
Currently I am unemployed, seeking work while we are moving out of a temporary sublet, and I had a part time job that just ended. It was in that neighborhood where 311 Morrissey was – the “east side” of santa cruz as its commonly known to locals. The circumstances ending that job were strange, reminding me of how people were prone to
negative thinking with a closed mind at that house, fraught with resistance – I got a ticket riding my bicycle to that job by a motorcycle officer and am preparing to go to the hearing 4 days before my birthday. I really think that whatever was/is there was
influencing things beyond the house itself. Attaining long term housing will help us release lots of persisting worries that set in during our stay there, as well as the circumstances that led up to moving there in the first place. For now were just happy to be somewhere else, somewhere better, to be feeling better every day – and personally I had a deep glimpse into the lower and higher dimensions that humans are submerged in every moment of our daily lives.


Case # JK6LZ: Just thought I would drop a line and let you know about what has happened since the investigation. Code: 415

While it has been much quieter, it has not lasted. The shadow creatures have been noticed with greater frequency than prior to the investigation, however the footstep noises have not reoccurred. Each one of my daughters and myself have seen shadows moving about the downstairs to the point that each of us have thought another of us walked by another room when that person had not. I, personally, just last week would have sworn my youngest walked past the archway between TV room and entry room...and she was not home. While the bed no longer vibrates and/or shakes, often it will feel like someone has sat down or stood up, and last night it felt like my foot had been touched.

Also on several occasions while lying in bed, Reading or playing on my laptop, I have heard my name called by a female voice as if they were right in my ear. As per what I was advised, I have done no further EVP work so as not to encourage anything, however I am tempted to leave a recorder on when we leave just to see what we pick up, if anything as I have recorded some really good Class A EVP's that way.

The girls are still very uncomfortable sleeping in their bedrooms and thus still sleep in my room with me, and I can still feel them and am uncomfortable being alone in the house. Code: Todd5708

It appears that when they were asked if they could try to not scare us anymore that they have kept their word, and don't seem to be purposely doing anything, however it is as if that meant they could make more "appearances" than before, thus the shadow people.

Anyway, just thought you would like to know and maybe share with the others that yes, the house is still very much haunted although not as noisy.

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Case #5YVD879: From the Paranormal Hotline. Topeka, Kansas. The Conversation: “Hello, my name is Mike. You may think I am crazy, but I was walking down a hillside near my house and out of nowhere, 2 rats fell from the sky. There was no trees around, they both came out of a blue patch of sky and there was two real loud thuds, it was the rats hitting the ground and their bellies bursting open. Do you have any explanation for this? Code: 315

Answer: Hmm…perhaps a dust devil blew them into the atmosphere and both rats hit a jet stream and when the jet stream came to a blockage of air, both rats fell to their deaths. 2nd option: They were abducted and experimented on by aliens.

Case #5SSL200: From the Paranormal Hotline: "My name is John and I was driving through Scotts Mills, Oregon and saw a triangle in the sky. It was the size of 2 football fields, it had a red light in the middle and stationary white lights on all 3 corners. It hovered for 10 minutes, before it took off at incredible speed towards the East. This happened on October 3, 2013, last year. I know, it took me a year to report it."

Cynthia Vargas

Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Paul Pabian Story
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