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 Deanna's Movie Review of Lucy

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PostSubject: Deanna's Movie Review of Lucy   Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:29 am

Deanna's Movie Review of Lucy
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Movie Critic
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Lucy - A Movie Review by Deanna Jaxine Stinson September 14, 2014:

Humankind is said by popular mythology to use just ten percent of the one hundred percent of the brainís abilities. The abilities that Lucy acquires in this fast paced science fiction movie are psychic powers. Is that really what the remaining ninety percent would be used for?

Lucy was written with the concept of the ten percent. When researching this popular theory we come to the conclusion that this is just an urban legend. There has actually been no scientific evidence to support this. Lucy herself says in the movie that numbers are actually made up by humans to conceive the vastness of the universe. Lucy is played by Scarlett Johansson. She is held hostage and used as a drug mule in a series of unfortunate events. The drug bag leaks inside of her, leading her to become human yet, superhuman.

My perception of the movie was that by the end she had actually become a goddess. She could manipulate time and space and even people just like a God. She uses her last ounce of energy at the end to transform her brain into a next generation computer. Morgan Freeman plays a professor at a university teaching theories on brain capacity. Lucy finds him through computer waves and interferes with his radio, TV and cell phone signals to get a hold of him for help. She likes him because he has spent twenty years on his theories of human evolution and she finds that for the most part they are correct. I thought that the cast was chosen very well and all the actors were very talented. The colors and representations of perceived images of what an electronic signal would look like were very interesting. They also had a beautiful perception of the computer at the end. The plot contained a lot of mini stories. Each character had his own thing going on. Once Lucy develops her sense of brainpower she forgets all about her heart and soul and goes on a killing rampage.

Although the movie was very entertaining and fast paced there were a lot of holes in the theory. She became inhuman because she was seemingly on a path of revenge. She said earlier in the movie that she could sense and feel every thread in the universe but she did not feel compassion. She was on a journey of self-righteousness. If you were able to understand and feel everything in the universe I believe that you would not go on a killing spree where you were the decipher of who lives and who dies. She gives her intelligence away at the end to help humankind for the greater good. As she sees it's ignorance is the reason for all the destruction and chaos yet she carelessly travels through time shocking people.

She drives carelessly down roads speeding and causing accidents all to meet someone at a specific time. Time is a very important concept in the movie and is analyzed throughout. There are so many hypothesis made in this movie that you really canít miss any part of it or you will not understand. The rising action of the movie is focused towards what is going to happen at the one hundred percent brain capacity. The storyline includes many clues so that the ending becomes very predictable but it is still worth watching. The whole movie focuses on the journey to the one hundred percent brain capacity so she is not fully evolved until the very end. She has to injest the drug, CH4 several times to manipulate her cell structures. She also plans to stop the drug from widespread use so that just she can remain in full power. I highly recommend this movie. The characters are predictable yet interesting. The story line is dramatic and intense yet beautiful and exciting. Lucy is a movie completely about the mind not about her heart or soul so donít expect anything else except a movie that keeps you thinking.

I am giving this movie 4 1/2 ghosties out of 5, because this movie is predictable and the theories are just that...theories. The movie stimulates with the best actors, design, Director and concepts.

Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts:
September 15, 2014, Sunday: Today was like any other day, another hot day, the Summer has not ended. Deanna and I, got up early in the morning and took our dogs Hi-Pee and Princess Hannah to Laguna Park for their walk, stopped in at Jimboy's for some quick tacos and started preparing to head out to Yelp's Farm to Handle II Block Party on 18th and L Street - the Handle District of Sacramento. As the day progressed and it was about 2pm - the sun was bearing down. Deanna just had her tattoo retouched at Soulution Ink on Friday and it would not be wise to have this retouched tattoo in the sun, waiting in line to sample the various foods, so we did a Plan B - off to Century Theater at 9349 Big Horn Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95758 to see the movie Lucy with buttered popcorn and a diet Coke in hand. This was a smart move, because now we were in a nice air conditioned theater enjoying a top-notch movie. Above is Deanna's incredible movie review! Enjoy!



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Deanna's Movie Review of Lucy
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