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 The Story of the Black Rose

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PostSubject: The Story of the Black Rose   Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:37 am

The Story of the Black Rose
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
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Below you have two stories of The Black Rose - another persona of Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Most of you know Deanna as Shooting Star Baby, but she has another superheroic persona and that persona is The Black Rose. Read about the origins of the Black Rose by Deanna and an adventure of the Black Rose by Paul. Artwork of the Black Rose is James Rubino and see the actual Black Rose at the end of this story! Enjoy!

The Story of the Black Rose by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
The story of the Black Rose starts when she was twelve. She thought that roses were very beautiful. She noticed that God did not make roses in all colors yet she knew that they must exist. She thought very long and hard about the purpose of colors and what that meant for the rose which is a beautiful flower. A black rose is a magic rose. She came to the conclusion that because she thought of it must exist. All people think about it even though it is not a naturally made flower.

Roses are a symbol of Love and are filled with life energy. Although they are not intelligent beings they are still alive and then we pluck them for their smell, beauty and purpose. They have a spirit about them.
Well, black roses must grow somewhere perhaps in the underworld or in outer space. There are many plants sacred to certain spirits and Gods maybe this one was sacred to the first angel in the underworld.

In my dreams I can see a flower that eternally grows it is called the black rose. It is the rarest magical flower and is sacred to the dead.
The black rose grows somewhere in the universe of that I am sure. There are even rainbows on different planets but because of the atmosphere they are colors we could never imagine. The black rose is guarded by a dragon because it is so beautiful. The devil himself is meant to give it to his bride. It is an eternally sacred flower of the darkest love imaginable but yet still so beautiful that it must be kept secret until the Devil or God himself destroy it. There could be a whole bush…vine…no one knows and no one knows if there are more than one. The devil may collect them like he collects souls…and harvest them in outer space we may never know.

There was a day when witches were casting spells on people’s souls to turn them into cats and frogs. That’s what the Devil was doing, he was collecting promises, burning them and collecting souls. No one knows what a soul looks like except God and the Devil. We are all seeds inside and God is looking in on us with his light.

The Devil burned one soul as it grew in beauty. He fell in love with the beauty. He is forever tempting her to the side of evil. He spreads lies, paranoia and pain breaking her heart over and over again. He is burned her soul but not yet collected and when he has her, his black rose, she will spend an eternity in the Underworld. She must fight back and so the universe has heard her prayers and she refuses to become a pawn for evil. Her mission is to fight evil and save the universe before the Devil tries to kidnap her for an eternity of Hell that will also wreak havoc on Earth hurting others because of the prophecies of her soul and there being a connection to all cultures, as the end of times.

Many aliens have bestowed magic’s on her as they work for the world’s ultimate protection. They do not always agree with the humans but they love the Earth. Humans take care of the Earth as slaves almost. They gave her power to transform her energy into ribbons of black vines twisting from her hands and bleeding out the life and soul of monsters and evil alike.
She walks a path meant to darken her heart. She is terrorized by vampires, angels, mermaids, dragons, ghosts and all Holy forces. Her soul can travel the farthest reaches of the galaxy weaving in and out of time.

Will her heart ultimately become good or evil?

The Black Rose By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Deanna Jaxine Stinson fell victim by a horde of vicious Russian vampires. With focused meditation, she calls upon a higher power for protection, strength and the ability to defend herself from this vile nest of nocturnal blood suckers. From Orion’s belt a mysterious beam illuminates Deanna and she finds herself in a black skin tight skirt. Her new found strength rips through the essence of her being. Deanna thinks to herself: “My prayers are answered, I have gained super human type of powers, this happened to me before and I became the persona that people know as Shooting Star Baby, but look at me now…I am different. I am the Black Rose!”

Deanna leaps from rooftop of one building to another, looking for the vampiric nest. Deanna is amazed at her leaping ability and thinks to herself: “If the Demon Warrior could see me now!” The Black Rose ability to smell is enhanced ten-fold, she can smell the brethren known as Tyomnii Cheloveks – meaning in Russian – the Dark Persons. The Dark Persons is a group of Russian vampires that traveled across the Erythraean Sea aka The Red Sea to gather victims in Africa before they came to America. Somehow these vampires found their way to Sacramento. Deanna hears a voice, the voice tells her that she now has the ability to shoot out black rose vines from the palms of her hands.

The vines will wrap themselves around the targeted person, choking the life out of them. The Black Rose confronts the vampires, she yells out: “So, you thought you would be done with me? You thought you could victimize me? You have not tasted the power of The Black Rose! Feel my wrath!” The Black Rose is surrounded by these Russian vampires, but she tosses them here and there, the Russian vampires crash into the neighboring walls. One vampire yells out: "Deanna, Black Thorn, whatever you call yourself, you are a thorn in my ass, you will now feel pain!" Deanna replies: "If you ever call me Black Thorn again, you will face a horrific demise, you don't want to mess with me!" The Black Rose shoots out her black rose thorned vines and entangles every vampire in the nest, there are 7 vampires. She squeezes them so hard with her thorned vines, the vampires collapse.

Then out of nowhere, a vortex opens and all of the vampires are sucked into the vortex and vanish. Deanna thinks to herself: “Where did they go? Who saved them? Will they be back? If they return, I will be waiting for them, so says The Black Rose!” The Black Rose then steps into a shadow and it appears that she has vanished. Will we see more adventures of the Black Rose? Stay tuned!

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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The Story of the Black Rose
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