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 Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt

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PostSubject: Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt   Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:13 am

Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Brittney Talks About the Madam and the Cover-up

Brittney Talks About the 4 Round Tables

Brittney at the Tribal Dance Hall

Brittney Talks Calvin Colt

At Franklin Cemetery

Brittney Talks About Past Investigations

Brittney Getting Hugged by Entity

October 18, 2014 Saturday TIME TO BE THERE: 6pm - Soulution Ink Tattoo Shop Investigation - Contact Information: Stephanie de la Rosa and Jaye. Activity: This place is very old, probably built in the 1800s, a lot of paranormal activity witnessed, the entities are benevolent. Next door is a dance hall, this place is haunted too and the owner has access to this place. On the other side, about 100 feet is the Franklin Cemetery where a scout of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is buried. We are investigating everything! Address to be at: 10466 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove, CA SPECIAL NOTE: THIS IS A GREAT PLACE FOR A TATTOO! FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, THE EMPLOYEES MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR PART OF THE FAMILY. THEIR TATTOO ARTISTS ARE THE BEST IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, THIS IS WHERE I GOT MY TATTOO, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Deanna Jaxine Stinson says:
When I first arrived at the Franklin Cemetery I was with Paul and we met Brittney Lantz and Nicole Crone. We walked to the back of the graveyard and we saw three graves there. Brittney was feeling spirit activity there and she started to communicate with them. We decided to head over to the dance hall. Brittney started to feel the spirits in the dance hall. She was connecting with a woman’s spirit. She said that the spirit was hugging her and Nicole took a photo and there was a white anomaly on her. She said that the spirit loved to wear a certain beautiful white dress. I felt the goose bumps all over like there was a presence in the room and Brittney was talking to the woman and she felt her come to peace with her existence. She felt that spirit was freed. I also felt the release in the room. We walked into the graveyard again and Brittney was communicating with spirits with her flashlight. She was telling the spirit to light up the flashlight to communicate with us. The spirit seemed to be interacting with her. We tried to get E.V.P.s in the graveyard, they were very subtle. SPECIAL NOTE: When Brittney says she is hugging me, Nicole took a picture and she was covered in white. In many photos that Nicole took, Brittney had energy anomalies all over her, she even had what looked like a vortex coming out of the top of her head.

Now Paul Takes Over:
Let’s do a roll call: Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner & Sensitive; Sydneigh Rhodes; Stephanie de la Rosa; Marifel Juan-Inocelda; Jaye Inocelda; Ralph Madrid; Mark Boone; Fabrizzio Morocho; Brittani Lantz – Psychic Medium/Empath; Nicole Crone; Paul Dale Roberts – Co-Owner.

Brittney in her own words relates what she picked up on:
When we first arrived to Franklin, CA we went to the cemetery to look around. I picked up on three spirits: one being creepy so I ignored him, the second being a man who pulled me to the back of the cemetery to his grave and his name is Andrew McKay, the third spirit was a tall man with a top hat and a suit on who opened his jacket to show me a gun. We then came to the tattoo shop and I picked up on the tall man again. Come to find out his name is Calvin Colt. He is very respectful with women when they undress in the spa. He compares himself to Jesse James. Jesse James is very well known for killing people but with little evidence. Colt told me “get it straight, I killed people.” Colt is very stern. He has a great personality but is not afraid of killing people. He watches over the property and cares for the owners.

When I entered the dance hall I had a man spirit who let me in with open arms. I sense a bar with beautiful oak wood and plush red velvet material with an old mirror that is cracked. On the right side of the room is four small tables with chairs and men sitting around the tables. The man who allowed me in told me to pick any man I want and asked if I would work here. I told the spirit no, thank you. All the men were staring at me. Another man asked If I would dance with him and I told him no thank you because I do not know how to dance like they did back in that era. I walked to the back of the building and a woman approached me. She was the madam of the brothel. She told me she liked the room on the right for her wealthy clients and the room on the left for her cheap clients. The woman who liked the back room was murdered. She was killed by her client because he got her pregnant and he was married with kids and a politician of some sort. Everyone in the town knows who killed her but never did anything to punish him. He got away with murder. She found love, respect, and nurture from me so she connected and told her story through me. She showed herself to me in a white dress holding her unborn baby. At one point she showed herself throwing up because she was pregnant. She was stabbed and her throat was sliced. The madam covered it up so there was no evidence. She hugged me and thanked me a million times so I let her free.

Paul Sums it Up:
Brittney Lantz picks up on Calvin Colt the gunslinger, that was one of the first entities that Brittney picked up on. Calvin tells her that he is respectful when women undress, he does not peek at them. Calvin compares himself to Jesse James. Calvin assures Brittney that he has killed men. Brittney says that Calvin is a stern man. Brittney also picked up on an older woman that may be a family member to Marifel Juan-Inocelda. Went to the Tribal Dance Hall in Franklin and investigated. Brittney picked up on the former deceased part owner of this dance hall. Brittney could see tables on the side of the room and men sitting there. Brittney says that this place was once a brothel. She could see a bar with red plush velvet. A man-ghost asked Brittney to dance with him. He actually tells Brittney..."will you dance with me?" A ghostly woman summons Brittney to go into the back room. The ghostly prostitutes tell Brittney they do not like lights in the dance hall, because when they worked there, when it was a brothel, the lights were always dim. Brittney sees a woman vomiting in the bathroom, because she was pregnant, she sees a knife that was used to kill her. The madam and many of the town folk kept this murder secret.

We only got one EVP in the graveyard. The entity says 'yes'. The entities that Brittney picked up on is believable, because when she would say that an entity was next to her, we captured very strange anomalies on her. Brittney read some of the people that were at this investigation and was spot on. I won't forget how Brittney was saying she was being hugged by a woman in white and Nicole takes a photo and Brittney is engulfed in a white mass. Most incredible.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
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Soulution Ink Ghost Hunt
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