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 King of the Kings of Toads

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PostSubject: King of the Kings of Toads   Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:06 pm

King of the Kings of Toads - The Gargoyle
and King Cactor Review
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
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King of the Kings of Toads, The Gargoyle and King Cactor by Deanna Stinson
I love fantasy and I know a lot of other people do also. I wrote a short fantasy story about a toad that came to me in a vision. He had flames in his eyes and a monkey's tail. So, Richard Vasseur drew one up and I included his story. I am also inspired by the mythical gargoyle who is thought to mystically guard homes and buildings yet whose grotesque appearance can be mistaken for evil. I have also included a review of "King Cactor" by James Rubino! Remember if you love reading that you can purchase books and more from me or my husband, Paul Dale Roberts. We each research the paranormal, share true short stories, interview experiencers, create poetry, fantasy stories and so much more. You can purchase these books by typing in our full names at websites such as Barnes and Noble, and Enjoy!

King of the Kings of Toads
Be still and listen to the tale of the toad with the flames in his eyes and a monkey tail for he has a hellish tale to tell. He is more ancient than the sands of time, more evil than the devil himself and more beautiful than an angel. His was a life of entitlement and luxury. He was born at the dawn of the beginning of the world. He did not have the flames in his eyes nor the monkey's tail. He was created like any other toad only he had a heart that was capable of housing a human soul. He lived in the marshes of Paradise, the garden of Adam and Eve and God had created him greater than any other frog and named him king of the kings of toads. He was the ultimate. His name is King Tal. He had a moth friend who was king of the kings of moths and they would visit regularly. The moth, whose name is Stardust, would oftentimes leave the garden and venture out into the world. One day he told Tal about all the world outside of the garden and Tal wanted to see it for himself. He said there were many toads and other creatures outside this garden.

On an adventure outside of the garden, Tal noticed a beautiful maiden.

She was fair of skin, eyes and hair. Tal fell so in love with the maiden that he oftentimes watched her and when he learned that she was traveling far away to the jungles of another part of the world that he had to be with her. He was in love with her. A human king had summoned her away. The night before Tal was to leave the garden permanently to go and be with this maiden, he bid farewell to the garden and to his friend Stardust. Stardust took a bow and said that he wished him to travel with honor and purpose and that all moths are required to be of his assistance until he hears of his safe travels and that he is ok and on his way home.

Tal went with the maiden she was traveling on ship and so he stowed away on the ship. There were plenty of bugs to eat on his trip. They finally reached the shores of the jungle and Tal had followed the maiden to her place of rest. That night he decided he was going to confess her feelings although all that came out was a loud noise that almost sounded like a croak. Oh he was so mad! She screamed and his heart was broke in two. He traveled deep into the jungles with rage so pure that he could not have something that he wanted that his eyes caught on fire and would not quit burning.

He met the king of the king of monkeys to see if there was a way to transform into a human. Although he had a human soul, Tal could never have the body of a human. A monkey witch doctor sewed him a tale so that he could live in the jungles with them and learn their ways of survival until he could find a way back home. He used his tail to swing from treetops until he reached a hoard of moths. He was so hungry that he ate the moths and when word got back to the king of the king of moths, he was banned from the kingdom, to return would bring war between the species. So, Tal prepared for the war, training with monkey warrior masters.

Tal found his way back on another ship. Surprisingly the maiden who had broke his heart was traveling back in the ship. Apparently the king who was to marry her found her to helpless and didn't want her. In her madness she had cursed him to turn into a moth and only turn human if he would bow on his knees to God in forgiveness . Tal watched her the whole way and the flames died down in his eyes a bit. When they got to the harbor, she went her way and he his, he looked back at her one more time and she screamed again and the flames went back into his eyes and he vowed to destroy all the moths in the kingdom, which he did and than he fell in love with another maiden. Her name was Lilith and they lived happily ever after.

The Gargoyle is a mysterious creature made of stone and in legend it comes alive as a bat-like creature with wings and a frightening appearance all to protect the property. Gargoyles are architecturally made to help the rain water slide off the top of buildings especially giant, stunning and lavish homes. The gargoyle is a fixture of magic, protection and ancient legend.

Gargoyles have long been used in many countries as a sort of animalistic statue meant to guard the people and property. Many different types of statue are considered Gargoyle. Lions, Chimeras, Dragons and more have been used to define the spirit of the Gargoyle. In ancient times Gargoyle stood to guard Greek, Buddhist and many Catholic temples.

The Gargoyle legend is very old. Many temples and churches adopted considered it as a guardian against evil spirits or forces. The actual appearance of the Gargoyle became popular and widespread in Europe in the twelfth century. Many church leaders were against its popular appearance because they considered that it may be a form of idolatry.

King Cactor Review by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
Title: King Cactor 1 of 1
James Rubino Comics
Price: $3.00
I read the comic book, "King Cactor" by James Rubino. I thought that the artwork was very good comparable to popular comic books that today are sold in book stores. I liked all the action , I was also hoping that there could be some romance in it but there was not. It was definitely a war story and was all action the whole time. I loved the giant cactus and he reminded me of the giant cactus from the final fantasy series.
The cover also reminded me of King Kong the way that the cactus was holding the woman by the building and the airplanes attacking. If not for the amount of talent of the artist I would be disappointed with the unoriginality of the book. Yet, the art was very cool! I recommend it is a thrilling adventure ride for a fan of war and action comics.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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King of the Kings of Toads
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