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 Interstellar Movie Review

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PostSubject: Interstellar Movie Review   Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:39 am

Interstellar: Movie/Book Review
A movie and book review by Deanna Stinson
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Movie Critic
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Interstellar is a movie that stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, and was released on November 5, 2014 for big screen viewing. Interstellar is a science fiction movie that plays with Einstein’s theory of relativity which is various explanations for space time and the speed of light.

The movie was produced from Paramount and Warner Bros studio. Kip Thorne created the story and wrote a book that is currently available at Barnes and Noble stores. It is called, “The Science of Interstellar.” In his book are stunning photos from the movie and a huge yet simple explanation of the theories that the scientists came up with for the movie. After reading this book I understood this movie even more.

He goes into details to explain its beginnings. His creative partner is Lynda Obst. In 2006 the story took hold into the hands of Steven Spielberg. He collaborates back and forth with Kip about the storyline. Steven opts out of this movie and starts working with “Dark Knight Rises.” At this point, Christopher Nolan takes over as director and his brother, Jonathan as writer.

The beginning of this big screen story starts out in a dusty, dirty town. The character Cooper is at the center of a dying world. He and his family, his father in law, his teenage son and his ten year old daughter are living on a farm. This farm is filled with crops of corn. Cooper has a close bond with his family and they are living in a diseased world. All the crops are dying and the people have to burn them down. They have been contaminated with diseases and the diseases make them inedible and they have to kill the crops, because the disease spreads quickly because they produce nitrogen into the atmosphere making it hard for people to breathe but making it easy for the toxic microbes to grow. This is called a blight.

The ten year old daughter who is called Murph is played by Jessica Chastain. Murph and her father have a very strong relationship. She is a daddy’s girl. She begins receiving messages in her room from a ghost. The books in the library are falling down causing the dust to form into gravitational anomalies. Gravitational anomalies are a theory that the scientists who wrote this movie played with. They agreed that they are possible but most unlikely to be real. The anomalies caused messages in binary code in the dust. Murph spends her time deciphering them and her father helps her figure it out. They find the coordinates to the new secret NASA in a world that has turned against science they follow the directions to NASA's secret base.

On the trip to NASA, Cooper and Murph discover that the science agency is still going even though the public though they had been stopped in a time and place where there are few living people and the textbooks have all been erased that mention anything about travels to outerspace, clearly teaching us that the truth we will learn is that the moon landing was a hoax and all sorts of conspiracies. Anne Hathaway gives a convincing performance as biologist Amelia Brand. The team is led by her father, John Brand. John asks Cooper to pilot a mission to outer space to save a dying planet with his daughter and a team of other people to try and colonize another world. Much to the dismay of his daughter, he agrees. The tragedy is that we know how many years it takes to travel to space and the possibilities of a non return.

Cooper's son Tom promises to take over the farm in his father’s absence. The civilization on Earth is dying slowly, suffocating in the poisonous atmosphere. Cooper has headed out to outer space with his team. During the times that they are in outer space the sound goes completely silent and it is very weird. but there is nothing wrong with trying to be creative. The images are stunning during production they put together a simulator with the equations from the movie to show you what the celestial objects such as Gargantua would look like in proportion to the written examples. Gargantua is the black hole at the center of the galaxy that they are in. The team is trying to get there to collect data to transcend into the fifth dimension.

Before that point, Amelia has the team detour to the Mann’s planet which is another astronaut from a mission beforehand who sent up the signal to call the team there. They have limited resources and she convinces every one because her father is the head of the operation and also because she says that she is in love with him and wants to see him again. This was very annoying because when they finally meet. There is no chemistry whatsoever and no mention of it again.

The love story is focused between different characters such as Amelia and her father and Cooper and his daughter. The frustration of being out in space so long is hard to deal with and I was so disappointed that there was no alien contact in this movie. There was also no animals in this movie at all, no pets, no cattle. Seeing that there was no animals, it became confusing. I didn’t understand where all the animals were until I realized that the person who created the script and those who worked with it were all lovers of science. They were so focused on outer space they forgot all the creatures of Earth. The focus was on humanity.

The end of the movie is a happy one. It is the happiest ending a movie could ever hope to have. Everything ends up good and peaceful and that is love. The love of science is discovering the unknown and exploring higher dimensions, creativity and thought, but all within the bounds that there are none because that would take the fun out of it if everything was discovered, that would leave an entire movement of explorers extinct. Part of the love of the sky is the mystery; the other part is the power it holds to life. What will happen when there is no more to know?

This storyline is so complex that if I went into more details, I would easily have a ten page book. So, I had just included the highlights. The things that surprised me were the sound effects, also the visual effects were breathtaking and the actors were the highest quality and the movie ended up making $156 million dollars so it was a happy ending for everyone involved.

I give it 4 ghosties out of 5 because despite the beauty of it all, the complex equations we are forced to understand in a small amount of time, developed by scientists is to overwhelming and ridiculous to try and figure out. It is a complex storyline filled with scientific nonsense that overrides us with unusual theories of loosely based spirituality in which the ultimate message of humanity is love.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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Special Note: This Thanksgiving - 11/27/2014 - Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I went to Golden Corral for our dinner and later went to Century Laguna 16 - 9349 Big Horn Blvd, Elk Grove to see Interstellar - with Matthew McConaughey. Paul Dale Roberts
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Interstellar Movie Review
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