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 Penryn and Newcastle Pre-Investigation

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PostSubject: Penryn and Newcastle Pre-Investigation   Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:00 am

Penryn and Newcastle Pre-Investigation
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
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Penryn/Newcastle Video by Deanna

Penryn/Newcastle Part 1 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 2 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 3 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 4 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 5 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 6 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 7 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 8 11/29/2014

Penryn/Newcastle Part 9 11/29/2014

Today my husband woke up and popped his head into the bedroom and asked me if I would like to go to Newcastle and Penryn, California. I asked him what made him think of that and he said that he heard a voice in his brain that carried on from his dreaming to tell him this. Special Note from Paul: It was a female voice, that basically said 'go to Penryn'.

My fatherís side of the family is buried there and I will choose to be buried there. He thought that we should go do some exploring and ghost hunting and our main goal was the cemetery and to find my families gravestones as I had never seen them. Special Note: The cemetery she is referring to is Newcastle Cemetery. I live in Elk Grove, so Newcastle is approximately 40 miles away - close by Penryn.

As a child I experienced the area of Penryn. When I was approximately seven years old I was at a place in Penryn that was covered in four leaf clovers and tall trees. I felt something staring down on me as if it were an overbearing presence I looked up into the sky directly above me and I was shocked. It was blue skies and perfect temperature. I noticed a transparent shield about the size of a building appear in the sky it was quickly pinched away by some unforeseen force. A giant blue eyeball appeared in the sky. It appeared to be made of some sort of material that was not flesh yet not machine. It made a noise like boulders rolling down a mountain when its eye rolled into itself. It had looked directly at me then it started rolling and then it disappeared.

Ever since that experience as well as many other unique encounters you can imagine how much I wanted to explore the paranormal. I was neglected as a child and so I feel like the world of the supernatural was there to watch over me as much as possible. I am still not sure of what this eye was actually. I have several theories. The first thought I thought as a child was that it was a giant and the giant was invisible except for the eyeball. I had also researched the possibility that it could be somehow connected to the ancient Egyptian mystical Eye of Horus. Than after meeting my husband he explained he thought it was possibly a U.F.O. He was in military intelligence U.S. Army and had seen photographs of secret UFO photos from spy satellites. Also spending his whole life researching the paranormal we thought this could also possibly be a good guess.

We stepped into the Rock Quarry in Penryn, California. It is 23 miles of granite and trails that are open to the public. It was raining while we were there so we stepped inside the museum first. There was a lot of historical information inside the small office. There were photos and history told through local's eyes. The light was shining brightly from the windows into the tall building and the hard wood floors were reflecting the glow. The rain was falling all day and my feet were wet and I was glad to be inside. We photographed a few things and then left outside to go look at the quarry. We were walking around in the rain without umbrellas so we only went about a quarter of a mile in. Special Note: Paranormal Investigators Hi-Pee the Corky and Princess Hannah the Pekinese enjoyed exploring the rock quarry, known as Griffith Rock Quarry/Museum.

We took off from there to Newcastle Cemetery. We tried and we tried to find my ancestors on my father's side but we couldnít find anyone the cemetery was so huge, it was raining and the office was closed. We walked around with our two dogs, a Pekinese named Hannah and a Corky named Hi-Pee. The whole time it was raining and yet we stayed there searching over an hour. We saw sheep across the road. It reminded me of my daycare in Penryn. The woman who owned the house named Glenda used to have sheep and she used to have one of those old antique wooden wheels and she would spin yarn with it. Well, Hannah was interested in it to and she tried to dart across the street to get to it. We left soon after but not before we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky from the hilltop.

We went to Main Street Newcastle and we stopped at Newcastle Inn and spoke with Mike Antuzzi, the owner. They were renovating. I was snapping photographs and chit chatting. There were a couple other people in there as well. Mike showed me some photos of apparitions they had captured there before. Paul had done an overnight investigation there with his team before, along with Good Day Sacramento and they had captured some evidence. I asked if we should do it again since some of those photos he was showing us were recent and I wanted to get to know the place better. There was a gorgeous mirror in the front side of the business and it was just so beautiful it took my breath away.

My husband and I left to go and look at a couple of antique shops and an art gallery. The art gallery was open and spacious and filled with many photographs and paintings. The antique store was very cluttered but thatís what makes an antique store so great. We met the shop owner's handyman whom she said was like a guardian angel to her as he lit up the Christmas tree he had just finished unpacking to liven up the place. In the last antique shop I saw a beautiful vanity and a small table that went with it. I was drawn to it and the owner said that it was made in 1875. It was painted in dark wood that was almost black and pink hand painted roses embellished the drawers. Jim Anderson, the owner of the store told me all about it. He said that a lady had owned it local, just recently for the past forty years and before that it had been in Auburn. He owns Cool Junk, Newcastle, 19162761380 and Ingrid Gold is the owner of Merry Go Round Merchandise 19166639600 which was the place next door.

On the way home we talked about how we would come back and find the graves. We were looking for my aunt Deanna whom I had never met, she died when she was 16 years old of an overdose of medicine. Her mother, Nina J Bennet, her husband, Dentis Stinson and anyone else in the family. A close relative had also died the same day as Deanna but she was living in another state at the time. I am not very sure of the exact history of my heritage thatís why I am on the hunt for their ghosts.


Newcastle/Penryn Pre-Investigation
11/29/2014 - On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Hi-Pee, Princess Hannah and me (Paul Dale Roberts) did a pre-investigation at Penryn and Newcastle. We met up with Jim Anderson's Cool Junk Newcastle - 916 276 1380 - Buying and Selling Cool Stuff. Special Note: When Deanna and I went to Angel's Camp we met up with Nellie Lou's Antiques - Shirley Becker 1254 S. Main; Prestidge Gallery & Frame Shop - 1234 South Main and Joyce Markwick Medium/Psychic Spirit Artist Now back to Newcastle / Penryn. The dogs had a nice walk/run at Newcastle Cemetery - Griffith Quarry Museum. We stopped at: 3125 Penryn Road, Penryn, Ca - 455 Main Street - Newcastle, CA - the dogs came across 2 deer and 2 sheep. We stopped at Penryn Museum & Rock Quarry & Newcastle Portuguese Hall est 1918. Another stop was at Merry Go-Around Merchandise, Ingrid Gold, Owner 916 663-9600 - 455 C Main Street, Newcastle, Ca. Before we went on this adventure, we took the dogs to the hillside of Longleaf - Elk Grove, CA for a walk, then we stopped at Wal-Marts for snacks for this excursion to Penryn/Newcastle. Deanna met up with Mike Antuzzi of Newcastle Inn and will be planning an investigation at Newcastle Inn in December 2014. The song that we listened to on the way up to Penryn/Newcastle was Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire:
We were looking for the graves of Deanna Stinson (Aunt to Deanna Jaxine Stinson) and Nina Bennett (Deanna's grandmother). Nina was in WWII and she was a Private in the US Army - Buckaroos. Both are buried at Newcastle Cemetery.

While exploring the woods in Penryn, the songs 'I'm a Man in Constant Sorrow' and 'O' Brother Where Art Though' by Soggy Bottom Boys easily came to mind.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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Penryn and Newcastle Pre-Investigation
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