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 Stories from the Cosmos

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PostSubject: Stories from the Cosmos   Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:46 pm

Stories from the Cosmos
Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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From the Akashic Hall of Records… Sacrifice Girl
In a field of sunflowers I am a young girl about 19, walking alongside of a bright and warm sun. The sunlight feels good and is exceptionally bright, almost ready to go out and down in a blaze of pink fire highlighting the horizon, making a beautiful red rainbow sunset. There is a square pyramid colored in gold tones in front of me. It has steps on all four sides, a huge room in the middle, underneath the ground and the top has a square point made of arches in all directions pointing to the heavens. The top of the stairs each has a platform and window.

I look to my right, I am naked and an old woman is standing there. She is a moon goddess because she points at the sky and it turns to night and there is a triple moon there. She is the crone. Then, I notice a large group of people coming and the woman disappears. They are dark skinned, shirtless and everyone is brought to the top on the stairs. On the tops of the platform are executioners and our heads are chopped off, bodies tossed aside and our spirits continue walking to the room on the top as we leave the physical realm for the spiritual one.

From the Dream Journal of Deanna Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
I dreamed that I was at this gorgeous place. I have seen no other place like it before. There were caves everywhere and the grass was moss. It was a bright day. I was in a blue pick-up truck with my sister and a man that had time travel keys. We would go into each cave and then he would turn the key in the caves and they would turn into spaceships and go back in time to a certain event or forward to the future. We kept going to the future and I saw myself on stage playing guitar. We tried to go to the past and we never changed anything even though we all tried to change things in the past. When we came out of the cave to the past, there was a pit bull dog in the truck. It was friendly and I had no idea where he came from. In another cave there was also a black and white cat and it darted out of the cave. We sat in the pickup overlooking the edge of a very high cliff and then I woke up. Sunday, August 18th 2013 Scarabs in a Museum I dreamed that I was in a museum, and I got bit twice by a huge red Scarab. It was a museum display, but it kept coming to life to bite me. I ran to the top level of the museum, trying to outrun the Scarab, there was a tower that was something like 35 stories high and I accidentally broke a hole in the top floor. It was like a display or something, not a real building.

Deanna’s Blog:

A Book Review: “The Awakening” by Scott Wieczorek
I just read “The Awakening” part one by Scott Wieczorek . It is a fantasy story that mixes science with religion. The story revolves around protagonist Elena Michaels whose blood is harboring a secret so strong that the spirit world comes calling. I love the dream sequences in the book, they are the best part. The way that Scott writes puts you right in the book. In the dreams, you can feel a mellow sadness that reminds me of those times when you are so physically and emotionally tired you dream just the same way. I especially like how descriptive the college environment is written. When Elena sits down to eat you can taste the pizza in your mouth.

In his biography, Scott describes himself as an archeologist. His experience comes handy as he describes the surroundings of an ancient tomb. After all the pain in her life, Elena comes to terms with even more tragic news but then she must also try to stay strong as she learns about the secret of her blood. A mysterious young man comes into Elena’s life and he changes her forever. Elena doesn’t seem to possess the mental strength she needs and God makes sure she knows he is looking out for her. This book is 220 pages. The chapters are organized so that you can read easily transitioning from one scene into the next one. There were a few spelling and grammar errors but that is common in a first edition and nothing too serious, you may not even notice unless you were searching for it. I really like the characters and I cannot wait to see what the second book has in store. Scott’s Blog:

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
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Stories from the Cosmos
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