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 Paying for Spirituality

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PostSubject: Paying for Spirituality   Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:58 pm

Paying for Spirituality
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson
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Every day I open my eyes and the first thought on my mind is what did I dream and what is the message? I feel like I am evolving into a creature meant to survive the universe. The reason why I love dreams is because they are free. Yes, it isn't anything you have to buy because I believe you shouldn't have to buy anything for spiritual help. No one charges you for a prayer, do they?

I see people selling rocks and other things like feathers to give you self esteem. The best blessed stuff is not the stuff that you buy.
There's online stores like Sage Goddess and many more that are trying to sell you rocks. One rock in said store was 24$ for a 2 inch piece of pyrite I could go out and find or purchase in larger quantities for less. She was promising to fix your self esteem with this rock and help you unlock it's power. This is not the right path for anybody to take.

Although certain rocks hold special energies, You have to look within to find yourself and heal.

I believe in the incense, the sage, the shells and feathers but honestly it IS enough to just believe in goodness and pray. Nowadays we cant just go into a random field and pick wild sage because the government has taken over. So that is the only choice for that. Don't be fooled by psychics or mediums asking for money. The spirit world did not give them their gift to make money from you. That is not how the spirit world works. You need to reflect from within about what is happening.

Incense are another beautiful thing that aids in prayer, it doesn't matter if you burn it or not but it has been used for centuries. I recently had been to a Buddhist temple where the incense was just laying out there free in front of the statues and temple so that you could freely offer prayer. Prayers need to lift up beyond the mortal dimensions and trust me no amount of money spent on your prayer is going to make it any better than anyone else's.

Magic even works better when you are given things by the universe to use. Although money is a useful tool to use to purchase anything it is not how the spirit world works. The ingredients used in magical spells were made at a time when these flowers, oils and candles were handmade or found naturally. Purchasing magical ingredients is going to ruin the quality of your magic spell because you are missing the whole point.

The spirit world is spiritual, airy and free. It is filled with energy not lifeless materials. Although you may be able to channel the energy from gemstones and other precious materials you are not channeling the object itself. Look up into the universe and be amazed at the stars and the universe...for free...

Now there are plenty of confusing circumstances nowadays. Do not ever feel obligated to pay for spiritual help or guidance because money is not what's going to open the portals to other worlds. The most unique individuals has come up with some amazing ideas. If you are really in need the Gods, Goddess and Angels will find you.

The ten commandments were carved into a rock found on the top of a mountain. God's most precious words were carved free of charge into a rock that belongs to everyone that was found on top of a mountain. God has requested gold, silver and precious gemstones from people to teach lessons and morality and they have whined and complained but never once did anyone's prayers go unheard after losing these objects.
This is becoming a huge problem today. I wish that I could help everyone in the world to understand the value of what is in the spirit, the unseen, the ungrabbable, the unlookable and yet it is all free. We should be searching for these things instead of the riches the devil and humankind has acquired for us on Earth and than oh yes, they left it because you cant take your rocks, gold or candles to the next world...

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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Paying for Spirituality
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