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 City of Hearts; Legends of Wishes

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PostSubject: City of Hearts; Legends of Wishes   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:47 pm

City of Hearts; Legends of Wishes
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Wishmaster
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We are lights sailing on the water gliding chaotically into the world Crashing, spinning, crying, yet somehow it all makes sense and the noise comes together The world is shaped like our hearts because when mine breaks my world changes.

There is a City of Hearts on the shore. The shore of the milky way…You see we live on a star that is out in the middle of space. We are lonely spinning scared people and we are waiting for the crash. The rain comes like asteroids out here and there is only darkness and light. There is a boom! But we haven’t exploded yet. No comet has come near…It is a void of unimaginable proportions shaped by a heart more destructive and creative than mine. Shooting stars shoot by like dust on fire and I start making wishes.

The wishing began from my heart, from my desires, from my pain. The wishing came because I wanted to change something that I could not change. The wishing came because I am mortal, small and afraid. I wished that God could fix everything for me that hurt my heart but I did not know that the things that my heart did is what hurt others the most.

I believe in wishes because I believe that there is many types of angels waiting to make our dreams come true. In Greek mythology Artemis asked her father Zeus for six wishes. Zeus because he is a God is an incredible father and wanted to make her wishes come true and which he easily did. It is possible to make wishes and have them answered here on Earth. Even a human being is capable of performing this kind of miracle.

Well the most common method of having your wishes come true is to wish on stardust that is on fire (shooting stars). This is a sure way to get your wish because in time everything you want will come true if it is necessary and helpful to your life’s journey. It is hard sometimes to get through the pain of our past mistakes especially if you are someone that is a good person. We have to remember that it is only pain that we are feeling and it is a sickness of the heart that is uncontrolled. It spreads everywhere wildly like a fire let loose and it burns up memories like they were information on a scroll. Only keeping certain ones to forecast the future with.

Prayers with our hands clasped together to wish to the universe for a peaceful existence. Will she give in? will she care? Haven’t I asked for so much already? The pope mentions that clasping ones hands together is a sign of loyalty and respect to God. Our hands attached so close to our hearts. Yet so many religions repeat this act. What is it that we are doing? Where did this all begin?

Perhaps I will ask for wishes of love and than who would be granting them but Aphrodite and her angels? So many ways to be nurtured by the universe. So many ways to give back as well and wait for the karma to come back in a positive way.

But who is the wish goddess? I don’t know , I don’t know? I can be… Shooting Star Baby Wish Goddess A poem by Victoria Autumn:

Fallen Petal
In the meadow behind the trees
Luscious green grass grows
And wild daisies flourish

The song of birds fills the air
Like chimes in the breeze

This is where she will go
To pick the pretty flowers
That sway in sync with the clovers
She wants to have them in a white vase
Right beside her bed

Her footsteps fall upon the earth
She leaves behind the house,
her home
Wind at heels, she carries on
In the open she skips with forward steps And sings the hymns her mama taught her

Sunlight trickles through the boughs of oak
She moves toward the place she knows

A wide expanse greets her at the edge of trees
Amid the blue sky were the seeds meet the soil And her feet tread carefully among the daffodils Her eyes gather the beauty of her scene

With a still breath, she spots her victim
She takes to her knees

A lone daffodil salutes to the sun
Reaching out with dainty hands
She touches finger tips to yellow
Stroking softly, she admires the petal
In all its fragile beauty

A golden flake falls to the earth
She quietly gasp at the fallen piece Feeling a tear well in her eyes It is no longer perfect...

With tender care she grips the stem and pulls toward the sky
In an instant her breath fails her and she sinks
The flower for which she loved, lay limp in her hands Its roots casting a thin shadow upon soiled ground In its wilting stems, all strength departs
And for the flower, she weeps in solitude

Alone she remains without a soul to caress her sorrow
Night sends a chill about the forest and she is unmoved
Around her the daffodils sway as they slumber
And in the quiet breeze, her tears fall without a sound
she cannot see that she has been forgiven...

And so it is that on the cold dirt laden mantel She falls into dreams among the flowers

A poem by Valerie Ino-Smusz
To my sweetest, most dear friend, Deanna.

Sweet, shining friend.
Wanders, but never lost.
Eyes that drift to discovery.
Beauty found in relics from a forgotten time.
You are the fresh drop of dew which gives drink to all tiny things that matter.

To Valerie
Soul of a Gypsy
By Deanna

Soul of a gypsy
Religion is lost
Spirituality foretold
Winter Frost

Tarot cards
Fortune teller
Innocence gaurds
Visions of love

Doves eyes
Fantasy spirit
Winter storm
Tides Rise

A lot of Waves goodbye
But Many hellos
Wild sage girl comforts me
Beside Cawing black crows



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City of Hearts; Legends of Wishes
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