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 A Magical History of Diamonds

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PostSubject: A Magical History of Diamonds   Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:04 pm

A Magical History of Diamonds
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Author
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Diamonds were named and origins found in Greek Language as the word Adamas or "unbreakable". keep in mind that during these ancient times, Greece was a multi-nation trade center and the easiest way to get things distributed across the world would have been to use the Greek language.
So, to find many words that have origins in Greek language is not uncommon as it was a powerful epic center of the world. Diamond is said to be the hardest rock and it also contains mystical properties which make it suitable for thermal conductivity over large quantities.

A Diamond is a fascinating artifact straight from the heart of the earth. A diamond becomes itself by being processed through many cycles of the natural energies here on Earth. The beautiful rock starts in the center of Earth's mantle. It takes one billion to three point three billion years for this transformation which is almost as ancient as the planet we live on. Through volcanic eruptions, a diamond is brought to the surface within the magma and lava.

In legend and mythology a diamond is the ultimate symbol of the cosmos.
The first to experience these enchanting rocks was the first to say that the diamonds were pieces of the stars that had fallen to Earth. No wonder that the Greek would become so inspired by history and magic when these things were happening so rare upon the Earth. I am not sure of how they became to know that diamonds were really coming from the core of the Earth or if maybe during a time they did seem to fall from the sky.

Diamonds are capable of discerning separate wavelengths of light resulting in displays of pure prismatic masterpiece of nature. The age of the universe is most certainly exploited with the discovery of the diamond. This stunning display of imagery is said to ward away the evil eye. It is truth, light and immortal beauty come alive into the surface of our Earth.

When a volcano erupts in Hawaii, the local mythology calls it that the local goddess of volcano caused it. What is so interesting is that there has been several reports all across the world about seeing a woman over a volcano before an eruption happens. If this is true, imagine the fear these people must experience. Pele, a Hawaiian volcano goddess will cause havoc upon you if you take any stones from her volcano. She curses those rocks and anyone who takes one has attested to the truth of this legend. She causes catastrophes and death and the only way to appease her seems to be to bring the rocks back to her.

Today a diamond is cut and molded to be worn in items such as jewelry, clothing and even used in beauty creams. The diamond is a rare artifact from the center of the Earth and should be appreciated for the age because a stone as old as the Earth has many mystical properties that energy was spent on, to create. We regard diamonds as tokens of love, affection and friendship. Diamonds are magical pieces of history.

Diamond Magician
Diamonds melt into glowing lava hearts
Burning honey flying sparks of magma
Electric energy falling rising star charts

Mark me, paint me, suffocate me with fire Embers hardening Ashes coloring over gray cloudy days darkness deepest tragic desire

Horizon shifting Gods helping lifting up Artists escaping, writing, painting stories,
Drinking the diamonds from the Queens Cup

And all those left without this fortune are not stealing from the mouth of Hell but they are
enchanted by beauty in ribbons tying knots

To eternity we are like mighty mystic Titans, sirens summoning catastrophe energy from within the Earth changing molding fate with the alchemy of diamonds...


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A Magical History of Diamonds
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