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 The Ghost Realms

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PostSubject: The Ghost Realms   Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:12 pm

The Ghost Realms
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson; HPI Co-Owner
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Dream Mix

My Dream Journal

Eerie Twilight Sunset
Bitter Cold Heart
Warm Fire Roulette
Pink Skies Foggy Lies
Ghostly Midnight Alibis
January Haunting

I set out into a ghost town but I can feel the energy circulating through my feet like electricity. Even though the people have all gone from the city, I can feel the memories as if I were a passerby on the streets of yesterday. I have already been walking the path of the dead and the living without even realizing it. I enter the ghost realms.

The dying dreams depart. What is the hardest part about letting go is realizing that the world was never really yours. It was realizing that we are all trapped in these dimensions and God has all the keys to let us out. His angels have keys to open portals to heavenly realms to help us to ascend into higher places. We enter churches and collect energy of the ones who have worshipped before and we are overjoyed and filled up with their mana but we must feed again on more energy to feel complete. Didn't you know God himself was a vampire? Feeding…enslaving…us…all…

A ghost town is a town that was once inhabited by people that has since been abandoned. There are many such ghost towns today that are still standing. One beautiful ghost town that I have visited is in the middle of the Pioneer Mountains in Montana. It is called Crystal Park. There are many old buildings there and plenty of ghosts. Near the area you can dig up many crystals which are close to the surface of the ground of various colors, of which purple is popular.

Wandering through these ghost towns makes it easy to feel the many portals left behind by the people inhabiting them. Perhaps more happened than we will ever know but it is mysterious how easy it is to walk back into time so easily.

We are easily creating portals and links to spirits, demons, dreams and the mystical world. It is hard to imagine what they look like but they are there. We create them with our thoughts and our actions. We are made to be like Gods and Goddesses and so we are manipulating fate constantly climbing ladders to heaven and coming back down. We think something and then we can feel the little tingle on our heads and the portals open up like lightning rods to the other realms.

If everything was meant for a purpose, there is a purpose for alternate dimensions. Just because we were born in one realm, does it mean that we were meant to live in that one forever? We don’t necessarily live in the same city that we were born in for the rest of our lives just because we were born there we are capable of surviving most places on Earth as long as we can travel there .

The ghostly realms are right in front of us. They are phantoms, illusions, invisible traces of energy. The ghostly realms are all the dimensions that are locked up by God like a factory for spirits and other creatures of energy until he can recycle them. Here we stand on the other side, the world of the physical and living dreams. There is a reason why you are here but not why you must stay…

Osiris and Isis and Horus…by Deanna
When I dream no one can wake me from my slumber
It is an eternal memory, like a death my mind encumbers
Reborn with every rest, I open my eyes to the incantations
Wings take flight from higher places, Scarab glows from reincarnations
Every day I am somebody new, my soul is different and lonely
But my heart always remembers you, my one and only…

Some excerpts from my dream journal….
(To read old entries, go to 'blog archive')

Vampire Faces in a Lake
I dreamed that I was looking into a lake on a winter's dusk. The water was silver. A crow flew by above me. There were no stars in the sky, just an orb huge and resembling the moon. The reflections in the lake were vampire faces but, I didn't see the vampires. I was touching the surface of the water. I was wearing a white druid robe. I crouched down and then dived into the water. I turned into a child and I was drowning beneath the lake grass weeds like when I was little I did in real life almost drown.

Hidden Tomb and Astrology Rocks
I dreamed that during the daylight that was changing to dusk, I was walking around a marketplace. The marketplace was an old time one with stands and people dressed in clothing that was not finely detailed. There was an old woman that was a fortune teller. She was about two hundred pounds and about five foot tall. I went to her wooden stand and she had three rocks out on the table. One was my moon sign- Aquarius, one was my sun sign- Libra and the last was a full moon sign. She said that it meant that the full moon light was shining inside of me. Than, as it began to turn dark I walked up a large dirt hill. There was a girl without a shirt on but she had no breasts and my ex boyfriend. We were walking and we stopped to notice that there were holes in the ground. While I looked into the tunnels in the dirt I saw a buried cemetery or something like that. There was a dragon's head sticking out like it was sculpted out of a very dark wood or stone, I couldn't tell. I saw another large sculpture buried right beside it. We were debating going in or telling anybody than I had a flashback. In my flashback I was in a house and I was being terrorized by a demonic entity. The demon was scratching me and it had hate for me. Than, I was standing in front of the hole again but alone and the demon was hurting me with all of it's strength.

Historic Ghost Town , Traveling Two Years Backwards in Time
I dreamed that Paul Dale Roberts and I were in a historic ghost town. It was filled with people, mostly females my age. We would be talking to someone and like turn around for an instant and they would just vanish.

We walked into this gravity room that was like The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and a hole opened up in the floor and demons came out of it. There was also a flash like a flare in my dream that blinded me. When I came too I ran outside the room and I saw Paul talking to a blonde young woman and I ran up to him and tried to talk but they couldn't hear me. Where they were standing was rolling like a walking escalator away from me while they were standing, the ground was moving them. A male energy was surrounding me but I could not see what he looked like or who he was. He explained I was two years in the past and Paul was in normal time searching for me. He told me he was an alien ghost and that their was a device in the room that was from another planet and it had sucked up like a portal the whole entire city. He had been the one to be sucked up from his dimension with it because their was a military project that he was a part of and alot of stuff that didnt make sense. Also he was telling me about HPI and showing me faces of people that I had never seen before and warn me that he will guide me away from the demons that will single me out and wish harm to me.

'Ethereal Dreams' - Chill Mix

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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The Ghost Realms
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