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 Paranormal Hawaii

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PostSubject: Paranormal Hawaii   Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:07 pm

Paranormal Hawaii
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

ATTENTION: Throughout my Hawaiian Vacation Journal, I will throw in some Oahu paranormal stories. We didn't find any Menehune, but, we sure did find some cool supernatural tales!

Honolulu, Hawaii Vacation Part 1 2/6/2015

Honolulu, Hawaii Vacation Part 2 2/6/2015

Honolulu, Hawaii Vacation Part 3 2/6/2015

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Hawaii Adventure Part 12 - One More Stop at the Beach

February 2 through 6, 2015 Monday through Friday. Monday is here and Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, head off for Hawaii, with a stop-over at Gina de la Rosa's home. Gina is watching the car and saving me a lot of money on airport parking. Gina and her 2 daughters will also be watching Princess Hannah the Pekinese and Hi-Pee the Corky. They will make sure that they have enough food and that they are getting their walks. Thank you Gina! Special Note: My former co-worker - retired Irene Lara and her husband were on the same flight as us - Hawaiian Airlines, it was nice running into them at the Sacramento International Airport and having them on the same flight to Honolulu.

Kapena Falls – At the base of the Nuu’anu Valley, there is a beautiful waterfall where it is said to be the lair of Poki – the guardian dog of Nuuanu. Villagers make claim that this dog can be seen baring its fangs. The dog we materialize out of nowhere and then disappear again.

Deanna is pretty well-traveled and lived all over the United States. Deanna has been to California (of course), Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Utah, Idaho, Wisconsin, Montana, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee. Now she is placing another state under her belt, that state is Hawaii. We will be headed for Honolulu, Hawaii - O'ahu. I have been to Hawaii 4 times and this is Deanna's first time. I have been to Hawaii - the Big Island; Maui; O'ahu (I know, I just said that); Moloka'i and Kaua'i. My brother Andrew 'Andres/Andy' Somprise Soyo lived in Hawaii for about 10 years and my brother Joseph Soyo used to visit Hawaii once a year and would go surfing. He would bring the hair dressing girls that worked for his hair dressing shop with him, all expenses paid for the girls by Joe.

When Deanna and I, arrived at the Honolulu International Airport we both received a sea shell lei. A lady greeted us and placed the leis around our neck. This lady was holding a sign that said 'Roberts', so I thought she was from the hotel. Later on I discovered she belonged to Roberts Shuttle Service, so Deanna and I, received our leis by sheer accident. Oops!

It is said there is a o wahine (lizard woman) who lingers around the pass. A o wahine is mythical creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman and leads male travelers to their deaths off the cliff. She is similar to a western poltergeist or mermaid. Stories of assaults by ghosts have also been told, that these were supposed to be the work of hungry spirits that go into a violent frenzy and attack travelers for their food. Truckers are known to tie a fresh green ti or banana leaf or a strip of bamboo to their containers of food products to deter angry spirits. This practice is called “Placing a Law upon the Food”.

We found our hotel shuttle that took us to the Airport Honolulu Hotel, Room 243, 808 836-0661 - 3401 North Nimitz Hwy. The hotel looks nice. After we got settled in, we headed out to Big Kahuna's Pizza n' Stuffs - see: - Not bad $20.00 for our meal and it was filling. We explored the area near the hotel by walking here and there. After a nice walk, we headed back to the room. Deanna started screaming here and there and I had to see why she was screaming. Come to find out Room 243 was infested with cockroaches, they were everywhere. Deanna stormed down to the lobby and demanded that we get our money back, but the hotel negotiated a deal by transferring us to Room 425 and gave us a discount in our parking.

2/3/2015 Full Moon
This day started off nice, we went to McDonalds - 3299 North Nimitz Hwy for breakfast and they started ringing the bell after our order. We won and got to pay for our breakfast with love. They took a picture of me and Deanna and had us sign a contract to use our photo in promotions. Boy, talk about starting off the day good! What we ordered: scrambled eggs - iced coffee - bacon, egg, cheese biscuit - mango smoothie and coffee. Today we head over to Firefly Car Rental and rent a nice white Mazda - license plate SFU 160. One of our stops: Lovely Fashion - 2290 Kalakaua Ave #132.

When in Hawaii, I can't help but think of my few days in Guam. Hawaii is green everywhere. So is Guam. Hawaii has gorgeous tropical plants, so does Guam. Hawaii is surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean, so it is with Guam. Huge rocks stand out in the middle of the ocean waves, so it is with Guam. Living on these islands is nothing but paradise.

Today is a busy day with a stop at White Sands Hotel - 431 Nohonani Street; Waikiki Beach - Deanna frolics in the ocean waves and there is a nice crowd at the beach, the weather is nice, hot and balmy. $7.00 parking so we can play at the beach. After the beach play it was time to check out the fashion bazaar. Clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere. Deanna had a fun time shopping. After the bazaar, lunch at Kenny's Restaurant - 1620 N. School Street - where we had fried bloom onions and an international omelette. Today, we stop at Hawaii Beachwear - 2299 Kuhio Ave S1; Kuai Market - 3401 N. Nimitz Hwy Airport Honolulu Hotel #1419 and finally dinner at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue - 550 Paiea Street, #32 - where we had fried pork and macaroni salad.

The cliffs of Makapu’u offer a scenic view of the eastern shores of Oahu. It is there that Madame Pele last stayed before moving on to the Big Island. People sometimes see an old lady in white hitchhiking along the highway there (as well as the Pali highway). That is the human incarnate form of Madame Pele and it is said you need to show her respect and kindness by offering her a ride. She will usually go along for the ride before disappearing into thin air. Failure to offer the ride may have serious implications. Makapu’u is also a place known for the Akua’lele (flying god). These are fireballs said in lore to be powerful conjured up spells from one who practices the ancient ways of Hawaiian sorcery.

Beware the birds! When spending the day at the beach, beware the birds. Why? Well, I ordered a chili dog, black bean veggie burger for Deanna and rice. The birds swarmed us and went after my rice. The waitress tells me that it's not legal to feed the birds. I didn't feed them, they fed themselves. Deanna had fun chasing the crabs off the rocks along the beach and chasing the lizards that are seen in our hotel garden.

Deanna and I, while enjoying the ocean waves at Waikiki Beach noticed something unusual. We noticed 4 blonde haired men with pony tails that looked exactly alike! One was practicing martial arts by himself in the nearby park. One was talking to a girl, one was surfing and one was staring into the ocean. Deanna pointed this out to me and I was flabbergasted, these 4 men all looked the same and had the same hair style. Were these 4 dopplegangers?

More fun at Waikiki Beach! When in Waikiki, make sure to visit the Honolulu Zoo. We did and we loved it! It's located at 151 Kapahulu Avenue. Stopover at Pearl Harbor and of course, a stop-over at Honolulu Ross and Honolulu Wal-Marts...sigh.

Diamond Head Volcano is a sight to see. I once went to the top of this volcano in a Moped. Charles Watkins a tourist makes claim that he once saw a mermaid at the base of this volcano and when he approached the mermaid, she jumped into the ocean and swam away, she had long black flowing hair.

North Shore and Circle Island Tour. Deanna and I, go with a tour group to the famous North Shore of Oahu. Driving over the Ko'olau Mountains to the windward side, the first stop is the fabled Valley of the Temples where we visited the picturesque Byodo Temple located at the base of the stunning 2,000 foot lush green cliffs. Then we headed down the scenic shores of Kabana Bay arriving at Laie Point and checked out the native plants and wildlife. Then we saw the breathtaking views of Kukui-boolua Islet. We visited a shrimp farm, we saw endangered water birds, including the black neck stilts, Hawaiian coots and Moorhens. We visited Sunset Beach and watched the high rolling waves that seem to captivate the tourists. We head over to the legendary Waimea Bay and looked for green sea turtles. Deanna and I could not locate any, but the tour guide along with one other couple found a couple and did not tell anyone!! For shame, he gets no tip!

We later see the historic village of Haleiwa - home to many surfers and artists. Last stop, the historic Dole Plantation. Special Note: Start time was 12:30pm. End time: 6:30pm. We had to meet the Oahu Nature Tour at the Ala Moana Hotel - 410 Atkinson Drive 808 924-2473 Confirmation # 854013. After the tour, Deanna and I, relaxed and watched the movie called: Nightcrawler. Excellent movie!

I forgot to mention that we saw areas where they filmed the TV show 'Lost' and the TV show 'Hawaii 5-0'. Special Note: One of my trips to Hawaii, I met Kam Fong aka Chin Ho of the original Hawaii 5-0, he was riding first class on the same flight as me. I also personally met Don Ho in Hawaii, on one of my past adventures. Deanna and I, also saw where they filmed Gilligan's Island and Fantasy Island. We went into areas where they filmed Magnum P.I. and of course Dog the Bounty Hunter.

While visiting Honolulu, we saw 'Stairway to Heaven' that was built in 1943, this was the stairs that would lead people to the first radio transmitter on the island. It was for submarine deployment. The stairs is the most incredible thing you will ever see, how could anyone climb miles of stairs like this?? We saw the Temple of the Phoenix, Valley of the Temples and Windward Mortuary.

Legend has it that there are women who take the shape of rocks. They are motionless, but if they see something that is not right, they will take human form and they have incredible strength. One story is that a Rock Woman saw an attempted rape on the beach, she took human form and grabbed the rapist by the throat, lifted him in the air and then shoved him into the ocean drowning him.

More movie locations, we saw where they filmed Jurassic Park and Godzilla along the same mountain range. Here is a movie I never heard of, but we saw the film location of this movie, it's called Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as seen here:

While we did our ghost hunting at the Temple of the Phoenix, Deanna psychically visualizes a Japanese man in a black robe crouching in the nearby creek. Deanna was stunned at what she experienced.

Other sites we saw was the Crouching Lion, Tehana Bay and Schofield Barracks. Special Note: My father was once stationed at Schofield Barracks during the Korean War. My father was assigned to a signal unit and would climb telephone poles during the war. My dad told me on one incident that he had was that while on guard duty in Korea, he saw a moving white object. He told the person to stop and they didn't. He shot at the white object and it turned out to be a prostitute sneaking into the camp, he shot her in the leg. When my dad was at Schofield Barracks he got into it with another soldier and they got into some fisticuffs and the soldier fell over the balcony and had to be hospitalized.

Another movie I never heard of. George Clooney in The Descendants - see here: - we saw the house that this movie was filmed at and we saw a house that Elvis Presley would stay at. We visited Sharp's Cove, where the rocks are very sharp and the name morphed to Shark's Cove. Miscommunication changed the name to Shark's Cove. We saw some strange people in Waikiki, we saw a peeping tom with binoculars looking at someone's apartment window. We came across a woman that would give the waves a thumbs up when they rolled in perfectly. While at the Honolulu Zoo I was eating a cheeseburger with fries and rice. 2 peacocks when I was not looking attacked my rice. The first one pecked twice at my rice and ran off, then his buddy pecked at my rice twice and ran off. You gotta love these birds! We saw a mountain with a cloud around its peak, and the natives call it the cold, wet miserable mountain.

Near and around Schofield Barracks, they filmed the movie From Here to Eternity, as seen here:
Yes, we saw this film location. Deanna meets a new friend, I bought her Cheeky Pine - a stuffed pineapple character from the Dole Plantation.

Legend has it that historical Hawaiian warrior bones have been moved and when these bones are found, no shadow can be cast on the bones. The warriors come back from the dead and they are called the Night Marchers. The Night Marchers are not happy ghostly warriors and if you come across a Night Marcher, you could become cursed. To learn more about the Night Marchers, see here:

Places we Frequented:
Dole Plantation - 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy (where we had a hotdog and pineapple cheese cake!); Highway Inn 680 Ala Moana Blvd #105 - where we had Hawaiian beef stew and rice and Kalua Nachos; Accents Ala Moana Hotel - #1447 - 410 Atkinson Drive; Jamba Juice for juice and breakfast at 550 Paiea Street; Ruby Tuesday - 930 Valkenburgh Street - we enjoyed the salad bar - very pricey place!; ABC Store #66; Starbucks Store #21038 550 Paiea Street; Dole Plantation - 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy - Wahiawa, HI; Gordon Biersch - Honolulu Internationa Airport - $34.46 for a kid's macaroni and cheese, cheese burger and garlic fries, very pricey!!

When Deanna and I arrived back at the Sacramento International Airport, Gina de la Rosa and her 2 daughters were waiting for us. Gina gave us a full update on the dogs, it seems like Hi-Pee was the saddest. Deanna and I gave Gina a Waikiki tank top and her daughters received sea shells, a way for us to say thank you. Gina took us to Del Taco in Natomas, then back to her house and off we went - back home to see our dogs! We missed them!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Paranormal Hawaii
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