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 Legends from Iceland

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PostSubject: Legends from Iceland   Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:13 pm

Legends from Iceland
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Iceland Researcher
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Iceland is a very magical place. It is filled with legends recorded as far back as the ancient Vikings. The Vikings are the first legendary peoples to set foot onto this place, as they were avid travelers by water. Iceland is formed approximately 20 million years ago by volcanic eruptions in a mid-ocean ridge called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

There was a political movement happening in Norway during the early ninth century and it's people were looking for another land to settle to be rid of that government. This is called the Viking migration(which you could also compare to the settling of many Americans). The only living things that inhabited Iceland are magical creatures; Elves, fairies, druids, lights, and magical beings. Norwegian king, Olaf Tryggvason brought Christianity to Iceland during the tenth century and that remains a major religion there to this day.

Gaelic Monks
The first settlers of Iceland were predominantly pagans who worshipped Norse Gods such as Freya, Odin and Thor. Reports state that upon Viking arrival they were greeted by a clan of Gaelic monks. A monk is one who has forgone worldly pleasures to live a life of spiritual faith either alone or with a group of people. These Monks were later in contact with British monks and entered into existence through a book in the late eighth century. The influence of Irish based religion no doubt had resided here.

The Gods and Goddess of Iceland
The first known Gods on Ancient Iceland are Thor, Odin and Freya. Their stories are beautiful pieces of culture and history. When an Icelander today believes in the old world religions, it is referred to as Asatru.

It is quite common now in modern times to find someone who wishes to follow the past of the oldest ways and finds purpose in that sense of existence. Today they are rebuilding a temple to the old Gods and Goddesses happening to worship these ancient beings. This practice had previously been banned by the adoption of Christianity. Here is a brief overview of a few popular Gods and Goddess:

Odin- He is considered the one-eyed God for that reason in which he is said to only be able to see from one eye. He only has one eye because he gave his other one to be able to drink from the fountain of wisdom. He is the wisest magician of the Gods.
Freya-She is considered the Norse goddess of beauty, and love and war and death. She had an appreciation for war, flowers, and romantic music.

Thor- He is the very popular God of Thunder. He has a giant hammer that he strikes the Earth with and causes thunderstorms. He is noble, fair and good.

Hel- She looks over the realm of the dead in Norse mythology. Her father is Loki, God of mischief and her mother is a giant. Half of her face is alive and beautiful and the other half is ugly and dead.

Nanna- She is the goddess of joy and peace and rules over the moon. She is a stunning goddess who has a huge heart that breaks easily.

Valhalla- is the realm of the spirit, the other world you reach when you die on Earth.

Yggdrasil- is the tree that links 9 of the Norse worlds together. It is considered to be the tree of life.

Strange Lights
During battle Freya and the Valkyries armor caused the eerily beautiful flickering light that we know as the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The Northern lights are a popular part of Iceland today. They appear on nice nights from September through March drawing many foreigners in awe and admiration of their magical ribbons of multicolored lights.

Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Heaven and Earth. The Icelandic people experience many celestial phenomenon's in the sky.
Rainbows, Northern Lights, Shooting Stars and sky lights cause inspiration and joy to the people of Iceland.

How Iceland Turned Christian
Thangbrand, son of Count Willibald of Saxony went on a mission with King Olaf to spread the religion. They went through many cities including Stafafell, Fljotshlid, Gautavik, and Bergthorsknoll preaching Christianity and performing baptisms on entire families. The most interesting story is about the arrival to Hagi where Thangbrand lit three fires for the town to see. He declared that he was going to test the power of Christianity over the old religion. The three fires symbolized three different spiritual messages. They were testing spiritual boundaries. A berserk is a fearsome Viking warrior that wore bear skins and the like. Thangbrand said that he would bless one fire with his Christian God, the next fire should be blessed by those people of the old religion and the third fire should have no blessing. The warrior walked unharmed through the fire blessed by the town but at the Christian blessed fire he suddenly feel backwards, his sword flying in the air, knocking him down, attacked with a crucifix by Thangbrand, stabbing him straight through the chest with his own sword. This was a powerful message to the inhabitants of this land and Christianity has been the major religion ever since.

Magical Creatures
The most popular of creatures of Norse mythology are derived from family history, inscribed on stones, told through word of mouth or recorded in poems. Icelanders believe that elves live in boulders and stones on farms. They believe in them still to this day. They will either bless a farmers crop or curse with disease. They are among the most popular of Iceland's magical creatures.

Iceland is a land of magic, a loyal servant to its magical history and a beautiful atmosphere in the sky. Iceland is a popular tourist destination, and makes most of it's foreign money from tourism. The people of Iceland love the superstitions of their home and consider the traditions, and spirituality of the old worlds in honor of their ancestors and land.

Wisest of the Unwise
The sky open its eye
rolls down sounds
boulders on the nine
worlds surrounding
us Bifrost
cut across
my pain and my past
mistakes made remorse like
a rainbow river,
from tears of the wisest unwise
in my mortality
should I cross
the rainbow bridge
to discover
strange lights
grand sights
Heaven and Earth
on a boat. A sea or land?
sunstone touch
It was my heart
I got lost inside the battle
with you.
Sent a message in a bottle
to A city like no other
made renewed from the ruins
of my mistakes
Where I read the inscriptions
on the wall and destiny
led me
the universe
to tell a message
sounding like
Odin, God of sky
Tick Tock sound in Time
wisest of the unwise
Pillars rising up
like golden tides of the sunrise...
washing me in light
Stars shooting by
Magical thunder world
Inside myself


When staying at a close friend, Sharon a few years ago. She had sorted out sittings for me to do at her house and this did cause a bit of chaos, yet it also gave us time to study each sitting and what it meant to each sitter.

I knew that my son's school friend and Sharon's closest friend was really aching to have a sitting with me but didn’t feel she had time as she was going away Thursday after I had all the sittings booked.
I did however keep saying to Sharon that we would get to do a couple of sittings unplanned and that it would be great to have these included in the day, unfortunately the day was booked out.

Then on the day two of the clients could not come until the next day. So I asked Sharon could she contact Denise and see if she would like to come to have a sitting. She was thrilled and I also had another gent who was having his sitting before Denise who was a new client.
He was a really lovely person and I really felt a connection for him. I knew his wife, her mum and I were the same age group.

I could see Sharon and Denise's anticipation, I had not seen Denise since she was 10 and at the same primary school as my son Ian.
It was so good to sit with Denise and talk through the sitting about her loss her experience with spirit and the guidance her layout of angel cards gave her….

It was so amazing towards the end when Sharon came to join us in the kitchen and we all began to discuss the aspects of the sitting and what I had been given from spirit to share with Denise ….
Her Reading was so very special and left her feeling elated before going on holiday. What I can share with you is this there was a message from her baby girl that there was something in the attic of their house among vinyl records, Albums to be exact and there would be found with a card or piece of card with a silhouette picture on. This would be found sandwiched to keep it flat along with some sort of special keepsake from her baby girl.

This of course Denise was itching to confirm and she rang her husband after the sitting, She explained what was said to her husband Alan and we sat having a cup of tea when he came walking down the path.
From the look on his face he was astounded and thrilled at the same time.

He walked into Sharon's Living room with a memorial card from a funeral and it had a silhouette on the front of his best friend who had passed away a couple of years before.

Then he also explained that on getting into his loft, he went to where I said there would be this card and another keepsake, which was from his daughter that passed away a few years before only a couple of days old. It was the photograph and a little skull cap that she had worn in hospital and they had put away as keepsakes.

He was so comforted by this that he had to bring the memorial card of his best friend to show me the proof.

Spirit have the most amazing way of showing us exactly what we need at the time we need it.
Denise Roberts Hart ©Dees Inspirations IOM

Sharon's house was a bedrock of spiritual activity from the moment I arrived. We did have some amazing paranormal incidents which I will write about in the following pages.


Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
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Legends from Iceland
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