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 The Castle in Outer Space

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PostSubject: The Castle in Outer Space   Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:12 pm

The Castle In Outer Space
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Fortean Investigator
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The Gods were made to watch after our ancestors, even long after we had forgotten who they are. Though we may have forgotten where we came from or how we got to Earth, we have not forgotten all of our ancestors as they are alive in folklore, mythology and text. The Welsh Triads is a beautiful example of storytelling that has been passed on into the culture in hopes of keeping alive the relatives of ancient times and their spirit. The Welsh Triads contains mystical texts and some mention the Ash tree. The Ash tree is an important part of the Welsh Triads.

The Ash tree is associated with healing and enchantment. It is the tree of the center of the universe as it spans through all realities and realms. It is the cosmic axis center point. It is no wonder that all must come from the one tree that many cultures and religions mention.

For example, the tree of knowledge from the bible is said to be where humankind’s knowledge originated from. Yggdrasil, in Norse mythology is another cosmic tree that spans multitudes of dimensions and space.
Perhaps when we enter into a quiet meditation, we could try to imagine and reach this tree that resides in the center of being, balancing everything ever so slight. When the seasons change, do the leaves fall in different patterns or is there no pattern to this cycle of rebirth?

The Ash tree is important magically because it was important to the druids. It is closely associated with mythology, in particular a book of texts from the middle ages called the Welsh Triads. The magical God, Gwyddion of the Welsh has a name that translates into “born of trees.”

Think about how important trees are to us, and they have always been.
They are a source of wood and should anything ever happen to the trees of the world it would be an uninhabitable planet, as trees also help us to breathe properly. Gwyddion is frequently shown holding onto this staff, made of ash wood.

Gwyddion is an enchanter, who can easily work magic to get his way. One of Gwyddion’s brothers antics caused a large battle called the Battle of the Trees. This is fought between the sons of Dôn and the forces of Annwn, which is the Welsh otherworld. It all begins because Gwyddion’s brother goes into the otherworld and steals a white roebuck and a whelp.

Then, Gwyddion summons up all the trees and greenery to be used as his soldiers, and they come to life fighting for him, helping him to live on another day.

When you hear of Gwyddion castle, it is actually the Milky Way that they are referring to. Yes, the milky way that our solar system resides in.

Gwyddion is a God that lives in a castle from outer space.

The Welsh triads are manuscripts dealing with folklore and mythology of the Triads of the isles of Britain. It deals with everything it contains in groups of three. This is the powerful, invoking number to this book of secrets. They believe that your soul is located inside of your head.

The text talks about such people as King Arthur and Bran the Blessed.
Some of these books are inside of the National Library of Wales.

King Arthur usually needs no introduction; he was a legendary King reigning from the fifth and sixth centuries. His quest was immortality.

He established his empire extending over Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Gaul. He has inspired several legendary and mythic collections of stories.

Another person mentioned in the manuscripts is Bran the Blessed. He was a giant and a king who resided in the islands. His name translates to mean crow or perhaps even raven…some sort of bird I am guessing one that lives close by the waters. Bran held a mystical cauldron that could revive the dead.

The best part about the cosmos is that everything is so magnificent. The undiscovered skies drives our motivations to survive as a species, and fills our souls with meaning and purpose as we also seek from within ourselves to find all that is.

Full Moon Diamonds
By: Deanna

The Full Moon comes alive
Awakening the goddess within me
Starlight shines like jewels
Summoning monsters from sky and sea

A castle in the Milky Way
Causes me to feel such beauty
Full moon tears eclipse me
Halos, white lights, alien abductees

My head is stolen of all visions
The places I have seen are now
Esoteric memories within
Replaced and re hidden somehow

My blood runs like a red river
Across the sky it glows and it cries
Powerful yet fading from the things that Mortals are forbidden from until they die

The night is an empty cup
Filled with stars like diamonds
Drink, drink up the holy mana
Life eternally shining and stunning

Now I cry full moon tears
Living waters poured down
Crystal drops dangle from angels
Holly, Ash and laurel crowns

Bright Stars bring us here
Here we are returned to Earth,
Pearls, diamonds, onyx, moonstone
Eternal souls of rebirth,
Collected like gems into the hands of God.

Imagine God by Deanna
Imagine God as an ultimate being…
We could never understand the power or image of a creature… That exits in all realms who has eyes to see into every sky Who has ears to hear in every year of time?
Who is holy, immortal and divine?
Who is Ultimate in every universe?
Including mine…


LASTEST UFO REPORT: MONTEREY 4/6/2015: Report from Monterey Bay. Witness sees strange people with white hair over 6 feet tall around the bay, after a UFO sighting. Some of these white haired people sport white beards. These white haired people have been following witness around, watching him, stalking him. He has also observed that strange white haired individuals seem to gravitate towards a nearby cement plant. Many cars go in and out of this cement plant. Strange fog rolls in, where it is so thick you can’t see your hand in front of you. At times he feels like he has been attacked, the white haired people suck up the air around him, where he can’t breathe. Aftershock tremors are felt after a UFO has been sighted over the bay. After a UFO sighting is seen, a helicopter that makes no sound is seen flying in circles in the bay. A super loud motorcycle is heard on the freeway after a UFO is seen, the sound from the motorcycle is deafening.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose
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The Castle in Outer Space
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