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 Poltergeist Movie 2015 Review

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PostSubject: Poltergeist Movie 2015 Review   Wed May 27, 2015 2:22 pm

Poltergeist Movie 2015 Review
A Movie Review
By; Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Critic, Movie Reviewer
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

*Reader Beware: A few spoilers included
Poltergeist is a remake of an older movie that was loosely based on a true story. First of all I really dislike it when Hollywood blows a ton of money on a remake of a film that has previously been done. It’s not the money that’s going to get the results it’s the creativity which this film was lacking. Film is an art form. In order for an art form to make sense it should be brought to life and evoke emotion. Where was the soul of the movie? I was disappointed by this version.

If you haven’t seen this movie before well I would recommend watching the first one before this one completely ruins it for you. If you have seen it, well you are also disappointed. Not once was I scared, and during the first movie there was parts that scared me of course I was much younger than.

The movie gets off on a great start. It is interesting, eerie and it’s making sense. The family that has been brought into the picture is a small loving family. There is a father, mother young son, daughter and teenage girl. They move into a new town and neighborhood only to discover strange occurrences such as the lighting flickering and the small daughter, Maddie talking to phantoms.

Many things in the movie are irrelevant. For example, the young boy, Griffin has to sleep in the attic in their new house because no one else wants to and he gets the short end of the stick. His first night in bed and he hears a scratching noise on a small closet in the attic. He opens it, and pulls the red string that is hanging from the ceiling in his face and hordes of clown dolls fall down. In a bizarre twist there is also a rabid squirrel in the closet. Squirrels are probably the cutest animal ever so it wasn’t spooky, in fact not at all nothing scared me.

Also, the clowns is on the movie posters and no one ever mentioned it again because the whole thing has to do with a cemetery and nothing about it makes sense to put clowns into it. So why were their clowns in the closet?

The ending was horrible, there is no explanation and it just jumps you from frame to frame without a transition. It’s hard to refocus and get into the mood of the scene without having to stop and wonder why the last scene was left unresolved and when would it all make sense and none of it did. Ok, this was your chance to do it better. Tell us what was the blue lights shining and blowing up the house? What were the slimy ectoplasms on the table? Explain to us because it’s glitchy in my mind when you change to more nonsense to me. The parts that made sense were the most likeable ones.

It certainly was not a boring movie, as it offers visual effects and even a video game type animation of the spirits. They definitely added the modern tech world into this. They had up to date equipment and electronic devices. The actors were well cast and managed to keep it entertaining. The relationships between the family members were adorable and precious. For all this, I give it two and a half ghosties out of five. Special Note: Deanna and I saw this movie at Century Theaters in Elk Grove. Date: 5/26/2015. Paul Dale Roberts.



Paul Says:
A majority of my paranormal hotline calls are from people that play around with Ouija Boards. Below is an example:

From: "Meg Lee"
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 9:43:39 PM
Subject: Re: Ouija board experience

(some explicit stuff)

This is the girl you talked to earlier today on the phone (602-859-9661). The reason why I called you was because an experience me and my friends had with an Ouija board. I don’t know if you do any investigations or talk about Ouija boards with anymore, but this is mine and my friends story.

We’ve played with the Ouija board many times before this, and for months and months. Nothing horrible has happened to us except for once we all heard the same noise yet that could’ve been our subconscious, but we don’t know.

A few months ago, me and 3 other people were messing around with the Ouija board at my friend’s house. It was about 1 Am and we decided to play because we knew we would get great connection with a spirit at this time. I sat out the time my friends played, but I did watch. They connected with a spirit and they were telling my friends “Don’t talk” “I’m helping you”. I can't remember but that had happened, but almost the same exact thing happened today.

And now to today. Me and my friends Marie, Mary, and Jake (Marie was with me when we talked to the other spirit who told us not to talk) decided to play with the Ouija board again. God, I wish we didn’t. We were sitting in Jake’s room and it was about 1:00 Pm. We turned out all the lights and shut the blinds so it would be dark. We had 4 candles lit in the room and set around the Ouija board. We didn’t expect to get a big connection nor a strong spirit because of how early in the day it was.

So we started playing and we came across a spirit named “Ston”. Ston did the same thing as the spirit before, he was telling us not to talk and telling us that he was saving us. He also said “Don’t play the game”. We didn’t understand what Ston was saying so we ignored it. Seconds later, the spirit asked “Do you want to play a game?” (this was not Ston but we did not know this yet). We all stupidly agreed because we thought that nothing would happen because before, nothing happened. The spirit said that we were going to play “Truth or Dare”. We agreed. The planchette spelled out Jake. Jake replied “yes”. The planchette then spelled out “Truth or Dare”. Jake picked Truth. The planchette spelled out “Is it true that you purge”. (We all knew that he did but it was nothing we talked about). Jake agreed yes, and we moved on. The spirit then spelled out “Marie”. Marie answered yes, and they asked truth or dare again. Marie said truth and the planchette spelled out “Is it true that you had a brother”. Marie replied yes, but we didn’t know she had a brother before. Her brother died when he was about 1. None of us knew except for Marie, which was creepy. We were all shaken up but we stupidly kept playing. The planchette moved to “Lee” (me) . I was shaken up but I didn’t want to seem like a weenie to my friends. I replied and said Dare when the spirit asked. The planchette moved around and spelled out “Dance, and make it good”. I had no idea what to do and it wanted me to apparently “shake my butt”. I felt very awkward and I asked if Marie could stand and help me out. The spirit allowed her too and we danced a little and the Spirit was satisfied. The spirit then spelled out “Mary”. Mary decided to say Truth and the spirit then asked “Is it true that you liked Tyler” (Tyler is someone we had a past with). Heather replied saying that she used to think he was hot before everything between us happened. We moved on and the Planchette moved and spelled “Round 2”. Marie then remembered something. She told us “Guys, I remember a long time ago when me Lee and 2 other people were having a sleepover, a same spirit did this to us. He told us not to talk. His name was Belial.” (If you don’t know who Belial is, he is an extremely strong spirit who was also possibly called Satan. He was a sexual spirit and also could have been a disciple of Satan). We all gasped of fright but again, as the stupid teenagers we are, decided to play more. We asked the spirit if it was Belial, and they replied yes. We asked three more times because we knew (or thought) that if you ask a spirit the same thing three times, they aren’t able to lie. The spirit replied all three times as yes. The spirit was Belial.

We were all spooked. A few more rounds past and we all did truth and Belial said more and more creepy things (It asked Mary if it was true her mom was a porn star, dared Marie to slam her head against a wall, lightly, and so on.) By round 3 or 4 Belial told us that we can only do Dare or Dare. We were scared that if we didn’t play Belial would hurt us, so we continued on. Belial moved to the “J” and we knew it meant Jake. Belial spelled out “I dare you to purge”. We knew that this was going too far but Jake insisted that he wouldn’t give up. Jake moved outside and threw up and as we heard Jake cough, the spirit spelled “Arhf” at the same exact time. Jake came back and Belial spelled out “Marie”. Belial then said “I dare you to cut yourself”. We started cutting corners and so Marie got out a pencil and poked it into her leg so that it left a small scratch. Belial accepted that and quickly spelled Mary. We were worried what Belial was going to do. He moved the planchette to “I dare you to stick your finger in the flame”. We gasped once again, but Jake knew a way around it. Jake told Mary to lick her finger and stick her finger in the candle’s flame extremely fast. Mary did it. Her finger hurt for a bit but it wasn’t as horrible as what is to come. Belial then asked Truth questions for all of us that weren’t as bad as we thought they were. He asked “Lee, do you do squats for the attention from guys” and “Mary, is it true that you are talking to someone behind Marie’s back” and “Lee are you jealous of Mary” and “Jake, is it true you are talking to Katie behind Mary, Marie’s, and Lee’s backs”. We realized that Belial was trying to split us up but we all agreed that we would not break up. Round 5 came and this was the worst round of all. Belial then spelled ‘’Mini game”. We said, “What kind of mini game?”. Belial then told us that we were going to play Musical Chairs. We were relieved, but then asked, “What happens to the loser?” Belial spelled, “Do you really want to know” and we obviously said yes and then Belial said “They will see me”. We were freaked out and we all then started asking if anyone wanted to volunteer. Marie volunteered first, but Jake insisted that he did it. We then told Belial that we didn’t have any chairs and he spelled “pillows” because there were 3 pillows on Jake’s bed. We set them out and then asked Belial if it was good. They replied yes and then music started playing off of Marie’s phone. This was a song that Marie had never bought before, nor had she ever heard of. We realized then that that was the song that Belial wanted us to do musical chairs to. Me, Mary, and Marie all walked around the pillows as Jake sat out. We were expecting something to happen to Jake. All of a sudden in the middle of the song, Marie collapsed on the ground. She started shaking and her eyes went cross eyed. We freaked out and we tried to wake her up but about 10 seconds went by and she woke up. She looked at us and began to cry because what she saw was horrible. We surrounded her and held her close. She then sat up and told us what happened. “It was horrible guys, I was running and there was blood everywhere and this man, this ugly man was chasing me. His eyes, they were all black, even the whites of his eyes. He was red and he was naked and had horns almost, similar to deer horns. I kept running but he was still there. He told me that we can’t stop playing the game.” We were all freaked and I told them that we should stop playing the game, but we all knew that if we stopped that we could die. We agreed that we would continue playing. We took a short break because we were majorly scared and we needed to catch our breath. Mary then pulled up a picture of Belial that she looked up and showed it to Marie. Marie said that it looked exactly like what she saw. (picture below). We then went back to the Ouija board and asked Belial what will happen when we quit. He spelled “You don’t wanna know”. We then asked if any of the Dares we do will involve hurting one another. Belial said “yes”. We then asked if any of the dares we do will involve severely hurting one another. Belial replied “Yes” and we asked three more times and he then replied “no”. We were relived. We then asked “What will happen if we quit the game.” Belial said that we will die. We believed him, and began to continue the game. Belial then went back to dare or dare. He said that Marie could sit out this round because of what happened the last. Belial then dared Mary to kiss me on the lips. We cut the corners again and she kissed me on the very side of my mouth. We were relieved that we didn’t have to do anything horrible. Belial then moved onto Jake. Belial said “I dare you to touch yourself in front of them.”. Me, Marie, and Mary politely closed our eyes and Kyle quickly touched (more like poked) himself. Belial then spelled “Lee” I was shaking with fright and Belial told me to flash my friends with them looking and with their eyes open. Marie, Mary and Jake squinted their eyes to where they could still see, but everything was blurry. I very quickly lifted my shirt but to where only my bralette was showing. I asked Belial if it was good enough and the planchette quickly went straight to yes. I sighed with relief. It was now round 8 and Belial spelled “Mini game” once again. Belial spelled “Lay down, close your eyes” We were confused and we asked “Is the same thing going to happen to us that happened to Marie?” Belial replied yes. We were all extremely shaking. I then asked Belial, “is this going to happen to Marie, I mean she already saw you” Belial replied no and we asked three more times and he again replied no to all. We were relieved that Marie didn’t have to go through that again. We got pillows and laid down next to one another. I was shaking so bad you would think I was standing in the snow without clothes on. I quickly got up again and asked Belial, how long is this going to take? He replied with “2 minutes”. It was 3:18 when he said this. We then laid down and what seemed like 2 seconds, was 2 minutes. But, something freaky happened again with Marie’s phone. Her alarm went off on her phone and the title was “wake up b***hes.” We were extremely scared, but relieved because nothing happened and nobody had to see Belial. We agreed that Belial was just trying to get fear out of us and scare us. We went back to the board afraid that we were going to die if we didn’t. Belial then moved the planchette and spelled, “Another mini game”. We all sighed of fright and asked Belial what we had to do. Belial moved the planchette and spelled out “go outside and run for 23 seconds.”. We went outside frightened because nothing happened the last mini game but we were worried that something was going to happen again.

We quickly went outside and Jake sent a timer for 23 seconds. we ran in circles on Jake’s front yard ready to catch one another because we were worried that one of us was going to collapse again. 23 seconds passed and nobody passed out. We were relived. We went back to the board and Belial then spelled out “round 10”. We were so happy that this was going to be the last round. We then asked Belial if it was going to be Truth or Truth. He replied no and we sighed of disappointment. We then asked if it was going to be another mini game. He replied no and we sighed of relief. We then asked if it was going to be dare or dare and Belial replied yes. We were worried and scared, but not as we would be if it was going to be another mini game. The planchette moved to “J” as in for Jake and Jake replied, “Yes?”. Belial said, “I dare you to play this game again tomorrow”. and then the planchette quickly went to Lee, Marie, and Mary and spelled out the same thing. We all said that we couldn’t play tomorrow. Belial said “no”. We then persuaded the demon by saying “What if we play the next time we get a chance?”. The demon agreed and we asked if it was okay for us to say goodbye. He said yes, and we said goodbye.

That is when it all ended.

(some additional information, Belial also told Jake to "lick his penxx". And we took our hands off of the board multiple times and we were able to connect back to Belial almost right away. And yes, we knew that we would release Belial by taking our hands off but we released him before because we let him go through all the numbers and letters on the board. Belial knew stuff about us that we didn't know about each other.)

You may think that this is a joke, but it really isn’t. We told ourselves that we will never touch and Ouija board again and we told Jake to burn his the next chance he gets so that we will technically have no chances to contact Belial ever again.

I really hope you will be able to help. I guess I am looking for an explanation on why this happened. I am able to provide additional information and also I hope you are able to give me additional information.


Hi Paul,
I wanted to tell you how great it was to meet you and Deanna on the weekend and it was cool to talk to someone seriously about the subject.

I went back after you left to take a look for the craft I showed you over Capitola and it came back again. We saw it just as the sun had set and there was still a light fog in that area so a lot of it`s brilliance did not shine through. When I went back it was darker and colder. The colder air made the fog disappear and the craft really lit up at that point. I know you guys were cold and had a long drive back so it is too bad you could not see it in it`s true light. However through the binoculars you could see it as an orb changing color from orange to white. Like I said if the air had been clearer you can see it change, without the aid of binoculars, from white to blue, green, orange and red. Also it`s size was three times larger than you witnessed it - again because the light fog was dimming it down.

In regards to a report - I will put together a report for you about my experiences of what I have seen in this area from June - 2014 to the present. I have kept really good field notes and I have gone out and investigated the area. I would like you not to use any of the photos or video you took of my note book. I am weird that way. To me my notes are personal - I hope you understand. You can use me talking but not the pictures or video of the note book. Instead I will write you up a full report and you can use that. I will also send you pictures and notes of the individual sightings I have had that I showed you in my note book. I will send the drawings and a description of each incident in an e-mail. So please do not submit anything to MUFON until I send you my e-mail.

Of most importance - as I mentioned to you I do not want my name used in anyway with this nor do I want my address or phone # or e-mail address given out to anyone. This is strictly between you and me. My sole purpose is to share what I am seeing with people who want to learn something about something happening that is really odd mostly because someone may be able to tell me something I don`t know about it. I am just very curious about it all. You are connected to this community so it is okay with me if you want to share this information as long as we are not doing anything illegal.

I will send some photos and videos to you when I send the e-mailed report. I will start on it tomorrow (as I am really busy today) and you will have everything before the week is up. Let me know about waiting for my report before you do anything with what you filmed and recorded. My report, pictures and videos are what you really need to make a worth while point about the activity in this area.

In regards to the moon - please take seriously what I showed you in that picture of the moon I have and how important it is to use pictures that predate the digital era that were shot using analogue photography equipment like the one I have from 1988 from the Mt. Wilson Observatory. I highly advise you to get a poster size print of the moon and get a really good magnifier and walk around the surface visually. You will see exactly what I said to you - that at least 75% of the surface of the moon has been engineered in some way. I truly believe that there are a million or more beings (human, ET or both) that live on the moon and have lived there for a very long time. There is not just a single base on the dark side of the moon but huge cities right across the entire surface. I also thought it was pretty cool I happened to have a print that also shows two UFOs` flying above the moon`s surface. That was a completely lucky shot or it is more common than we realize that UFOs` fly above the moon`s surface on a very regular basis. Think of the three videos I showed you I shot of the UFO above the moon and the light on the moon`s surface just under the UFO. Remember as well the structures on the moon`s surface I happened to catch in the video. There is a thriving civilization on the moon that operates in full view of us who live on the Earth and all we have to do is look. I will send you the three videos I showed you when I put the report together. The point is I randomly filmed the moon at that time on that night completely by accident and got all of that information. I am going to make a point of filming the moon more often to see what I can see. What I now know for sure is you can prove life exists outside of Earth by simply looking at the moon - it is right in front of all of us. Someone is living there.

Okay Paul - I will start on the report tomorrow. Thanks again.

Bay Watcher

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Shooting Star Baby
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Poltergeist Movie 2015 Review
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