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 The Secret of Life That You Should Know

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PostSubject: The Secret of Life That You Should Know   Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:07 pm

The Secret Of Life That You Should Know
by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Universal Teacher of Enlightment
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Music Mix, Wings of Icarus;

Daedalus and Icarus;

The night is dressed up like a battle cry. Stars are hung up like medals in the sky. The most important ones are shining the brightest, their shapes are the largest and they take lead over the rest. The moon is a silver color like a shield held high, guarding the heart of the knight.

The sword is made from comets flying by like they are alive in motion above the Earth.

When the day breaks it is like honey and berries pouring out from the top of the sky. It is divinely delicious. Dew drops and rain fall down lightly making a creation song. It is the pitter patter of rain feet running into the ground…pit pat pit pat pit pat… running onto the seeds and new morning life. The air has a smell like black olives and oils.

Then, I hear the sound of chains and carts rolling when the thunder appears in the sky. There are always promises of the future from the Earth; The God’s hold power over all these things.

Time is set to patterns, designs and measurements. Time is mathematical and exact. A hot breeze passes by my face and it is like a second passing on a clock; precise, mysterious yet natural. I can’t summon it to come back to me only be in awe of the source of its power. It makes a sound; tick tock tick tock tick tock to the same beat for eternity; immortals listening. Are you aware? It is so loud that it is hard to ignore.

The sun is the source of our needs. We can breathe in the sunlight through our skin and absorb enough to feed our spirits as well. It looks like the center of a flower filled with sugary sweet nectar. It was worshiped by so many of our ancient ancestors because it is the source of life. Even they realized this so long ago. It is precious and vital to our survival to obey the God’s and Goddess who hold everything in nature sacred; because it is.

I imagine that we go on forever. Diamonds are spewed from volcanoes onto the surface of the Earth. They are changing for lifetimes until they are born from the wombs of the planet. They travel through many layers to become what they become. Although, some are not strong enough; some will make their way to holy perfection.

In life, if you have what you need to survive, which can be purchased with money; you are powerful because your genetics and namesake will remain strong for hundreds of years. The soul has a similar path. You can achieve richness in life of your soul through unconditional love, kindness and understanding. These lessons can keep generations and peoples very wealthy. When I am talking about richness I am talking about the way that you become a better person through spiritual wisdom.

The more spiritual wisdom you have the more tolerance you have and the more tolerance you have the more love. Love heals your heart so that you do not have to think about what stresses are around you. The physical world is a dimension that you do not want to become stuck in. You want to evolve and become a diamond; spiritually.

I tell you that we can never know happiness if we are surrounded by possessions and wealth; they over stimulate the brain and body. How can you connect with the holy world if you put up so many barriers? We are doing it subconsciously as well when we build our houses…blocking out the sky…the source of spirit with wood and bricks and physical space…We are in fear of our own mortalities. We distract ourselves with unnecessary things and objects instead of connecting to life and the spiritual dimensions. Words are thoughts and knowledge and worth nothing unless they come from a rich heart. Words in the mouth of a valuable person are worth more.

I imagine how we leave our thoughts written down in many ways...
Dreams, poems, songs, memories…Imprints on life… Today as the sunsets with all the red rainbows loosely tied around her like ribbons and embers of eternal flames spark the moonlight, we will contemplate our spiritual journeys…From the night we can dream, we can rest and start the day with a beautiful new outlook. We can reach for the knowledge that is in the stars and understand the universe a little bit more…If we can pull it down from the heavens, it will be worth more than anything else on Earth.

Do not get to close to the Gods, or your wings may melt away like Icarus, who got too close to the sun… the “source” of life and fell. You are falling because you were to close to some secret; some secret the sun and moon were whispering…that God had to knock you down…before you found out…his secrets…from the source of it all…I know because sometimes I can hear the moon whispering, waking me up, the light touches me and I suddenly know…Our souls are the most valuable part of existence. .. So than, give up on all the unnecessary materialisms in your life and please connect to a higher purpose for your own good and the good of the rest of the world.

Good luck!


HPI Chronicles: A Haunting in Natomas
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter

Tonight I have a preliminary investigation to determine if a home in Natomas is haunted. I had to gather up a team quickly and being the General Manager of over 300 plus members of H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International), I usually can muster up a team of ghosthunters-in-training rather quickly. The reason being is that most ghosthunters-in-training are hungry for an investigation. I placed my HPI magnetic car signs on each side of my doors and headed out of my home like Batman heading out of the batcave. The electronic garage door opened, the lights from my vehicle called the Ghost Tracker are somewhat blinding and out of the driveway I went. My neighbors stopped me and saw the HPI magnetic signs on my car doors and one of the neighbors says: "When those signs are on your car doors, it must be ghostbusting time!" I nodded my head yes and moved on down the road. I headed over to Starbucks downtown to meet up with my team of ghosthunters-in-training, they were: Monique Bialowas, Jennifer Moore and Louisito Celestial. I gave my ghosthunting crew a briefing on where we were headed and what we might expect from this investigation. After having everyone sign release forms, we all piled into my car. As I was having everyone pile into my car, I noticed my magnetic car signs were stolen. I was not in Starbucks more than 20 minutes and someone had already swiped my magnetic HPI car signs. I shook my head in disbelief.

To give my ghosthunters-in-training a taste of what an investigation is all about, I took them to a home in Sacramento that is reputed to be haunted. The home is located on 22nd and H Street. We did an outside perimeters investigation and the photos revealed some huge orb activity in and around the home. As my crew snapped pictures, people that were walking by were saying amongst themselves how the home is haunted. It was time now to head to the real investigation, the house in Natomas.

I was greeted by the occupant of the home, her name is Gina De La Rosa. She was there at her home with her friend James. I asked Gina to give us a briefing about the activity at her home. She explains that the home was built in 1964, it was originally owned by her grandmother. She explained to us that many family members who have passed on lived near and around this home. Gina has two daughters and they have toys all around the house. Some of those toys, especially one toy that Gina showed us, will start playing music. The odd thing about this toy, it doesn't have batteries. In the garage, things have been moved around. She has heard knockings on the living room wall and knockings in the spare bedroom. Sometimes her two young daughters will point at things that are not there. In the second bedroom she has detected cold spots.

After the briefing, we checked all the equipment we would be using this evening. We had 2 digital audio recorders, 2 digital cameras and one throw-away camera. We had ectoplasm dipped divining rods. Do not ask me how my divining rods were dipped in ectoplasm. I was told this, when the rods were given to me as a gift. As I searched my ghosthunting bag for my Listen Up Sound Enhancer, I made the startling discovery that my Sound Enhancer was misplaced at my last ghosthunt. Sigh. Now I have no Sound Enhancer and no HPI Car Sign Magnets. It's not easy being a ghosthunter, especially when vital equipment comes up missing. Oh well.

I broke up the team to explore the bedroom, bathroom area, living room, garage and the large backyard. We spent two hours investigating this home and from the evidence that I have analyzed so far, I have discovered some faint orb activity centered on the living room area. I checked for EVPs on my recorder and found no EVPs. Louisito did get an unusual EVP in the backyard. The backyard was extremely quiet and Louisito was out there by himself. The EVP he got was the voice of a small boy, that says...."wow!" It is a very distinct voice of a small boy and there is no small boy in the house. Gina is not aware of any small boy presence in the house either. One of my photos shows a strange pinkish light that emits along the living room ceiling. The second photo there is no pinkish light and the living room ceiling is normal. Other evidence needs to be further analyzed and the results will be placed in another article. As we closed down this investigation, James (Gina's friend) told us an interesting story, on how his little brother after death came to visit him for one last time to say goodbye. It was a touching story and I was glued to his every word. It reminded me of when my Chow after 16 years passed away. The 2nd night after his death, my bedroom smelled like him for a period of 15 minutes. The odor was enhanced ten-fold as I laid there with my other dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) named Pika. Pika during that 15 minutes started barking like crazy at the screen door, where T-Rex would usually enter to get into the bedroom. T-Rex on that night was saying his final farewell to Pika and I, by letting us know he was there, because of his unique odor.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Shooting Star Baby
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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The Secret of Life That You Should Know
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