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 Haunted Fairy Falls, CA

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PostSubject: Haunted Fairy Falls, CA   Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:10 am

Haunted Fairy Falls, CA
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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Deanna's Video of Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls Video

Fairy Falls Video Part 1

Fairy Falls Video Part 2

Fairy Falls Video Part 3

Fairy Falls Video Part 4

Fairy Falls Video Part 5


Date to be there: June 27, 2015, Saturday: Fairy Falls - Smartsville - 17422B Penn Valley Drive, Penn Valley, CA - these falls are supposed to be haunted. Note from Paul: Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, woke up at 5am for this trip. I gave Hi-Pee and Hannah an immediate morning walk from our home to Merwin F. Rose Park. When Deanna and I, hit the road, we stopped at Safeway to get our sandwiches for the trip and lots of bottled water. After the hiking, we were famished and ate at China Garden Restaurant - 1590 N. Beal Road, Marysville, CA. See Deanna's video for pics of our food! I lost my best sunglasses at this restaurant..sigh. To end this Sunday - Deanna and I took Hi-Pee and Hannah out one more time for a walk at the park next to Barbara Morse Wackford Community & Aquatic Complex.

This hike includes something for a wide variety of interests. Following Old Spenceville Road, where the lone oak stands, you’ll walk past what was once Spenceville, founded in the 1850s and abandoned in 1915. Copper mines dot the lower trail, and gold fields can be found in the hillsides. Mines are especially dangerous and should never be entered. This pleasant hike to Fairy Falls takes you along a route through an area of intense geologic history to a set of waterfalls—all of which will be flooded if the proposed Waldo Dam is constructed.

Fairy Falls is also known as Ferry Falls, Beale Falls and now Stinson Falls (because Deanna loves these falls). Over hills, meadows, woods & rocks, you will be lead to a 100-foot waterfall. Formerly owned by Beale, this land was once home to a mock German town for training during WWII. Lots of protected wildlife within. Small shooting range 1/4 mile up Waldo Rd. before reaching the trail head.

Spenceville is a foothill oak and grassland area notable for many species of birds and wildflowers; for example the poppy, yellow mariposa lily, Calochortus luteus is found in the Spenceville Wildlife Area. The area was originally home to the Maidu and Nisenan Native Americans and evidence of their grinding holes and lodge pits still exist.

The geology of the Spenceville area is part of the Smartsville Block formed during the Middle Jurassic period 200 million years ago. The Smartsville Block is a part of the California Mother Lode and consequently, Spenceville has had its share of mining activity. Cleanup from copper and zinc mining continues to this day.

Location: 14936 Spenceville Road, Penn Valley, CA. Park your car and you will find signs that point towards the falls. In the area of the falls, you will hear about all kinds of haunting activity. In 1876, Bullet Bucchanan, an outlaw gunned down 3 Maidu Indians. He shot them for their food. Bullet Bucchanan was later hung in the town of Auburn for a murder near this town. Marigold Lawrence while hiking around Fairy Falls in the early evening of October 10, 1992, saw the apparitions of what appeared to be Indians. Marigold says she even heard distant drumming.

Many Maidu and Nisenan Indians died of malaria and smallpox in this region and reported sightings of ghostly apparitions of Indians seen in the nearby woods is not uncommon. Also, there are sightings of Bigfoot. Siegfried 'Sieg' Jones says while hiking in this area, he encountered a Bigfoot creature by hitting wood on wood. When he hit the wood on wood 3 times, he heard some rustling and spied a large ape type creature peeking at him from behind a tree. Sieg was startled and was frozen in his tracks. The Bigfoot creature turned around and made a sudden dash towards the hillside. The Bigfoot creature climbed up the hill at great speed. Sieg lost sight of the Bigfoot in a matter of seconds.

There has been recent deaths at Fairy Falls. One hiker died of sun stroke, another hiker died when a log fell on him. Another recent death, a hiker fell off a cliff at Fairy Falls. With all of the past deaths and the recent deaths, this qualifies Fairy Falls as a very haunted location.

Daniel Joshua Farris 22, of Yuba City, CA, passed away April 18, 2009 from an accident in the Spenceville Wildlife area. Rebecca Lang reported seeing a ghost of a man near the falls. Could this be Daniel? There has been several deaths at Fairy Falls, many people have been swept away by the current.

Some hikers claim to see a ghostly image of a miner. The miner is holding a pick ax. One hiker gave the miner a nickname, that nickname is Picker Pete. Picker Pete appears to be friendly, he is known to smile at the ladies.

Deanna is a sensitive and many times during the hike, she felt a presence behind her. During the hike, she also heard voices in the wind. Darrell Sanders while hiking in 2010 made the same claim of hearing voices in the wind. This place needs to be investigated fully. Today, was merely a paranormal scouting mission. The hike was fun and the history of this place is unique and quite intriguing. A full-on investigation is needed.


I had a few really bizarre experiences a few months back. I almost went completely insane trying to make sense of it all. At the time, i believed in spirits but hadn't really had too much interaction with them. It all started one night when i was sitting outside my house just sorta star gazing. I saw something moving around in my backyard so i went to investigate. I basically saw a congregation of small creatures. They were sorta humanoid looking but had tails kinda like opossums and they seemed to be communicating through hand and tail gestures like some sort of sign language.there was like 40 of them. I watched them for about 5 minutes until one noticed i was watching them. The thing darted back and forth in a zig zag manner towards me and i panicked and ran inside the house. After that night weird stuff started happening. Things in my house would get knocked over like potted plants and stools. Also my dog started nipping at her back wildly like something was jumping on her. I checked thinking she had fleas or something but there was nothing. While cleaning my house sometimes i would feel a weighted mass jump on my shoulder or my back. It felt to be about 3 pounds. Really freaked me out. I would sometimes see small masses move around the house and dart behind things. Once again, sometimes knocking items over. I never got to see one in proper lighting but when i did see them, i noticed they had big dark eyes, no mouth or nose, rounded heads with either bat like ears or wings. I became very annoyed because i kept trying to show them to my boyfriend who lived with me but of course could not. He thought i was going crazy and wrote off things tipping over al the time as coincidence. What ever it was seemed to only show itself to me and my dog. And it seemed to like just pestering us and tormenting us. Eventually i stopped trying to explain these experiences and flat out demanded whatever it was to show itself or to somehow communicate to me what it was and what its intentions were.

I gave it an ultimatum and demanded if it would not communicate with me that i was no longer going to acknowledge its presence and that it needed to leave. Ever since that night I haven't had any similar experiences and i was relieved. However i have been left trying to understand what and why it was. I did some research and learned what an imp was and how they behaved. Out of all my research this was the closest explanation. I was curious about your thoughts on my experiences and what your encounters have been like. Do imps generally interact with other animals like my dog? And what determines who or what can see imps. What do they want from people? Or is all of this just hallucinations and am i bat **** crazy? I forgot to mention i was living in Northern California in a town called Willow Creek when all this was happening.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Haunted Fairy Falls, CA
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