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 Music is Spiritual

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PostSubject: Music is Spiritual   Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:46 pm

Music is Spiritual
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Connoisseur of Fine Arts
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Electric Universe;

Skylar Khan Mix…

Shiva Mantra;

Let Yourself Go Wild;

Greek Myths;

I open my heart and mind up to the nothing. The trance, the dance, the rhythm of nothing. It sounds like a eerie silent spell that enchants me.

It knows me, and I know nothing. I want to go in to the nothing and find where it came from. Instead I hear a beat, a drum, some footsteps, a thought, a whisper, a song, a heartbeat, the flapping of butterfly wings… Life is hypnotizing. Money, material possessions, vanities are mesmerizing. We are always stressing about how to survive, at least most of us are. Some of us might not feel like we have time to connect to the divine. I will tell you that it is very important to let yourself go wild. You have to become one with the universe if you want to survive and adapt to the spiritual world when you pass. This means you need to take time each day for your spiritual growth. It is your time to be free in the universe, not bordered up with bars or rules… total freedom. You can find a moment to meditate each day, light incense, let peace overcome you, lift you up. Maybe you will recite a chant, prayer or thought to focus on what is really important so the stress can stop. I love music, music is spiritual.

Legends of Music
The Muses were the Greek Goddesses of music, the arts and poetry. They can also remember everything that has come to pass in the world. In art, they are most often depicted as beautiful women. The Goddesses were made to inspire artists into creating the most beautiful masterpieces as possible both meant to reflect the ideals of magic, power and beauty.

Of ten times when we read a beautiful passage, poem or song we achieve an epiphany. These art forms seem to help us on our journey into our spiritual selves. Certain objects trigger different emotions in different people as we all have unique perspectives on the afterlife that have been affected by cultural influence, tradition and the power of the church in our governments.

Sometimes the sound of a certain instrument can trigger certain subconscious responses that can comfort us, thrust us into despair or cause joy. Many times music entrances us to dance. So, we dance to many different beats sounding out to the rhythm of our hearts. We are opening a place, a portal, deep inside that is a gateway to the other side and we must follow it.

Dance is a very important part of religious ceremonies and rituals as it offers the spiritual world a door in which to enter our worlds and vice versa. You can find yourself in a spell while you are dancing, discovering the world of the divine arts and the gods. Music is the wand that opens the way to spiritual emotion like magic and we are the magicians. We feel wild and free in the music... it is an ancient awakening tool.

Nataraja is the Hindu God of dance. He is depicted dancing as Shiva with arms and legs wide to symbolize his movement with the universe, his creation and destruction all at once is a holy movement. This dance was performed symbolically by groups in rituals of enlightenment.

In this way, Shiva is in control over everything in the cosmos because he is in charge of his spirit. He is keeping the flame going, the waters flowing. Creation is not at a standstill, it is in movement even if there seems to be only one direction, and there are many different paths to completion.

This universe around us is an illusion and there are veils everywhere.

Some can be lifted from our consciousness, others from another state of mind and some will manifest into reality. Your perception will change once you enter into this cosmic dance with Shiva, the Gods and the rest of the world and we will let ourselves have the power of our own souls instead of giving it away to a passing world.

The stars are all out, even in the day they are shining brightly. What we see and what is there are different. The truth is the truth that you know. The magic is the magic of our ancestors and the future is the way into our timelines…our deaths…births…always…cycling…Take a moment to step into a trance, a trance with music as your companion and let yourself be free, in charge of your heart and soul…away from the world of possessions…

Snowflake Tears
Sadness deep like an abyss

You cannot return from it

Tormented with everything I miss

Thoughts like a graceful warrior

No expressions on a babyface

How could you touch a frozen fantasy?

It would burn your hands

Like holding onto icicles

Lonely and cold melodies

Is all that I can hear…

Winter raindrops slowly to the ground

I am catching the snowflakes

From the air…

Silence is the only sound

But they are melting…

Away like my memories…

And spring is pulling me

Into It’s world without


By Deanna

Words like holy fire,
from your mouth depart,
my love poisoned by a vampire,
like spells they return my heart,
I am lost in a ghost land,
Unlocked artifact with your key,
with your hands you worship,
I can feel you resurrect me.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Music is Spiritual
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