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 Tales from the Seventh Galaxy 6

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PostSubject: Tales from the Seventh Galaxy 6   Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:32 pm

Title: Tales from the Seventh Galaxy 6
Strange Alternate Realities
Publisher: James Rubino Comics
Price: $3.00
Overviewed by Paul Dale Roberts – President
Comments: First story is Goodbye Mr. Slime – you see a little boy that lives in the woods and is very lonely. A little boy wishing for a friend and to his delight a UFO crashes in the woods. The little boy meets a slimy creature that originated from the crashed UFO. The ending is unexpected and you will have to pick up this comic book to see what happens. If you have seen the movie Don’t Blink with Travis Oates and you liked it, you will like this story. Both stories are very intriguing and you can’t wait to see what will happen next and then you get a nice surprise at the end. You get a nice drawing – Jack Kirby style of Maara Snokwyn by artists Gerardo Aguirre Mata and Tom Ahearn. Nice eye candy. Next story is called Visions of Maara. A story of an expedition to the Antarctic , where these hiking men get a vision of beauty on top of a mountain. Landon aka Tymus will have a very lucky day and I don’t want to spoil the story for you…you will have to see what happens. Next story is Cactor Becomes the Third Stooge. If you love the 3 Stooges, check it out. Other stories and pin-ups are Ol’ Bubble-Gut (story); Ravella Pavani (pin-up); Mz. Beewurd (pin-up) – You Know What They Say about Paybacks (story) – what happens when humans face an alien’s pet? More super nice pin-ups – Maduzaar Goldmyn – Treasure Solitude. Another story Last Stop: Mars, very exciting story with a very lovely lady! Back cover with art from Gerardo Aguirre Mata! This comic book is beautifully done and you won’t be disappointed!
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Tales from the Seventh Galaxy 6
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