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 The Spirit of the Wolf

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PostSubject: The Spirit of the Wolf   Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:41 pm

The Spirit of the Wolf
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Watcher of the Wolves
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Part One
Native American Flute Music:

The spirit of the wolf is a very powerful and beautiful symbol. The wolf is the first version of the common dog which has evolved into a loyal companion to humankind. The wolf is an ancient power symbol used for only the noblest spiritual companions. We are all companions to the world of death but what sounds we hear calling us into the afterlife can ignite instinctual fear. The wolf is a tough survivor of the harshest environments on Earth. We should have courage like they do. Their spirits bless us, teach us, and lead us into the wild.

This supernatural entity celebrates this legendary spiritual status with companions and the lights of the full moon because they are among the most ancient stars of the universe. Although the wolf we can see on this Earth plane does not necessarily howl because of the full moon, spiritual legends in history point us to the power that comes when the wolf does howl during this phase. The wolf howling at the full moon is a symbol of ancient beauty, wildness and simple survival in the natural land. There is nothing standing between the Gods and these animals, just life and death.

Montana Wolves
The spirit of the wolf is strong in its physical incarnations as well.

Wolves howl in distances of six-ten miles. This distance is where the wolf’s pack mates do not stray from if they want to hear each other calling. A lone wolf may not be so likely to howl. The gray wolf is the largest of all wolves. The female wolf can weigh 104 pounds and the male can weigh 165 pounds.

The gray wolf is common in Montana. I lived in Montana for the majority of my teenage years. The majority of people that live in the area are those that love hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. You can imagine for someone that decided to not eat meat at 15, that it was hard to understand. I would walk with my companions through the blizzards and snows in the quiet mountains because it is the most beautiful landscape that you can imagine. It is an ethereal dream.

The silence in the mountains is like a curse upon one who would dare to speak and shatter the spell of the land. You can hear the snow gently falling onto the ground. The sounds are circling, echoing through the valleys for miles. The energy reads feelings like stepping backwards into a primal state of being.

I do not believe in violence, guns on innocence, eating animals and so I would walk quietly through the snow to track animals with someone or just to walk. The land is so inviting that it makes me feel so safe even though it is anything but that. Sometimes I could not stand to watch the killing so I would sit on a fallen tree or walk back the other way for miles to admire the beauty of the place.

One time I had not payed attention to how many steps that I have walked in. Hunters get into these primal modes and there is no switching the instinctual switch off. I walked away alone. I was entranced by this emotional beauty like a graceful and humble warrior. I do have some Apache blood running through my veins and I am answering to the call of the universe.

I kept hearing howling. It is so beautiful to hear wolves howl it takes my breathe away. I also hear a small creek with water flowing and I thought that I had to see it. I have a passion for the sounds of nature and I couldn’t resist the temptations.

As I wandered into the grove of the white pine trees, I saw the stream.

It was filled with the freshest, clearest blue water that you can ever imagine and also a bit of clear and shallow ice. It was running slowly causing gentle waves over pebbles and ice. The howling had seemed to get closer but I was not concerned, because I do not know the natural instincts of wolves.

I wanted to walk back and I moved in my winter clothes back towards where I had come. I glimpsed the pack of wolves standing there through the tree;, the gray and black. They are on the other side of the stream.

They have already known that I was here and they are curious. I know that they can smell the gunpowder on the hunters and none on me. I have my spirit guide there with me too and I think the wolves can sense my energy. I do not want to feel fear because I think an alpha wolf will sense fear. I don’t know if a wolf can eat a person, I don’t want to think about it.

I did not linger too long and I walked around the trees and stream so that I never turned my back to them. I did think that would be disrespectful. I am not afraid, I am stunned. I am as quiet as possible as I leave so that I do not disturb the spell that we were under. They seemed to be entranced by me. Now, they haunt my dreams. They are still calling to me. I can still hear the snow falling gently onto the ice and the perfectly pitched howl that opens up my soul in just one small heartbeat.

All that I can do now is to worship the magic of it all…everything that I had in the past until the moments passed away, until time changed us and we went on as living beings of energy into the future… living on with all the courage that we have, our spirits strengthened and enlightened through beauty and wonder.

Teardrops Of An Angel
A song by: Shooting Star Baby
Every time I start to feel the pain
I numb myself again (x2)
Every time that my heart begins to break
I numb myself again (x2)
And every time I try to turn the clock
Back around
Snow falls down
Circling the ground (echoing the sound on the 2nd time)
Just like the teardrops of an angel
Falling down (coming down 2nd time)

So far away (x2)
And all that stands between us is change

To be continued…

Deanna's Books!

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Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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The Spirit of the Wolf
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