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 Statue Stories

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PostSubject: Statue Stories   Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:08 pm

Statue Stories
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson
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By; Deanna Jaxine Stinson

The term statue came around in the fourteenth century. A statue is a three dimensional figure of mythical creatures, leaders, objects and animals. Many times a statue is erected as a memorial to somebody’s spirit that has made an impact on the city, town or place that they are posted. Statues of Gods and Goddess were made to show honor and respect for the particular cosmic being. Often times when their reign in the city was done, the statue would be pushed down and a new one erected in it’s place.

Statues are very important for many spiritual reasons. A small statue can be placed on an altar as a point of worship. Directing your energies at a statue can make it become alive. Statues can be used to ward off evil entities when shaped like a gargoyle or gnome. A statue has a significant presence in the middle ages and modern mythologies. I am going to share some statue stories with you; Buddha Buddha statues can be seen in many mainstream places today. In many businesses, restaurants and temples you will find the Buddha. The Buddha brings good luck and prosperity to those in his presences. The statue is a representation of a spiritual teacher from 6th century B.C. Nepal, whose philosophies are still popularized today. He was raised as a prince, but one day on his forbidden journey outside of the palace he recognized suffering in his people. He let go of his materialistic ways to live an enlightened life much to the benefit of tons of souls.

Medusa is a hideous monster in Greek mythology. She has hair of snakes and her gaze turns living beings into stone. She was once a beautiful maiden until she was raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. Her hatred was spurred for all living men and so began the horrifying curse.

Pandora is the first woman in Greek mythology to be created by the Gods.

She held onto a jar, which contains all of the evils of the world. She opens it and unleashes it, without ever knowing why. She is said to be molded from clay by Hephaestus and styled by Athena. Pandora is a curse upon the human race. Her name means “all-gifted” because she has been blessed by all of the gods.

An ancient myth from Greek mythology involving a statue is Pygmalion. He is a sculptor who sculpts the most exquisite work of art. This tale is told by poem in Metamorphosis by Ovid. He creates the most beautiful women made from Ivory whom he falls into love with at first sight. He wishes to Aphrodite for her to fall in love with him. When he comes home, he kisses the ivory statue and she turns into a real woman whom he weds. They have a son named Paphos, from whom the city was named.

Satan Statue
A public statue of Satan, who is named in the Christian and Catholic bible as the adversary to God has been erected this week. It was created by a satanic church in Detroit, Michigan. The statue is nine foot tall and made of bronze.

Tom Cruise Statue
This same week, a statue of Tom Cruise is set to be placed at the Church of Scientology in St. Petersburg, Florida. The statue is a celebration of Tom being with the church for 25 years. The statue is a traditional spiritual nude displaying a cross with a four sided star on top.

Statues from all over the world pop up in unusual places. Statues have become long living pieces of history, often times surviving for lifetimes. If you have a statue made of you, or made in your time, the chances are that it is going to survive for many generations.
Statues are rediscovered all the time, just this year two statues were found in a cave in Tochigi. They were of the Sanuki Buddha. The cave is sealed by a wooden door and cannot be reopened for sixty two more years.

The Buddhist priest Kukai carved the statues around the year 765.
Statues are able to hold energy imprints for a long time. If there was a popular legend, leader or beauty the chances that a statue were made to honor them is pretty good. A statue is an artifact that holds the power of the one it was created about. Sometimes people would deface certain parts of a statue to curse someone in the afterlife. A broken nose could have you suffocating in the next life, missing eyes and you are blinded…the list goes on and on. My best advice would be to repair the statues for spiritual karma can be changed unless it was done for a better purpose

Cloud Eyes
Poetry by Deanna Jaxine Stinson.

I have this dream
My corpse is like a statue
Frozen, crystal cased human

My skin is ivory and blue
Clouds and castles house me
Vampire cities in the skies
I can foresee everything
But, I cannot stop the pain

The Immortality…

My soul from bleeding
Blood becomes gold
With your eyes behold
I sleep and my visions come alive

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Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
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Statue Stories
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