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 Legends of Egypt

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PostSubject: Legends of Egypt   Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:31 pm

Legends of Egypt
By; Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Knight Rider & Egyptologist
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Part One
Beauty and Power
The ancient world of Egypt popularized in culture today has a very unique past. It inspires an epic physical and spiritual transformation.

The world of beauty was being redefined with eye shadow made to protect from the sun and cause psychic enhancement. The skull was oftentimes enhanced through binding rituals to elongate the head to symbolize spiritual power. This can be compared to plastic surgery and the social economic standpoint it makes. Only certain people are available to be in touch with the Gods and in Egyptian history, it begins with the most powerful.

The world of Egypt that I am talking about is the era of 3150 B.C. until 30 B.C. when the power was over taken by the Romans. Egypt was founded along the Nile River. The legends of Egypt still hold power over us to this day for its mystery, spirituality and beauty. It seems to have been ruled by some of the greatest leaders of all time who credited their work to the spiritual world and whose kingdoms may be buried but still expand onto our culture today. Their gods and legends still hold power over us to this day proving that they excelled in spiritual and physical endeavors, successfully merging the two energies.

There is ancient talk of the enormous architecture still left over today. People have often times equated the weird practices of their truly unique culture to the similarities of those of beings that descended from the sky. After all, somewhere, someone had to become inspired and what better way than by visitors from the stars. Alignments with certain constellations in the sky seem to beckon for a star landing and the advanced knowledge of the civilities that quickly evolved to become so powerful over a vast majority of people all at once, as if breeding an extraterrestrial army that takes hold of us psychically.

The amount of emotion and spiritual power that ancient Egypt holds over us is so incredible that you can feel the energy simply by connecting through music and popular culture. Ancient hieroglyphics showed remarkable similarities to modern day U.F.O sightings. The writing that left a mark on us all still exists.

I myself have even seen a U.F.O or perhaps the sky god Horus, myself. I have spoken in several of my articles about the day that I was a young girl and looked above me because I sensed something in the sky. I saw the sky open up like someone pulling apart curtains and I saw an enormous blue eyeball just like the symbol of the ancient sky god Horus and it opened its eyelids and rolled its eye into itís head. I was traumatized than right after so I was not sure if this was a psychic envision or an actual U.F.O. or God it was so real. Once I saw it the sound was as if large boulders were moving down a mountain at incredible speed and it saw me and the blue sky curtain was opened and it went backwards into another dimension. I think there was a black space the second time the sky opened up. The more I think about it the more I remember, I try to think of the first memory I had and I thought it was a cyclops eye. The similarities between what I saw and the symbol of the great eye of Egypt are too close to be just a coincidence.

What is beauty? It is a perfect mixture of magic, health and intelligence. Beauty can protect your skin from the elements, disease, spiritual curses and anything that could hinder your Earthly and Heavenly existence at its best. The Egyptians painted their eyes with lapis lazuli to protect themselves from the sand, sun, curses and enhance spiritual gifts.

Their heads are elongated through binding rituals which causes an irregular shape of the skull, eternally signifying the bond between beauty and the Gods, knowledge and power. This custom was practiced worldwide. There was no mistaking the ancient peoples who belonged to the divine. They demanded respect.

Many spiritual stories emanated from this culture which inspired many people to become polytheistic, or worship multiple gods and goddess. The most relevant one would be Horus, the god that inspired the image of his eye upon multiple public and royal pieces of historical architecture.

Neferhor is the name he took in his youth. Horus is drawn as a falcon which has a deeper meaning of the sky itself. The eyes of a falcon are simply stunning and they symbolize a relationship between heaven and Earth. His offspring are the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians definitely recognized transformations.

Words like holy fire,
From your mouth depart,
My love poisoned by a vampire,
Like spells they return my heart,

I am lost in a ghost land,
Unlocked artifact with your key,
With your hands you worship,
I can feel you resurrect me.

Book of the Dead
The book of the dead is an ancient funerary script that described the various curses and procedures to avoid these curses upon burial and resurrection to efficiently navigate the spiritual world at your best.

Important people were mummified and buried with much careful spiritual respect. Those around them that were special to them were also buried with them in order to ensure a bond and connection within the next life.

In this way they can evolve their spirits as well as their energies as a team for one true purpose in eternity. One of the first scripts is found on the walls of pyramids. Funeral amulets were made with the eye of Horus symbolizing spiritual and royal powers throughout the whole universe.

I want to let you imagine this world where beauty and power has overcome everything else. The energy that is created from this ancient culture is still legendary to this day, almost proving the power of magic and beauty of ancient times. Many people feel a soul connection with ancient Egypt. Egypt is the land of magic and power. These are the legends of Egypt that we tell today.

The Falcon
Your voice is sharp and beautiful
Royal power for Kings of the high skies
Gold sand becomes the glitter and
Sapphire ghosts highlight your eyes
They are showing you visions
To come home
It never felt safe here
Where man wanders and the spirits
Are lost and alone
Restless, In fear
Without wings like a falcon
When my home is the sky
Than I know
Why angels
For us

Please come back again for part two coming soon.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
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Legends of Egypt
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