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 Construction Disturbs the Dead

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PostSubject: Construction Disturbs the Dead   Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:43 pm

Construction Disturbs the Dead
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

August 15, 2015, Saturday / Time to be there: 1900 Hours. Occupant wants to be Anonymous. Activity: Brand new home. Noises heard - house settling. Son hears mom, but mom didn't talk. Occupants get touched on the arms and legs. Male voice heard. Animal noise heard, it's a snarl. The doorbell rings and no one is there. Pacifier disappears and reappears. One time the pacifier flew in the air from the couch. Glasses pushed off in-table. Construction happening near the home - in old area of Elk Grove. TV goes off and on by itself.

Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner - Sensitive - Technician; Anonymous Investigator - Reporter for Local Newspaper; Marissa Aurora Elisabeth Selby; Jewel Hazewood-Patton.

I asked if the entity wanted to talk, and I capture an EVP that says "Not Now!" The occupant recognizes the voice and says she has heard the voice before. I believe the female occupant is a sensitive and that is why everything is happening to her. I asked the entity if he could talk to me and the EVP I captured said: "No". I asked the entity if the construction was bothering him and he says "Yes".

Jewel Patton heard with her ears - a male voice whispering behind her. She was in the main bedroom when she heard the whisper. The female occupant says that is where she hears a man talking or whispering, the same area where Jewel was.

Jewel gets stroked on her face, the stroke is gentle. Deanna felt a hugging and she felt her energy drained at times. Marissa and Deanna both at the same time get a headache. The headache is on their cerebral right side for Deanna and Marissa. The occupant felt the energy and presence of the entity as we entered various rooms. I capture a shadow in one of my photographs and at the same time the occupant sees a moving black dot.

Deanna captures many orbs in her photos. We could not prove that the orbs had intelligent movement. One orb that Deanna captures was a nice designer orb with what looks like a face inside the orb. I told Marissa to place her hand up against the wall. I then told the orbs to go over to Marissa's hand, to show intelligent movement. If I can show intelligent movement with the orbs, this would show that they are paranormal, they are S.C.P. (Spiritual Containment Fields). In one photo of Marissa, if you look closely, you will see 4 orbs headed to her hand.

Deanna gave the house a nice Palo Santo cleansing - the burning of Palo Santo wood. I gave the home a Roman Catholic blessing. When Deanna and I got home, Princess Hannah and Hi-Pee was waiting for us, they wanted a walk. Deanna jumped on her bike and I grabbed the dog's leashes and off to Anchor Bay - Big Creek - Merwin F. Rose Park we went. They got their walk, now I can write my more thing I have to mention....on this night, I saw a big Opossum in my pine tree...earlier today there was a squirrel and rat in the trees.

I believe that the entities are benevolent. The entities probably are haunting the land and not the home. With the nearby construction going on in the background, it seems to be disturbing the spirits. I even caught the EVP in which the spirit says "yes', the construction is bothering him.

To our new investigators for their time and effort. A salute to Marissa and Jewel from Deanna and Paul. Thank you Deanna for leading us to the back yard where the construction was - this is where we captured an EVP, because you felt a presence in the backyard. Deanna also sent us into the baby's bedroom where she detected a presence. A proverbial tip of the hat to Deanna.


HPI Chronicles: The Phantom Lady in Black
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Somewhere in Roseville, there is a home near a creek. The creek area is a place that I am very familiar with, because I have investigated this creek area one year ago. People claim to have seen American native Indian ghosts, ghosts of settlers and a demonic entity with red eyes that has the ability to fly. So when the occupant Michael Davis tells me his home is haunted, I have the tendency to believe him.

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

The date is October 17, 2009, Saturday. Paranormal Investigators that show up for this investigation are: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Tammy Straling – Case Manager/Lead; Connie Brenner – Lead (En-Vision Paranormal); Lynn Combs – Lead (En-Vision Paranormal); Donna Reynolds – Psychic; Jennifer Kavanagh; Kira Nance; John Marsh aka Johnny Worlock – Hearse Driver; Bunny Ensign; Tiffany Gonzales.


Michael’s briefing of the activity about this house is as follows:
Michael never liked this house. He moved in this house in 2005. He remembers hearing his named called and the female voice sounded like it was right next to his ear. One of Michael’s daughters saw an entity with a scary face. Michael feels he is sensitive and may pick up on the paranormal more than an average person would. One of his daughters felt something press down on her hip. His daughter Megan once saw a full body apparition at another home, near his home. The two ghosts that haunt his home are an adult woman and a child. The woman ghost has mousy short brown hair and wears an outfit that is all black, the outfit that she wears seems to be shapeless and her hairdo could possibly be from the 20s. Michael goes on to tell us that sometimes you can hear footsteps along the stairwell.

Michael has done his own EVP work, the EVPs he has recorded are:
3 thumps noise EVP.
Male voice inaudible EVP.
Chair moving noise EVP.
Thud noise EVP.
Unexplained noise EVP.
Faint voice EVP.
Moan EVP.
You’re a good puppy EVP and the sound of petting the dog. Note: He has a beautiful yellow lab named Liberty.
Cough noise EVP.

One of the worse things that happened to Michael is he was held down by the shoulders and the entity bounced him up and down on the bed, while this was happening, he heard a growling noise.

One night he felt like something was trying to rip his back apart and trying to get inside him. Michael was able to deal with this by saying the Lord’s Prayer.

Other activity is the bed feels like it is vibrating, shadows have been seen moving about and the salt shaker was moved around in the kitchen.

Tonight there will be one hour investigations and the leads will take their team into three different areas of this house and after each hour, there will be a briefing to see what type of paranormal activity we have captured visually or audibly. Each team will cover all three areas of the home, by the end of the night.

During our first briefing we discovered that 2 investigators took pictures of what looks like the same orb in movement. The orb moves right to left and left to right, it does not fall down like a regular dust orb. Lynn captures a possible EVP. The EVP is of a man’s voice and it is inaudible. When Lynn says “Can you give us a sign that you are here?” Lynn’s recorder stops for no apparent reason.

As I write this in real time, we are on the second session briefing and I learn that Bunny and Jennifer may have taken the picture of the very same moving orb with two different cameras. Kira took a picture of 3 orbs moving in unison from left to right. A lot more designer orbs were taken and when we enhanced Tiffany’s picture of a designer orb, there appears to be a face inside the orb. Lynn obtained an EVP that sounded like a man’s voice (inaudible). I obtained an EVP that may have been a man’s voice saying “live here”. We heard a few knockings on the 2nd floor. The people that heard the knockings were me, Tammy and the occupant named Michael. When Lynn says “can you give us a sign that you are here?” Lynn’s recorder stopped for no apparent reason. Many shadow photos were taken and 2nd shots were taken, the shadows are gone. The flash from the cameras should eliminate all shadows, but yet the shadows were there. Donna felt an electrical light touch on her arms. Tammy felt a cold spot. Lynn’s EMF reader jumped to 10 and then later spikes to 100. We utilized dowsing rods and the dowsing rods indicated that there is a small child and a woman entity in the home. The woman and child entities are not American Indian, but the male entity claims to be Indian and is the spirit guide for Michael. Connie and Johnny saw strange flashes from their peripheral vision.

Note: Orbs do not indicate paranormal activity, unless we can determine intelligent movement. Some of the orbs displayed anomalies in their movement. Dowsing rods and the use of psychics is a tool that we utilize and we try to back up the possible activity indicated by dowsing rods and psychics with video footage, photography and EVPs.

The third session investigation is a free-for-all and the investigators are able to move about the house freely on their own.

Michael’s daughter Michaela showed up at 11pm and she tells us that she has heard strange laughter. She has heard pages from a book flipping and one time when she walked into her sister’s room, she heard a loud gasp.

During the third session, we only obtained more orb photos. I finalized this evening with a Catholic blessing. I walked around with Michael and as I did my blessing, I would ask Michael if he wants the entity here and he would say no, that he wanted them gone. My blessings utilize the hedge-of-protection prayer for the family and home, the 4 Winds Prayer, banishing the entities to the 4 winds - into the light, crucifix and holy water.

Shannon McCabe/Paul Dale Roberts Interview Malcolm McDowell and Kristy Swanson aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer here at this link:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Deanna's Tumbler Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

8/16/2015: This weekend ended by Deanna and I going to Raging Waters and relaxing in the waves. Later, we took HPI and Hannah on a bike ride / walk to Merwin F. Rose Park, Anchor Bay, Big Creek. They waited all day for their walk, because earlier it was too hot to walk them, it was 105 degrees. Paul.
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Construction Disturbs the Dead
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