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 Fang Marks and Scratches

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PostSubject: Fang Marks and Scratches   Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:13 pm

Fang Marks and Scratches
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Deanna's Video of the Investigation:

Video 1 Investigation:

Video 2 Investigation:


Investigation Photo Slide

DATE: August 22, 2015, Saturday / TIME TO BE THERE: 1700 HOURS Contact Peace Kanuna Mano - Address to be at: Chico, CA - Attachment on occupant Peace. Peace keeps getting scratched by the entity. Peace and her family are scared to death. Rocks have flew in the air and landed in areas of her home. Doors have flew open. Peace feels the entity is trying to make her commit suicide.

Occupant: Peace Kanuna Mano. Peace Friend: Shauna Osborn. HPI Paranormal Investigators: Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner - Sensitive - Technician - Spiritual Guidance Counselor - Metaphysical Cleanser; Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner - Roman Catholic House Blesser - Baptist Baptizer; Tammy Straling - Christian House Cleanser - Empath - Spiritual Guidance Counselor.

When we first got there and heard Peace story, we all could feel the thick negativity in the home. Deanna and Tammy saw a dark weight on Peace. Peace told her story, the story was told normally for a while, then all of a sudden Peace went into a trance. Her eyes became glazed over. Her story was filled with nightmarish overtones. All of the investigators kept hugging Peace to bring her out of this trance. Prayers were said and finally Peace started to act normal again.

Deanna, Tammy and I started snapping photos all over the house and attempted to get quick and dirty EVPs. Several attempts were made on EVPs and no success. Finally in the patio, we were successful. We captured a crisp unintelligible EVP and could make out a male voice saying about 4 words. Then the second EVP said "I won't" when asked to talk to us or it said "I am" when asked not to be a coward.

At this time, we definitely knew that there was something in this home. Peace raised up her shirt and showed us all kind of scratch marks on her back. The scratch marks were in 3 claw marks. A disrespect for the Trinity. The scratch marks were positioned in such a way, that it would be impossible for Peace to give herself those scratch marks. Of course, someone else could have done that, but that would be very unlikely. Peace when telling her story, broke down and cried several times over. Deanna and Tammy were at the ready to provide warm hugs for Peace. DARK FORCE IDENTIFIED: FANG MARKS AND SCRATCHES GOBLIN. Note: I don't know the true name of the entity, but since this entity likes to leave fang marks and scratches, this is the name I am giving this demon.

When darkness fell upon Peace, she lost everything. She lost her home, she lost her credit, she lost her job, she lost the love of her life. This demonic dark force was out to destroy Peace. On February 2015, fang marks showed up on the back of Peace neck. The fang marks also appeared on Peace live-in boyfriend's neck. Peace felt a snake like creature constricting her neck. Peace was at the ready and showed us through a photo the 2 puncture wounds / fang bites on the back of her neck. The bite marks looked like bite marks from a large snake.

Peace continues to tell us about all of the scratches on her back, every scratch mark is in 3s - 3 claw marks. When she gets the scratches it feels like hot acid being poured down her back.

The Chico Dark Force convinced Peace to attempt suicide. The suicide came so close, that Peace made a suicide video. In fact if we did not arrive, she may have already committed suicide.

There has been all kinds of activity in this home - watch the videos. An example of the activity is crashing sound in the kitchen and when they investigate, it was a canister that shattered.

Peace uses a Ghost App on her phone and the Ghost App came up with the name Bronwen - a Celtic name. It also says a lot: climb, fall. Then it says: Alice, Fred and Dan (alive). Peace says that the Ghost App said "Paul" many times over and Peace was wondering who Paul was.

Deanna did a metaphysical cleansing with Palo Santo wood. Deanna gave the occupant Peace an angel coin and a Saint heart necklace that were blessed. I gave occupant Peace a wooden rosary that was blessed. Tammy gave Peace holy water from her church. Tammy conducted a Christian cleansing of the home. I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the home. I also gave Peace a Baptist baptism - full submersion into water. This was done in her bathtub. A Baptist baptism is a basic form of exorcism. A fully submerged baptism will knock off the attachment immediately.

After the blessing and baptism, Peace came alive. She was energized, she looked like she was glowing and full of jokes. When we first walked in, she was depressed and lethargic. When we left, she was energized and full of life.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Deanna's Tumbler Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Fang Marks and Scratches
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