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 Sky Born

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PostSubject: Sky Born   Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:28 am

Sky Born
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Phenomenologist
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There is many beautiful species of bird on our planet and they should be honored and respected like they have been by ancient cultures. Together with our ancestors they survived until this day side by side us. Birds are frequently symbolized as messengers of deities of the ancient world.

They are very important spiritual and Earthly beings.
Feathers on a bird can be quite magical, from the various gorgeous designs to simple ones. Feathers are commonly depicted on creatures that travel both through the sky realms of Earth and that of Heaven such as angels. They can easily access other dimensions with their wings, travel fast and guide us from above. They symbolize the sky realms where most of our deities dwell.

Mountains are also a visual symbol for the meeting point between the Heavens and the Earth. Mountains are spiritual summits that we must transverse with much willpower and strength in order to overcome successfully. At the top is the point of energy where you can connect with the Heavens on a mental level.

Next, I want to share with you some beautiful legends from around the world with this theme. If you take a moment to think about it you can probably find the patterns yourself between the spiritual world, feathers, and the stars. Heaven is ascension and it is not the complete picture, if we can imagine even more.

Artemis also known as her Roman counterpart, Diana is a great and beautiful virgin goddess. She is also known as the Goddess of mountains.

She holds many animals of hunting sacred but also blesses them as well to make sure they do not go extinct. Diana is a wild Goddess who does as her heart tells her. She is loyal and expects loyalty back. For those who defy what she holds sacred, she will bring a great wrath upon.

Benu Bird
According to Egyptian legends, when the land first rose out of the waters, along with it came an ancient bird known as the Benu bird. This bird created the universe and made all of the deities. The Benu bird is another symbol for the God, Osiris; the great God of the dead. The Benu is compared to the Greek bird called a phoenix, which rises from its own ashes in an eternal rebirth. During the times of ancient Egypt, this bird was associated with the heart because it was said to spring from his heart and oftentimes amulets were made with this bird on them for spiritual protection.

The crow is a beautiful messenger of the Gods. This creature belongs to the underworld and it carries the souls of the living there. Because the crow is black, it is seen as evil; the opposite of that is a white bird, the dove which is seen as purity. In India, the crow is viewed as a messenger of death. The same can be said of America where the crow is associated with death and omens.

Merope is a star nymph. A nymph is a female nature deity. A deity is a God or Goddess. Merope is the daughter of Atlas, Pleione and one of the Pleiades stars. Her name translated has meant “bee-eater bird.” The bee-eater bird has a masked face and comes in many different variations.

Merope has hidden herself amongst the stars in shame of her husband who has humiliated her.

Ptarmigan is a gorgeous white mountain bird. The Icelandic tale of the Ptarmigan is that it is hunted by Gyrfalcon, a predatory bird. Ptarmigan is the innocent sister and Gyrfalcon kills her causing her soul much pain for what she has done. This is why she cries today through the mountainsides of Iceland.

According to the ancient Greeks, each mountain has a spirit that resides over it like a guardian. The Ourea are the spirits of the mountains.

These are the first born of the Gods and Goddess. This gives these spirits, the ancient primordial power that resides in these land masses.

The most amazing pieces of ancient history are the immortal stories. The meeting points between the land and the sky will always exist.
Birds soar from our realm into the next one without hesitation. The stars are always out, even in the day time and that is when most birds are out as well. Perhaps they can see those stars that our unseen with our eyes.

Wherever you see the sky meet the land, there is a great probability that there is a spirit watching. It is an invisible realm for those who are untrained. If you know what you are looking for, it may be easier to find. Voices calling from the top of a mountain will carry for miles and I know that is powerful. Your inner voice also shapes you and your life.

As soon as there was land, we walked upon it almost as if Heaven opened itself up and placed us there. From the waters of the wombs that we first came from of our mothers, we started our metamorphous through one world into the next eternally...

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Sky Born
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