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 Amethyst Electricity

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PostSubject: Amethyst Electricity   Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:43 am

Amethyst Electricity
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Gemologist & Poet
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Amethyst: Tinashe

Celestial White Noise:

Sleep Hypnosis:

Amethyst ocean poisoned
Drunk up by a Goddess
Sunset and red rainbows
Are her bodice
Seasons fade into one
Souls like vines growing up
Looking to the sun
A rose in the garden
Pokes me drawing blood
The water drank up like a sweet potion
From clouds like cups on the horizon
Like rain falling into motion
A hummingbird feeding on sugar
Wings going so fast I canít even blink
Or Ill miss them moving too fast away like the waves
Thunderstorms wake me like a wild drink
Eternity talking loudly so I canít think
Ghost whispers are like a soft breeze
Laid on my head like gentle dreams
Static air stirs my adrenaline
Your energy glows like sunbeams
Charge sparking into lightning
Reaching across the sand to have me
Light absorbing my emotions and you are numbing me
My sensationless body aching
Electricity and ecstasy
What do I do now?
Through the pain I freeze
Like a California sickness
That just wonít go away
Whose voice is mighty but shaking
I tremble to the sound
The mountains are quaking loud
With the awakening
My heart breathes into life
Like a summoning I am here
Yet I am still only a memory

Amethyst is a truly magnificent and beautiful gemstone. Amethyst is a quartz stone that appears as many different variations of purple. It is born within large lava rocks, in shapes of geodes. It has a healing and calming energy that is very popular among ancient and modern peoples such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Italians and more. Amethyst is electric to those who can feel itís power.

Most importantly, Amethyst has the ability to bless those in itís
presence with happiness. Happiness is a spiritual blessing and very
important to have. I recommend that everyone have more Amethyst in their lives, it compliments most energies and can cause us all to become better people. If you are into meditation, try holding the stone over many different chakras on your body and notice the difference at each center point. It Is a great clearing tool for all parts of your body and home.

There are many different gemstones that help to set off the power of amethyst. You can use gemstones to wear as amulets, or to meditate or dream with. The best gemstones to use are easily researched after you have decided on your intentions.

If you intend to dream with Amethyst, for the best companions I recommend to have nearby your head is selenite, (it helps clear mental energies) and moonstone (the stone of the moon). Agate, Apophyllite and Calcite will also help your memory to receive and translate more efficiently so that you can remember your dreams when you awake. With your own experimentation, you can learn to add whatever else compliments you best from the many variations of gemstones but, that is a great starting point. If you intend to heal yourself, other members of the Quartz family are perfect to use; such as rose quartz, crystal quartz, citrine, smoky quartz and amber for progression and protection. Amber itself is millions of years old, it travels through sap from trees into the Earth slowly taking itís time to form so copal (the beginning stages of this gem) can work just as well. It helps to repair psychic energies as well as emotional and mental.

Amethyst was worn by peoples of ancient times as a way to enhance the energy of the wearer. Amethyst is worn to protect from poisons, of ten times it was fused into cups. This stone can clean magical tools, enhance psychic powers and release a gentle healing power.

Amethyst is also a great stone to have nearby while you are sleeping as it attracts deities such as angels that can communicate with you through dreams for better understanding of your purpose.

In Greek mythology, a young maiden named Amethyst is on her way to visit the temple of the moon goddess, Diana. She is pursued by the god of drunkenness, Dionysius, and needs help. In order to help Amethyst, Diana transforms her into a clear stone. There are many variations of this myth. As to why she needed help, it could have been that animals were hunting her or in order for her to hide, it is not clear.

This stone has many different uses, and once you have held it in your hand and cleared your mind to its power you will instantly feel better.

It is important to heal yourself often and rejuvenate at least three
times a week or more. The stone has a spiritual ability that the human mind cannot easily see but you can feel if you open up your psyche and journey into your dreams.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Amethyst Electricity
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