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 The Maze of Ghosts

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PostSubject: The Maze of Ghosts   Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:52 am

The Maze of Ghosts
Written by Paul Dale Roberts - Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owners
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Maze of Ghosts Video by Deanna

The Little Devils of Marysville:

10/10/2015 Paranormal Investigation Part 1

Marysville Investigation Part 2

Deanna's Cleansing

CLOSED INVESTIGATION : October 10, 2015, Saturday - Time to be there: 7pm. Contact Person: David - Address to be at: Marysville, CA 95901 - Haunting been going on for 2 to 3 months - house is 40 years old. Maybe 6 entities are there. Wife gets scratches, friends that come over get scratches.

Heartbeat Crystal Remix by Shooting Star Baby
Eternal Melody (Space Remix) by Shooting Star Baby

The reason this article is called The Maze of Ghosts is because the home is an actual maze with its large attic, rooms, tents, a magnitude of objects and items located throughout this large property.


Death Cab for Cutie - You've Haunted Me All My Life

The paranormal activity has been going on for at least 9 months. Possible causes of the haunting. The land could be haunted, we will have the address and land researched by Laurie Rutledge our researcher from Texas. The family gathers items from storage lockers. Possibly an object they purchased was haunted, like some old ledgers that date back to 1901. They have seen a cabinet drawer lock up and would not open, then after a while it seemed to curl up and open on its own. They believe they have at least 6 entities in the home, some are possibly family members. The bad one is called by the family THE THING. THE THING has dark hair, he looks like he is from the old saloon days of Marysville. The wife of David says she used to work at the haunted Silver Dollar Saloon for 7 years. Could she have brought back an entity from the haunted Silver Dollar Saloon?

Sometimes the family find money around the house, some of the entities will actually paint the house. Some of the entities will actually clean up around the house. One of the occupants practices Wicca. Could she have opened up a portal unknowingly and brought in a dark spirit? David's wife has small red dots all over her arms, they feel like pin pricks, it causes her to itch. Could the dark entity be using a real life ailment to harm David's wife? David's wife is touched inappropriately, she has been shoved and the entity will trip her.

Deanna, a sensitive saw an apparition that was a tall Caucasian male, with black hair, wearing a gray coat. The family believes Deanna saw an entity they called PETE.

Sherry Thomas who lives in this home witnessed black magic marker letters form near the car port while she was working on their yard sale. Letters formed, they were LPDM, there was a strange slash underneath the letters. Sherry during this time received a headache and the family at times smells Brut cologne and no one in the family wears Brut cologne. Sherry said that the smell would be near her, then move 2 feet over and the smell will go back and forth, as if the entity is moving back and forth. At the pole in the car port, the letter S was carved into the post, then the letter H started forming in front of Sherry's eyes.

Sherry says that at one time white misty swirls went around her leg and she could see the intertwined white mist with her own eyes. When Sherry went into the trailer (on the side of the trailer), her lower back felt hot. A ghost hunting group they invited over did some flashlight communication and their light would turn off and on to certain questions and they felt it was an intelligent response. A gold colored orb was seen on one of their chests. 20 faces were seen in a broken mirror - according to this other ghost hunting group. These are not HPI findings, but the findings of another group.

Porcelain dolls had mystifying effects. One doll's hat fell off into a metal container, then they looked at the doll and the doll was now missing hair. When looking at the doll again, the hair reappeared and it was now wearing the hat.

Another interesting fact about this home, is that a mysterious car is heard going down the street, when they look, there is no car on the road, but yet they can hear the car engine running. This is another case, the case of the Phantom Car. A further investigation of this phenomenon is warranted. The family hears people speaking, hear children and once heard the entity say "hey".

Tonight I followed Deanna around, because she was picking up on where the entities were and I would attempt to get EVPs on where Deanna was feeling the hot spots. We obtained about 6 EVPs, but only one was very clear and you can hear that on Deanna's video. With the night vision, David and I, saw orbs through the night vision, but the most amazing thing I saw was a huge white mist form and fly towards the night sky. One of the EVPs that we can't seem to locate says: "she's a whore". Since I was doing a quick EVP - where I say something, pause and give the entity time to talk and then play back. All occupants in the house listened to the EVP and confirmed it said "she's a whore". One of the entities, the family calls CHRIS. An entity touched the buttocks of Sherry and Nova while I attempted to get EVPs. Deanna say a shadow moving in the tent and when she took a picture an orb appeared. She saw the shadow move into the house.

Deanna sensed a woman wearing a white robe at one of the tents and I captured an EVP that says "I'm here".

Deanna detects a musty odor at the corner of the house and this was confirmed by me and one of the occupants. We attempted to get an intelligent movement of an orb and we may have captured something by the window where we were doing this, we will analyze those pictures further. In the attic we captured an EVP that sounds like a child's voice.

Special Note: Even though the EVPs sound clear through the recorder, they are not clear when copied over, so they will not be included in this article. What is important that the occupants hear the EVPs and confirm that the voices are disembodied voices and not the voices of Deanna and I, or the occupants.

Deanna conducting a metaphysical saging type of cleansing of the home and I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing of the home. I suggested that David's wife get a fully submerged baptism, because I feel she has an attachment. Note: A fully submerged baptism is a basic form of exorcism and will rid the individual of the attachment.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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The Maze of Ghosts
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