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 Timothy Green Beckley's Spooky Treasure Troves

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PostSubject: Timothy Green Beckley's Spooky Treasure Troves   Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:53 am

Name: Timothy Green Beckley's Spooky Treasure Troves
UFOs, Ghosts, Cursed Pieces of Eight and the Paranormal
-All Stories True! These Spirits and ETs Could Lead You to a Fabulous Fortune!
Authors - Timothy Green Beckley and Sean Casteel
Contributers: Paul Eno, Dr. Nandor Fodor, Scott Corrales, Ted Owens and Paul Dale Roberts
Publisher: Conspiracy Journal Productions
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI's Esoteric Detective
Price: $25.00
Comments: If you are looking for a treasure, the treasure is right here with Timothy Green Beckley and Sean Casteel's book! A wealth of information! Do you believe that the deceased can be helpful to an individual in finding treasure and make that person an instant millionaire? Well, believe it, because throughout the world, there are stories of ghosts and aliens guarding treasures. In this very thick book, you will find stories about the ghost of King Ra Ram Singh appearing in a dream and letting the dreamer know the exact location of a treasure worth $50 billion! Timothy explains on how using the paranormal can help you find your own treasure trove. Chris Bader, a Chapman University professor on sociology helps us understand how UFOs and ghosts seem to be attracted to buried treasure. Mount Rainier, Washington is a hot spot of hidden gold and Mount Rainier is also the same place where Batsquatch was spotted and 9 crescent-shaped UFOs seen by Kenneth Arnold. What do those UFOs and Batsquatch know that we don't know? Sean Casteel has done some incredible research as he tells us about the hidden treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain. This is a mountain that may have a secret pirate treasure! You will learn about Crater Lake - a place where many people have vanished! This is a place for UFOs and Bigfoot! It is also the home for dark spirits. You will get the full scoop about a Yreka, California miner named Set-'em-up. This book is filled with historical anecdotes, so hard to put down! In this book you will get full details on what Tommy Knockers really are and how they are connected to treasure! Have you heard about the legend of El Dorado? If you have, you will learn even more and perhaps, just perhaps you will be the first person to find this mythical land with the help of Timothy's extraordinary book! Step into the world of Timothy Green Beckley and follow him on the streets of the richly treasure laden ghost town of Jerome. Learn how the Spanish conquistadors buried a vast fortune in and around Jerome! You like stories about pirates? Well, it's all here and pirates have always been associated with treasure! If you love stories about ghosts, UFOs, treasure, pirates, old Western outlaws, mythical cities, ghost towns, this is the book for your library, it has it all! A great reference guide if you are a treasure seeker, paranormal investigator or history buff. Some of the stories in this book will literally take your breath away! Timothy has done it again with Spooky Treasure Troves - a true tour de force! A posse ad esse - from possibility to actuality - can be made from this book. If you dreamed of treasure, that treasure can be found with Timothy and Sean's magnificent book! Thank you Timothy and Sean for making our dreams come alive!


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Timothy Green Beckley's Spooky Treasure Troves
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