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 Trina A. Holliday - Spiritual Satanist

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PostSubject: Trina A. Holliday - Spiritual Satanist   Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:12 pm

Interview with Trina A. Holliday - Spiritual Satanist
Distribued by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
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1/18/2016: After going on a long walk with my wife Deanna on her bike, with our dogs Hi-Pee and Hannah, walking down Moonlight Way, Deepdale Frye Creek, Amber Creek, Big Horn Blvd, Elk Spring Way, Meadow Spring Drive, the Wetlands and to the historical landmark Lee/Wightman Blacksmith Shop that neighbors claim is haunted, I received a pleasant surprise when I got home. I went on Facebook and received Trina A. Holliday's story of the paranormal. In her own words, she tells her life story:

I was living back in Baltimore, Maryland that had paranormal activity in the house, some entity was always in the basement, more than once I'd go down there in the dark to grab something and it was never too dark because I'd leave the kitchen light on. A few times I went down there some one or some thing would stand in front of me and I'd have to walk around it, but one day as I was in the kitchen doing dishes, I happened to look over and saw a woman, she was around her mid 20s with long dark hair, kind of black and in a white dress, she was looking at me. Then when she was going up the steps, she did not walk up the steps, but instead glided up the steps. It startled me so much that I ran out the front door. LOL! I never seen her again or didn't know who she was but she meant no harm. I used to feel someone sit on my bed and knew she was the one sitting on my bed.

Before that I was living in an apartment that had black orbs and one or more entities resided in this apartment, I could feel the entities all the time just watching me, but they would show up mostly in orb form or move things around and make noise.

But here's the good part.......

Since I've moved here in Joseph, Oregon; I've found out where I live and the land I'm on, was an old Indian battle ground and many died on this land, I'll have to get more info or you can look it up online about this town. Here I see shadow people all the time, an angel type of being was here a lot, but his wings we're real big and he was a lot taller than all of us, I haven't seen this being in a while but I never felt anything bad from this being. There are orbs here all the time, black and white, we have a picture of something peeking at us from the bedroom across from our bedroom, we have voice stuff that is heard, two cats here, a black one and white one, My Watchers are here with me, (that is what I call them), they have always been with me, they kind of look after me, we also have (I call them Pranksters) here, they like to take things and hide them. (the lil ****s lol ). The thing I'm still not used to is when the beings rush up on me like right in my face, that always freaks me out when I'm not ready for it. I've been touched here a lot like my hair or my back, I feel them when they sit on the bed or can hear them sometimes when the try n talk to me.


Back in Baltimore, it was twice I was in the presence of evil, I smelled sulfur strongly and that's not from something good trust me. I can tell if a person is good or not from just being around them. If they are bad, I get a sick feeling and the worse they are the more sick I become, especially if there is something attached to them.

I've had little beings around me here, around 3 feet tall, I was upset one time, real upset and I went for a walk to this little park up the road here and it was around ten at night, I went to the park and sat on a rock and just cried.... before I knew it I had all these little beings around me and I didn't feel scared at all, they were there to comfort me and protect me it was really awesome Paul.

My family from my dad's side, they all have gifts, I'm a starseed (aka Star Child) and my boyfriend is one to, he's got some stories, trust me!!!!!! My gifts are, I can see people from different times and I can see entities and spirits of animals. I can feel things when they are around me, sometimes I'll know something will happen before it does. Stuff like that you know. Some times they talk to me and I can hear them it's awesome. Plus my boyfriend David, well, now he has some wild stories to, if you ever wanna hear them. His gifts, trust me are with out a doubt strong!

Oh, I'll send you some pictures of a grave yard I did some ghost hunting in, trust me you will like them and Ohio state reformatory where I went with a team in Florida and you'll like these pictures too!

I'm a Spiritual Satanist and a witch, but I live by the code of not placing harm to others that I know.

The name of my group is PTS and ALH Paranormal Truth Seekers and Alien Hunters.



From: "Sheila Garcia"
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:18:51 PM
Subject: Sonora

Hello; I lived in Sonora about 20 years ago. We had multiple activity on the property where we lived. I wanted to ask if there is any documentation or if you've had any experience with paranormal claims near the Jack Page area, off of Highway 49/Columbia Rd. We experienced a full gambit of happenings and spent 4 years there feeling we were battling something evil. (And, I hardly ever use that word ) The main occurrence that culminated in us leaving was what locals called a Skinwalker. If you could offer any info on this, I would appreciate the communication.
Thank you, S. Garcia

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Trina A. Holliday - Spiritual Satanist
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