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 A Haunting at Rough and Ready

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PostSubject: A Haunting at Rough and Ready   Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:32 pm

A Haunting at Rough and Ready
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
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The full story on the haunting at Rough and Ready can be found at these YouTube video links. Other elements of the story, will be written in text below.

The NO EVP - Rough and Ready

Rough and Ready Part 1

Rough and Ready Part 2

Rough and Ready Part 3

Rough and Ready Part 4

Rough and Ready Part 5

Rough and Ready Part 6

Rough and Ready Part 7

Rough and Ready Part 8

Rough and Ready Part 9

Deanna Smudging - Rough and Ready:


Date to be there: February 20th, 2016, Saturday. Time to be there: 17:30 Hours - Location: Rough and Ready, CA
Activity: Lights turn off and on. There are family spirits there, that they do not mind keeping, but there is a darker entity there that is causing problems. Personal items wind up missing. The occupant was speaking in tongues. 2 homes will be investigated and both homes will be cleansed. Deanna will conducted a metaphysical cleansing with Eucalyptus wands and I will conduct a Roman Catholic blessing of the home, extracting the evil entity and allowing the family entities to stay.

HPI Roll Call:
Occupants: Elaina Stafford; Taylor Stafford; Colby Shepherd; Kim Shepherd. Friend: Trenton Robinson. HPI Investigators: Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Paul Dale Roberts; Bonnie Muir-Waldron.

Deanna went into the grandson's bedroom and heard a demonic male voice in her ear.

There is a collage of family members in one picture frame. Kim took pictures of this collage and obtained orbs coming out of the picture. When I conducted an EVP session, I obtained a male disembodied spirit saying "I'm here".

Someone saw a shadow moving in the grandson's bedroom.

Kim took pictures of everyone that was investigating Elaina's bedroom and captured an arc of light circling Deanna, and then the arc of light encircled Bonnie. Some parapsychologists suggest that the arc of light captured on someone is the entity's way of doing a psychic scan. The entity is retrieving information from the individual through this psychic scan.

Bonnie started receiving a multitude of body chills throughout the house.

Orb pictures were captured. I could not prove that any of the orbs had intelligent movement. Orb photos were inconclusive.

Elaina received a burning sensation on her back and when she lifted her shirt, she had 3 scratch marks that appeared on the back of her spine.

Deanna walked into another bedroom and heard voices in the room. When she was hearing these voices, the chain on her purse was moving in another room. The chain moving on the purse was witnessed by Trenton.

Deanna sensed 3 entities, a man, a woman and something darker, something possibly demonic.

Kim walked into one room and felt two hands on her shoulders.

Trenton was talking to Deanna in one room and they both felt a swift cold breeze go between them.

Taylor during the investigation in the grandson's room, felt a sharp pain on her chest and when Deanna and I walked away from the room, the sharp pain stopped.

Strange anomalies were captured on the photos - strange shadow anomalies.

Wikipedia says: "The first established settlement in Rough and Ready was made in the fall of 1849 by a mining company from Wisconsin known as the Rough and Ready Company. Their leader, Captain A. A. Townsend, named the company after General Zachary Taylor (nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready") who had recently been elected the 12th President of the United States. Captain Townsend had served under Taylor when he commanded the American Forces during the U.S.-Mexican War. California had three towns so named of which this one survives.

The town declared its secession from the Union as "the Great Republic of Rough and Ready" in 1850, largely to avoid mining taxes, but voted to rejoin the Union the following year. The old republic is celebrated annually as a way to attract tourism.

The post office at Rough and Ready was established by February 1851.
The post office was closed for a time in 1855, again for a time in 1913, and again from 1942 to 1948. What little is left of the town is located on State Route 20, west of the Grass Valley junction at State Route 49. Among the oldest buildings are the blacksmith shop (1850s), the Odd Fellows Hall (1854), and the Old Toll House. The town of Rough and Ready is honored as a California Historical Landmark.

The New York City-based music duo The Great Republic of Rough and Ready takes its name from the town. The syndicated western television series, Death Valley Days told the story of Rough and Ready in the 1965 episode "Birthright". In the story line, President Zachary Taylor levied a tax on California mines in California. Opponents declared "taxation without representation" and led by a prominent businessman named Bundage (R. G. Armstrong), decide to secede from the United States. Jason Evers was cast as Dan Hardy, who guides the community back into the federal Union."

From Paul: I have investigated the nearby town of Grass Valley and many Grass Valley citizens have suggested that I should investigate Rough and Ready, because the whole town is haunted. It is said that many ghostly miners haunt the town. Some citizens of Grass Valley believed that the town was named after Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, but this is not true.

Ms. Elegant Clarkia (THE GHOST)
According to Natasha Willfellow of neighboring Grass Valley, there is a lady ghost in purple and she slowly walks down one of the streets during dusk. Natasha's father called her Ms. Elegant Clarkia, because she is carrying a bouquet of wildflowers native to California called "Elegant Clarkia". Ms. Elegant Clarkia looks very sad and has long brown hair and a long purple dress that buttons up to her neck. Natasha's father claims that Ms. Elegant Clarkia was the wife of a miner and that her miner husband died of lung cancer from working in the mines. Her husband would pick Elegant Clarkia wildflowers for her and bring them home and now she holds the bouquet for the rest of eternity.

Back to the Investigation:
Deanna and I feel that Elaina may have psychic abilities and that is why the entities are focused on her. Elaina tells us that her father was a horse whisperer. When the movie Horse Whisperer was being filmed, Robert Redford and his entourage consulted with Elaina's father. Elaina's father had great respect of the land, if he found arrowheads - he showed respect of his findings and it would seem that the arrowheads would come out of the ground for Elaina's father to find. Once an Indian grinding stone appeared above ground and Elaina's father consulted with an Indian shaman to come out and pay tribute to the grinding stone. On May 22, 2015 - Elaina's father passed on and just possibly his spirit still resides in this home.

The family feels that there may be a portal in the pool room and a doll in one of the bedrooms may have some strange energy attached to it. They will find one of the doll's shoes in the middle of the floor or the doll will seem like it moved.

On this night, Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing using Eucalyptus leaves and Palo Santo wood. I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing. Deanna and I cleansed Kim's home and cleansed Elaina's home.

Special Note: Tonight, I was going to call in on the Lori Schulz Radio Show - The Dirt and got so busy with this investigation, I missed out. Lori had Marie Davis on the show. Marie Davis is a former HPI client. Lori was involved on the Marie Davis case with Good Day Sacramento and HPI. You can find Lori on Facebook at this link:



Cherokee Cemetery - Tuolumne; Whaley House - San Diego; Phoenix Inn - Alhambra; Vogue Theater - San Francisco; Mission San Miguel; Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suites; Cary House Hotel - Placerville.

From: "Cynario Barton"
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2016 9:21:31 AM
Subject: Hi, I go by the name Karma. I'm just need help proving my claim, I can def. prove it. I just need help.
I spoke with you earlier on the phone.
Every time something good is going to happen for me and mine, the left side of my body tremors. (EXAMPLE ---------------> WHEN MY LEFT PALM ITCHING, I GET MONEY OR MONETARY WEALTH).

From Aurora Marie Mock: "I read the demonology article you have posted and its helped me some and I have a better sense about some of the things demons will do etc. But here's my problem I'm being plagued by something very similar. But the only time my fiance is taken over is when he is drinking heavily. Its very troublesome because I've had a dear medium friend of mine whom I've done many paranormal investigations with attacked by this as soon as she stepped foot on the property. It took five of us to drag her off the porch and restrain her as she screamed of killing us all. And the last episode I recorded twelve minutes of my significant other talking about himself in third person and warning me of things. While pulling me around by my hair which the episode lasted four hours so that's a very small clip. And it seemed as if he would go back and forth from the one warning me to the one who would choke me, sling me into walls, and was very violent. Back to himself who was in a drunken sleep like he was when he first passed out before he rolled out of bed to vomit and when he finished vomiting came out of the bathroom as something else. I've been told that it was on the land and then told it wasn't what was on the land bothering us it was something attached to him... We need help... I've done everything I know to do including cleansing the house and all it does is make it angry..."

Thank you to Elaina Stafford and her family (and Gizmo) in Rough and Ready for their hospitality - vegetables and dip, crackers, cheese, salami, sodas and coffee. Gizmo the Wienie Dog loves to eat carrots!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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A Haunting at Rough and Ready
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