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 Real Visitors - Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions

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PostSubject: Real Visitors - Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:21 am

Name: Real Visitors – Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions
Publisher: Visible Ink
Authors: Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
Price: $19.95
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts – President – – HPI Esoteric Detective – Halo Paranormal Investigations
Comments: What you have here is a smorgasbord of paranormal information in this incredible book! Sherry and Brad again outdid themselves and have created a paranormal bible that has a wealth of information. Move over Ghost Asylum, Monsters and Mysteries in America, Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Haunted Highway and Paranormal Witness! The real scoop is in Real Visitors. I have been on several documentaries and many times I will have a casual conversation with the TV producers. I learned that many paranormal reality shows gather information from Brad and Sherry’s books on the paranormal. So, if you want to go to the source, you should be reading this latest book from the great minds of Brad and Sherry! There are so many great stories and information, I don’t know where to begin. I have to start somewhere, so let me start with Brad Steiger vs. the Nisse! The Nisse is a very mischievous entity and Brad encountered the Nisse and now the Nisse has done some paranormal pranks on his wife Sherry, but she knows how to deal with those pranks. The story is fascinating as Brad talks about his dramatic encounter with the Nisse and how it has been with him all his life. If you want the scoop on the Nisse, it’s all here. I hope you enjoyed JRR Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings. I hope you enjoyed the elves in the story and in the movie, but remember these elves were created from the mind of JRR Tolkien. If you want to learn about true elves, then you need to read Real Visitors. Brad gives you the complete dirt on what real elves are supposed to be like. If you like what you read about elves, you will also enjoy reading about gnomes, goblins, spunkie (Scottish goblin) and leprechauns – right here in this book. You don’t get the fictionalized versions, you get the real life accounts of these creatures. You will enjoy Casey’s story on her encounter with a mermaid. You will learn about the Selkies from Orkney and Shetland Islands and their passion and love for the sea. Here is one that really caught my eye. Baird Wallace and his communication with the Kro of Neptune. Did you ever wonder what would have happened if there were no mammals on Earth, only dinosaurs? Perhaps dinosaurs would have evolved into an intelligent being and become what might be known as a Dinosauroid. Perhaps, just perhaps this is the answer to what Reptilians are. Was Bigfoot in scripture? Find out here in this book! Are there alien bases on the moon? Well, you know the answer, get this book and find out! Brad and Sherry astonish and amaze! A lot of your reality shows give us phantasmagorical BS, it’s time to become a real investigator and get the real paranormal truth right here in this book Real Visitors. Also, I must say READ ALL of Brad and Sherry Steiger’s books, especially if you are a paranormal investigator!
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Real Visitors - Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions
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