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 Spirit & Snow

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Spirit & Snow
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Snow Queen
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Magic is in the air all around us. This is in the sense that, we are alive, breathing oxygen, without ever having put it there. We have thoughts that manifest and we create beauty, with our intentions. This energetic field from which, this holiness flows through is known as the spiritual realm. Because snow is a product of the weather and atmosphere, it is a magical phenomenon, which encircles us, all around.

Spirit and snow is ribbons of an ice castle, surrounding us with joy and power. We can feel the cold enchantments, the crystals of light, enwrapping us, while we go to and from the winter worlds. It is an ice kiss, an enlightening chant, and a wolf howling at the moon, that captures our hearts in ecstasy. Our hearts awaken with the sun.

Today our legends still live on, that we hold so dear. They are the spark that lights the match, the reason why we believe and they give us hope, of an afterworld. The common theme is the light, which we use to build knowledge upon, for the future. The light is a spiritual and physical manifestation of energy, which exists, in multiple dimensions.

Below, I am going to share with you some of my favorite spirit and snow stories. Some of these legends are widespread throughout many different places, if not only for the different languages and names that we know, would they be the same. Please relax as I take you on a journey into another universe.


In Greek mythology, Aither is the spiritual representation of the highest of the three airs, the mist and blue light of the Heavens. The Aither, or ether, surrounds the peaks of mountains and close celestial allies, such as the sun and moon. The blue light is hidden by the night goddess Nyx, while she can keep its hold, as she is the mother of this spirit. In the dawn, his siblings come to unveil him.

The other two airs are; the middle air, or aer, which is the colorless mist, which surrounds us. The lowest air is erebos, the mist of darkness, which surrounds the realms, inside of the Earth and the dead. Altogether, these invisible forces create magic in the air.


Beira is the mother of all Gods and Goddesses of Scotland lore. She is also the personification of winter. Winter is the changing season and force that represents the cycle of death and rebirth. This makes it an ultimate power.

Beira is also known as Cailleach, or the hag goddess. In Irish mythology, her translation is “the veiled one.” She is described as having a blue face and silver hair. She is oftentimes the creator of storms. She captures the hearts of men, to become young again, for a short while.


Chione is the Greek goddess and personification of snow and winter. Originally, she was a princess who became a goddess, because of her greatness. She is said to be the one who sprinkles snow, upon the Earth.

She is also known as a wind nymph because; she is the daughter of Boreas, God of the wind and Oreithyia, lady of the mountain gales. Wind nymphs are the wild spirits of the air. They are also known as aurei or aurai.

There is another Chione; who is the daughter of two sea spirits, which is transformed into a snow cloud, by Hermes, the messenger to the Gods and Zeus. She is also one with the winter realms.

Dreams of Ice

In dreams, the white color of snow represents purity. The temperature of the ice symbolizes powerful transformation. The serene way of which it falls, indicates comfort and good luck. To dream of snow is to begin a new journey in your life. If the snow is melting very fast, it suggests a breakthrough of emotion.

The wintertime is a mystical state of being, that calls to our inner survival mechanisms. We must not withhold the sunlight from the dark places of our souls, which need to breathe, to make their metamorphous, into reality. It calls out, for a clear end to the past and suggests a natural order in our destinies.


Holda is the winter goddess queen of German folklore. Her name translates to mean, “Gracious one.” She is also known as mother Yule, or the winter goddess. She handles the souls of infants, bringing them to the Heavens. She is considered to be a maternal goddess, protecting the hearth and home. She also brings great luck to housewives, who choose to be independent.

When she shakes her goose feather bed, it is said that the feathers fall down, onto the Earth, forming snow. Whenever it is foggy, it is said to be from her smoke and when it rains and storms; it is her, moving about, doing housework, from wherever she is, high in the sky.


Holly is a bright red berried plant that blooms in the winter, displaying vibrant color, as if it is in full force of life. Holly is heavily associated with the season and grows here in America and other countries as well, such as Asia and European places.

Holly is oftentimes used in wreaths and decorating to celebrate the snowy season. Holly is traditionally used, because it is thought to ward off evil, bring life to the spirit and good luck. In pre-Victorian times of parts of Britain, Holly bushes were also known as Christmas trees.


In ancient mythologies of the Vikings, Mistletoe has the power to resurrect the dead. In many celebrations, it is included, to honor Balder, the sun God. To the druids, Mistletoe is a sacred plant, to be harvested, during the winter solstice. It holds honorable magic.

It is a parasite that grows on trees, such as apple and oak. The plant was thought to have healing properties to it, thought to be brought on by sucking life of the tree beneath. It is a vibrant green color; which is strong and unyielding, even during the winter. Nowadays, it is considered toxic to consume.

Mistletoe is commonly thought to bring good luck with love. If you hang mistletoe above someone’s head, it is very likely that, you can win a kiss. After each kiss, one must take a berry, until the sprig is empty, as its powers will be gone than. The heart is strongly associated with the sun, as it is reborn, many times, in a very powerful way- with the light of love.


Odin is strongly associated with Yule, as his spirit represents death, knowledge, poetry and runes (fortune-telling stone.) He is commonly depicted with companions by his side. Two of them are wolves, known as Geri and Freki, or two ravens, known as Huginn and Muninn. This can represent also, the duality of the solstice season in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Odin is known as many names, in many culture, ultimately he is a primordial, creator God. He is said to have helped to create the world, in the beginning of its time, through the death of a deity, named Ymir.

It is said that with this flesh and blood, our world is created. The blood of Ymir floods the Earth and what is reborn, is what is now.


Snowflakes are pieces of ice, which fall through the Earth’s atmosphere, forming snow. These pieces of ice are fused with dust particles, which transform, into unique frozen crystals. They appear as a white color, because they diffuse and reflect all frequencies of the light spectrum.

Snowflakes are so magical because they represent individuality and wintertime. All snowflakes are created as a one of a kind piece, determined by luck and fate. They are born in the frozen air and fall softly like angel’s feathers onto the surface of Earth, creating a spectacular and peaceful arrangement of the Heavens.

Once the snowflakes land, they transform into snow, melting with the crystals below them. In this way, they are joining as one. The change is dictated by the light and temperature, which causes the designs to vary. They spend time forming into a delightful and precious spectacle, only to fade away, in the bright sun.

Winter Solstice

The Winter solstice is celebrated as the time when the Sun returns, to warm the Earth. It marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In the northern hemisphere, this happens in December and the southern, in June. As one is celebrating winter, the other is going into summer. This is because of the rotation of the sun against the Earth, spinning on its tilted axis.

To magical religions, like Wicca, this time of the year is known as Yule. On solstice night, it is a joyful celebration of the sun kings return to us. It is a time to be happy, be with our loved ones and welcome home this gigantic sky God.

Traditionally, in this culture, apples and oranges are eaten, given as gifts, and drank, as a representation of the life-giving sun. Cinnamon is a spice that is used to bake these fruits; its warmth is a proper presentation, to offer as tribute. The flavors fuse together, perfectly forming into a heartwarming taste.

A Yule log is burned and its wood holds the most magic, if it is made of ash. It is to be given as a gift, or of the land, but, never bought. This is to be laid down, with the above mentioned spices and flavors, to please the mighty spirits of the season.

A bonfire may also be held to gather together our friends and family, in a way, to honor the light of the world. Whatever, religion is practiced; the concept is to heal each other with love and hope. Hearts are mended; with enlightenment and peace, on these days and nights, gifted by the universe, in all its holiness.

Spirit & Snow

Snow is a mesmerizing symbology for a time of fascination, mystery and transformation. The power of the weather is an incredible force of nature. In our spirits, we long for the tranquility and light of the sun, as well as physically.

The light sustains us, the love protects us and the essence nourishes us, leaving out none from the flame of life, not even itself. We breathe in the spirit of snow, like a dream, running out of time as the hourglass of fate, slowly drips away, melting slowly, like candle wax in a flame.

So, I leave you now with words of fantasy and truth shining like a lighthouse beacon, beckoning to your soul… May the ether of these words, fill you for eternity.

Drink, the mana, drink it up and be full.

Until we meet again…

“Winter Castle”

Crystal skies of white ice form a home
Of rainbows on her body
Cherry lips kiss me like roses facing
Towards a bed of pine needles and cones
Laid against me so nicely
They bloom out like fragrant intentions
Above and below
Musk of a holy ghost
Yule time evergreen
A doe in the forest of complexity
Let loose from the hands of a noose
A fortune teller who feels the most pain
Lines on a stomach telling me
I’ve got something to gain
Gone too near the carver’s heat
In the queen's name
Made hot from the hearth
Incense smoldering smoke set into stone
And she knows the purpose
The source of death and rebirth
Of letters marked into runes
Seasons cast in too soon
Buried within white sand dunes
An offering meant only for the sun
At high noon
A winter castle
Standing in doom
The light melts into one
I taste holiness on my tongue
I can feel sticky apples and oranges
On my fingertips
Love is a young sailing ship
On the tides of a wet drip
Hideaway in a
Comforting room with a blue flame
Living within
Silent and untamed
Embers laughing wildly at mortals
Falling softly down
All around unnamed
Glowing portals of a new town
The aither guides us as we ride through
The mountaintops of her bones and
The milk from a cow goddess
Brought more people to life
As she becomes the moon
I am melting warm
Into the snow
Into her womb
A water garden tomb
Waiting for the freeze again

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Spirit & Snow
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