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 Public Transportation Commuter Reality Show

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PostSubject: Public Transportation Commuter Reality Show   Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:08 am

Public Transportation Commuter Reality Show
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I have been using public transportation for years now. I hate dealing with the traffic in the morning and I don’t like dealing with the 5 O’Clock Traffic at night.

So the best thing for me is to park my car at the Regional Transit lightrail station and ride the lightrail and a bus to get to work. In every lightrail and bus, there are video cameras that not only record visually, but they also have audio. Hollywood should make a reality show in regard to what commuters face every day on lightrail trains and buses. Since I have been riding the lightrail and bus to and from work, I have seen numerous fights, witnessed arguments – some comical, some dramatic.

Some of the incidents that I have seen are men harassing women; a high school girl arguing with an old woman and when the old woman accidently bumps her with her elbow, the high school girl starts swinging on the old woman. When the old woman is getting off the lightrail, the high school girl kicks her in the buttocks, knocking her off the train.

I have seen the ticket checker man get punched by a vagrant riding the train that has no ticket and 13 police units show up and haul the vagrant off the train and beat him down with their night stick. I have seen juveniles on the lightrail blaring their music and dancing on the train. I have seen the strangest things on public transportation, including some of the most bizarre attire these commuters wear.

It would be very easy for Hollywood to get some of the CCTV footage from our lightrails and bus systems and make an interesting reality show to watch. Food for thought.


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Public Transportation Commuter Reality Show
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