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 Seven Shadows - Trumps of the Tarot

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PostSubject: Seven Shadows - Trumps of the Tarot   Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:43 am

Seven Shadows
Trumps of the Tarot

By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Tarot Card Reader
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

Bells ringing
Seven times
With tribulation
Glass shattering
Brings fruition
Many pieces
Recovered so
We rediscover
Pages of books
Wrote by one another
Into the reflections
Of forever
In our eyes

Trumps of the Tarot

The trump cards are the 22 major cards of the tarot deck. They carry a deeper and more powerful meaning then the numbered ones. Jean-Baptiste Pitois coined the terms major and minor arcana to separate the deck, in a meaningful way. These cards are considered to be the major arcana. The trumps of the tarot.

As with all matters of the occult, everything can be broken down into philosophical ideas and once we get into that realm, there are many possibilities to discover. Take away only what can be accepted with love and leave everything else to be banished within the light of that.

Next, I am going to analyze my ideas on the many interpretations of these cards. These concepts have been popularly received, spanning over several centuries and defined by several mystics. We can take whatever we need from the tarot, but, remember it may not be the answer we seek.

Number & Name

0 or 22: The Fool
The fool represents untapped resources and wisdom. It can be compared to a joker of a deck of playing cards. Spiritually, it represents the power to change within a new beginning or phase of life. There will be trials and tribulations to come but, with a positive attitude, we will never loose.

The fool reversed signifies an ending to a phase in life. It is up to us to stay strong and focused on the path ahead. We shouldnít let anything keep us away from shining brightly and reaching for the stars but, donít waste too much time on foolishness.

1: The Magician
The magician stands for the incredible things soon to be accomplished.Everything that seems like magick to others, actually took much time to work into a graceful purpose. Focus on the dedication to many goals and the power they have to impress people, in important positions.

Upside down, this card tells of a goal in your sights that you lack the ambition to proceed with. Although we could put in the work to change and become better, something is holding us back, which prevents us from succeeding in this area of life. Focus on new perspectives.

2: The High Priestess
In a tarot reading, it is she who represents the veil between reality and the unknown. She has amazing intuition and uses her powers to help others, instead of benefitting for herself. She can easily tap into her higher wisdom and brings emotion to the surface. Pay special attention to your dreams.

In the reversed position, she represents a block on emotions. Perhaps we have been ignoring our spiritual sides and need to find passion to awaken it. Try meditating on positive aspects of the future that need to be brought to life.

3: The Empress
To see this card in a reading indicates that blessings in the near future will manifest as material. On the contrary, it means that you are developing an attitude where you may not be thinking of others and taking many things for granted. She may also represent motherhood and abundance.

This card reversed suggests that we are neglecting some aspect of life that needs to be tended to. It can mean anything from business relationships to personal. Try to develop new habits, which include taking better care of the world and everything that matters most.

4: The Emperor
The emperor represents a tyrant, who is stern and precise when it comes to following the rules. He can represent someone close by, which is an authoritarian. He is unrelenting when it comes to law and order. He demands respect. He also gives good advice, which should be taken.

On the flip side, this card can represent someone who is very childish.He may go to difficult lengths to ensure domination and control over a situation. He is a powerful force in our lives. Try to focus on clearing out these negative blocks by instilling more confidence in yourself.

5: The Hierophant
This card shows us it is a good thing to go with the social norms of the situation. He represents religious organizations and institutes which manifest spiritual energy into society. He represents institutions with founded beliefs and purposes. It is the right idea to join with those of similar beliefs, in order to be successful in our ventures.

When reversed, this card says to go against the normal status quo. It tells us to be rebellious and use creative ideas and thinking, that are not popular. It speaks to us to be original and go full force with a unique plan to achieve our goals.

6: The Lovers
The concept of duality is echoed in this choice. It can take on form of a lover, a twin, or someone that is very much like us. It is saying to listen to the voices of both heart and head, compromising, to make the right choice. It is a completion of a part of life that much joy will be found in. Choose love, overall.

When this card appears in the opposite position, it means that there is a break that is going to happen. It could be a relationship, business partnership, friendship or more. Take the time to find what matters most, so that this wonít be considered as a loss but, a new beginning.

7: The Chariot
This card stands for the concept of working hard to achieve our goals.With the right amount of ambition and confidence, anything we put our minds to can be accomplished. If enough will power is used, we should be able to keep things in order. Success comes to those who are daring and bold.

The chariot reversed signals that there is a loss of control over situations in your life. Feelings of insecurity can interfere in creating positive energy. We can lose a lot by being negative about things in our lives. Focus on the positive and find an activity that boosts confidence.

8: Strength
The strength card beckons for us to be spiritually sturdy. We need to rely on our faith and love to help us rise above any obstacle. Use this as a powerful force to conquer the world. This is the way to overcome anything that comes our way.

When turned in this position, it claims the opposite ideas. Lack of faith and love in ourselves, can cause serious damages in life. Focus on making productive and meaningful steps forward, instead of being in a destructive state.

9: The Hermit
The hermit represents someone that has retreated from the social world, into the depths of isolation. A deep intolerance for society and life in general has developed, causing the hermit to seek refuge within his heart and home. This card foretells an indifference to people. It also begins enlightenment.

This indicates the need to seek advice from people to help with situations which may arise. Do not attempt to do this alone; rather seek professional institutions and others to be on the team. A little bit of self-expression never hurt anyone but, too much and we will further distance ourselves from the wolf pack, until itís too late to go back.

10: Wheel of Fortune
Karma is a big part of the wheel of fortune. Whether in this life, or the next, our actions will indefinitely affect us. Upright, this foretells positive changes but, with every turn, we are in darkness, waiting to see if we overcome. Donít let this small insecurity hold you back.

Even reversed, this card tells us that change is coming. The wheel still moves, no matter what we try, fate will still come. Try to keep in mind, the bigger picture instead of the details. This can help you to overcome the fear and anxiety. It is time to let go of the past and your old ways.

11: Justice
Justice stands for law, order and judgement. It also represents balance and what we can do to compromise and make adjustments to ourselves, to keep harmony. Try to be fair in all your dealings, whether it is love or business, thatís the justice the universe demands.

Justice reversed means immorality, disappointment and unfair circumstance and action. Karma catches up to us all in some form or another. Perhaps at times, life may seem unfair. Focus on appreciating the important people and moments in your life, instead of negative emotions.

12: The Hanged Man
The hangman tells of a situation in which you are stuck with limited resources and choices. Feelings of being trapped and overwhelmed seem to surface. Doom seems to be leaning over us, waiting to catch us. Maybe itís time to let go of any negative attitudes and beliefs, in order to move forward and breathe.

A very negative aspect of life is controlling us. This instance shows us that a bad attitude can get us nowhere. Resist the temptation to blow up and find healthy ways to manage stress in life. No matter what we do, or what happens to us, there is never a reason to become bitter because, it will not do anyone good.

13: Death
This card signifies a metamorphous occurring in some aspect of life. It does not particularly foretell death in a physical sense but, more of a spiritual one. With time, comes difficult circumstance and even just a small bit of positivity can propel us forward, into greatness.

In this position, it is suggested that there is a stop in mental progress. An unwillingness to let destiny run its course, due to personal desires, could be stopping us, from a more beautiful future.Life is short indeed; try to focus on making it better for everyone.

14: Temperance
Temperance suggests a person who prefers to take things slowly, carefully analyzing situations in life, to better be at ease. This tells of a person who has carefully laid out their plans in life and is set to move forward in peace. No need to stress because small obstacles are no problem to overcome compared to others.

This suggests a problem with adaptation to unforeseen circumstances and plans that may go awry. Before the stress, have patience and understand that life is uncertain at times and know something we can do to counteract this, is to be stable and secure, in our emotions.

15: The Devil
The devil signals at attachment or addiction. It is time to quit making excuses and heal. Being around too much temptation is sure to lure you into a trap, so be sure to banish all the negativity around you. This could be toxic relationships, habits and to many materialistic behaviors.

The devil reversed can signal that we are not releasing our wild side enough. Being restricted and depriving ourselves, can limit our mental health. Sometimes we need to let loose a little and enjoy life, to realize what true freedom is and release tension.

16: The Tower
Tragedy is sure to strike when this card is read. It indicates a gigantic power struggle, in which you lose control over important circumstances in life. A disaster is sure to strike but, that means there is a chance to start over. It is going to be beyond control but, get off the ground and the universe is sure to help with the rest.

After a setback and failure, it is ok to take time out to heal. However, to much of doing nothing about a situation only results in more destruction. Do not fall into the victim trap. Although, circumstances may well have been beyond control, it is up to us, to rebuild the future for ourselves.

17: The Star
This image is a very good omen. It foretells of a bright and shining future. Stay optimistic because incredible things are meant to happen.There is luck on our side, so be careful not to let it drive our egos and make sure to acknowledge the universe for mentorship in life.

The star reversed is still a positive sign of things to come. However, it may be warning us to have the right outlook and attitude, so as not to damage our beautiful futures. Perhaps there are opportunities right in front of us, which have not been noticed?

18: The Moon
The moon represents our darker side. It is fears, anxieties and insecurities that hold us back from seeing the beauty in full light, before us. By healing through the past, we can hope to overcome the darkness, into the future with a better sense of comfort and understanding. It signals that there is something that is a bit off around us, that we may not have noticed before. Also, it symbolizes strong intuition and psychic energies.

Reversed, there may be a block on your intuition that needs to be disarmed. Try to look at all angles of a situation and leave negative feelings out of the equation. Perhaps there are nightmares settling into our brains, which are driving us crazy. Whatever the case, something needs to be solved here, to bring us closer to the truth. Search for clarity.

19: The Sun
The sun stands for brilliance and positive luck with truth. There is a beautiful purity encircling us right now and it is ours in abundance.Just as the sun shines and warms all of us, there is plenty of good vibes to pass around. Expect; good health, promotions, engagements, success and friendships.

This energy reversed indicates a lack of understanding in a currently positive situation that is significant. Being to positive can oftentimes cause a disillusionment that can overshadow the truth. It is good to have confidence but, too much of it can lead to ultimate disappointment and detachment.

20: Judgement
Important situations that will impact the eternal future are happening right now. Each call to judgement is going to significantly shape us.The goal here is to do the ultimately right thing, even if it means letting go of a past, which can no longer serve us, into another stage of existence.

Decisions are being made now and they may be off. Try to reevaluate what place we are coming from. Is it a place of darkness, negativity and inexperience, or a place of sincerity and truth? The truth is fair and just, quick and precise. Do not wallow in misery, or we may drown there.

21: The World
Completion and new promises are made here at the heart of the world. It is a card of travel and expectancy, arrival and new expansions. The world indicates an intelligent decision, person or understanding. Many languages surface into one but, we all connect through love.

A journey that may not go as planned. To some it is a misunderstood language or emotion. Miscommunication and change cycle in this world alongside the positive movement. It is not all bad just, as it is not all good. We move forward.

Trumps of the Tarot

The day is darkening again as the sun sets on us and rises on the other side of the world. We exist in duality with the seasons of nature. There is summer on one side while, there is a winter at the same time, with the other. We exist together, yet separately, as we are one.

Light shadows are rolling in. Rainbows are glowing. My soul is hand in hand with yours, as we travel the universe of the tarot in this knowing.

We are beings of light set to spark life in each other and not burn those who resist us. The truth is perfection yet, contemplation is a small lingering fire that burns slowly and the warmth lasts a very long timeÖ

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Seven Shadows - Trumps of the Tarot
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