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 Seven Shadows - Wands of the Tarot

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PostSubject: Seven Shadows - Wands of the Tarot   Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:33 am

Seven Shadows
Wands of the Tarot
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Tarot Card Reader
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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ďWand FireĒ
Dreams written into
Minds with prophecy
We follow with heart and
Divine destiny
I am not afraid
My lost thoughts
Collect in a jar
Like raindrops
Seeds blown away
On a windy day
A spark breaks free
Igniting a flame
With strength
I grow with the
Sunís rays
Gifted with memory
Of a time before and
I collect what is
Meant for me
In my hands and
I fall and pray for
Visual telepathy
A cure
For my stupidity and
You enlighten me

Wands of the Tarot

The wands in a deck of tarot cards symbolize the element of fire. Also for the clubs, in a traditional gaming deck. They stand for spirituality and energy. Wands are the strength of the will that we have and the ability to manifest this creatively.

Next, I will provide the popular concepts of each of these cards. They can be assessed to match and situation, so that it becomes more personal. For those who seek spiritual guidance, fortune is the best way to guide us. With luck, we will understand the mystery of these symbols and with dedication, we will remember;

The ace is a good sign that ambition and hard work will pay off tremendously. It signifies a deep intuition which will ignite into a very successful manifestation. The forces that are working in life will also impact us on a spiritual level, as they leave the realm of possibility, into reality.

The ace of wands reversed is a sign that we are losing ambition. There is a block on the flow of passion and motivation. Itís time to break old habits and begin anew. Look at things from a fresh perspective and give up negative ways of thinking.

The two of wands symbolizes a partnership between two aspects of life.This can be a feeling of new love, career, spiritual purpose and more.It is the signal of a new journey, one that we may have been hoping for, in the past. With everything coming full circle, it is time to be that driving force of positivity, into the future.

On the reverse, this card can symbolize a destructive anxiety, broke relationship and overwhelming negative energy. Please take time to focus on your health at this time. Try meditation and physical movement such as dancing, yoga or that which causes us to work on balance and coordination. Center the restlessness inside.

The three of swords is a symbol for cooperation with the environment, worldly forces and people. This is the start of a new creative journey, spiritual efforts, or relationship. The future looks peaceful from here, so know that things will be steady and safe.

This is a sign that things will not be going as expected. There can be delays, blocks and unclear intentions. Try to gain a new understanding of the goals that are made, so that we can reach realistic goals and leave less time for fantasy and illusion.

This is a positive force that will be entering our lives in the form of happy beginnings and endings. This is in part, because of our efforts that we put into the community, relationships and work. We have to put the good feelings out there, for them to be returned. This is a card of success with the heart and home.

On the flip, this card is an omen of miscommunications, conflict and stress. The home is a place of sanctity and peace and it is a good idea to leave out any negative emotions here, because it will build up, like a volcano, until it explodes, wreaking havoc on us. Try a cleansing with incense, candles, water or more.

This is a card signifying competition in the area of situation. It is possible to be excellent without having to belittle others. Everyone can shine; there is no need to bring the shadows about. Ultimately, if we work with others in our fields, we will find that we can actually learn more from them and vice versa, until we both excel. If it is a question of emotion, the answers sometimes donít come as soon as we would like to foresee them. Be calm and know that everything works in its own time.

The five of wands reversed guides us to put into question our motives.There is a stubbornness in knowing ourselves that cannot be avoided.This can lead to disagreements and differences in opinion. Do not let this emotionally affect us; there is great transformation in diversity, which creates a greater good.

The six of wands is a sign that we will be rewarded for our good deeds.It tells us that we will receive some kind of notoriety for our ambitions. This could be public or private, depending on the issues. Be sure to accept this with grace and understanding. It will be with us a lifetime, so there is no need to pour out our hearts now, instead let them fill up with appreciation and gratitude.

The negative aspect of this card is that arrogance can tear us down quickly. Things are complicated because we let our egos get into the way of level headed thinking. Itís ok to have a lot of confidence, but when everyone else is expecting to be treated just as greatly, it is time to reach a healthy balance, and be low key instead, to keep the harmony.

The seven of wands represents the higher of two roads. This is the one in which we are destined to take. This can be a moral standpoint, forgiveness in a relationship, at work or in any other way in which a conflict may arise. When we make the effort to make others feel comfortable around us, it pays off in a very kind and honest way.

In the upside down position, this is a card of indecisiveness. A pause that is too long may show a lack of doubt and loss of faith. Do not hesitate to long, or we may lose what was once in our grasps. Focus on what will bring the most joy in the long term and be at peace with the decisions made.

The eight of wands signifies quick thinking and great timing. It represents that many doors are being opened right now. Take advantage of them all by acknowledging and making the effort with each chance we have to be better. Success will come, as long as we keep the positive vibes flowing.

The eight of wands in reverse foretells temptation, foolishness and impulsive action. Do not rush into anything without thinking of the ultimate consequences of the actions in hand. Think with all parts of mind, body and soul in line, like constellations.

The nine of wands tell us that there are obstacles coming to us soon.These can be overcome with the right amount of dedication and hard work.A temporary situation can cause permanent peace or never ending strife.Make the right choice and overcome all obstacles, despite the cost. It will pay off in the long term.

A sickness or mental issue is sure to rear its head when this card is shown. Take time to rest and focus on the positive which can be done, instead of what is breaking us apart. Not everything can work in our favor but we can benefit by becoming stronger as our faith is tested.

The ten of wands tells us that we are taking on too much at one time.This can mean that we are committing to too many endeavors.
Often times, quality is better than quantity. It is good to challenge ourselves but by overloading our brains, we may find that we canít put in our best efforts. If we can figure out how to keep all of our promises, we will be rewarded at the end of our quest.

Reversed, this card tells us that we may fail underneath the obstacles in our path. This can be a sign of over confidence, lack of responsibility and weakness. It is not a bad thing to step away from a situation or job which is causing a lot of stress, in turn, wreaking havoc on our health. Time to take a breather!

The page of wand symbolizes an ambitious quest by a free spirited individual. This person can be us, or someone who inspires us. In either effect, they will leave a joyful energy in our lives. This can reenergize us and cause us to become enthusiastic within a certain aspect of our life. Expect happiness and innocence.

On the downside, this can indicate a bad attitude, lack of insight and poor choices. This can manifest as lack of creativity, motivation and restlessness. Try to reach outside of the boundaries, created for ourselves, by the mind. Do not put a worldly perspective onto the situation, instead, try a spiritual one.

The knight of wands represents a person with admiral qualities. It suggests that the energy we are creating is of great ability and understanding. It foretells of an adventure or spiritual quest, which is soon to come front and center, in our lives. This is a positive omen.

In reverse, this card suggests that we may be feeling fear, which can cause us to restrict ourselves of what is healthy and fair. Do not put a limit on what can be done, rather on the thinking habits, that it isnít possible. This can cause a frustration which will be hard to calm us but, which needs to be confronted.

The queen of wand summons a birth of a new idea. She is a fire starter, nurturer and very seductive. She leads us onto the path of excellence and beauty, with great ideas in our grasp. She foretells leadership and visions of enlightenment. She is a bringer of life.

The queen of wands in reverse is an omen of bad luck. It can come in the form of betrayal, financial hardships and loss, blindsiding us.Oftentimes, when we do not expect something to happen, it can be that much harder to overcome. Have faith through all times that things will be ok.

The king of wands is a card for mastery in a skill that we display. He is the best in bringing new ideas to life and breathing into them, with great longevity. There is infinite possibility and opportunities for us, once we have earned it. He is great with communicating his visions and therefore entices a large audience, who supports his concepts.It may also indicate a drastic spiritual change in the making.

The king of wands reversed signifies an ability to disarm others with love. Even in this position, there is too much that has been accomplished for anything to pull us down. It means also that a spiritual quest will be set out and the best possible outcome will occur, leaving us even stronger and happier than before, in the end.

Wands of the Tarot

The wands of the tarot are the ultimate light which is pure fire. This force is creative and strong, beautiful and bold, inspiring and excellent. It leads us down a path which will never be forgotten and tests our abilities, which have reached a peak.

We walk through the fire with faith and we reach the other side with great nobility. We train for the shadows and kindle the light with tests of destiny and circumstance. Within each one of us, is a growing flame, rising up, with the oxygen we breathe into it.Let it burn...

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Seven Shadows - Wands of the Tarot
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