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 Seven Shadows - Cups of the Tarot

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PostSubject: Seven Shadows - Cups of the Tarot   Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:55 am

Seven Shadows
Cups of the Tarot
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Tarot Card Reader
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

“The Cup”
Moon dust stirred with blood
Into a gravitational synergy
My lover drinks the galaxy up
From me like I am a cup
Blood overflows and
Floods from me
Overwhelming lust
In which we are drowning so
Tears eclipse a sunrise
Colors bleed into the sky
Shooting stars mixing
Into a disguise
In my eyes
Where at dusk here I see
Bones that are weeping
Dancing upon the waters
Walking forward
Onto many stones
Stopping slow
By the willows
Who are sleeping
By the art
Of the heavens dreaming
Becoming more
Than what we were born
To know
From within the foam
We ignite the spark
From lightning and life
Is born the heart and the
Waves rocking onto the shore
With a lions roar
Separate and part
Into one being
To shift time and meaning into
A force of nature &
A beautiful storm which
Collides and divides
Into oceans
And many emotions
Far and wide they
Pour from above
Filling us with love

Cups of the Tarot
The cups of the tarot are defined as a spiritual force, symbolizing the living waters that flow from our souls, into the form of tears and remorse. They stand for the element of water, in magick. They represent hearts in a game of playing cards, because our emotions can trap us, bind us and enslave us. We wish to break free of anything that can hold us back, so we have free room to host a better attitude and new opportunities.

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, the cups can also symbolize great joy and triumph. Depending on the situation, positive energy will always help us to overcome difficult times. Learning how to be happy can be one of the toughest goals in our lives, which we strive for. Yet, once we achieve this goal, we will be healthier and attract all things good to us, like magnets.

Next, I am going to outline the traditional aspect of the cups, from a deck of tarot cards. We can interpret many situations in our life and specifically remember the feelings we have through emotion. That’s why it is very important to cleanse the negativity from around us and banish the darkness that blinds our perceptions.

We focus on the cups to fill our hearts, third eyes and mind with beauty of the spiritual force of nature. Let the mana flowing from the cup, purify and rejuvenate our souls. So, as we continue on, away from the darkness, the light of the sun can shine down, upon us, forever. I hope that we may always see with clear eyes into these shadows and hold fast upon our purity, so that when it is needed, we may shine our lights for others to see;

The ace of cups is a very powerful card, which represents the beginning of a great force in our lives. This can be a relationship, career or the association, of the question, being asked. It typically indicates a fulfillment with the situation, as long as we keep the negativity out.

This card reversed means that there is an end coming with a career, relationship, spiritual aspect or project. When this card is pulled, it reminds us, to keep our emotions in check because everything is coming for a purpose. Trust that it is time to heal and begin anew.

This one points to a duality of forces, such as; lovers, friends, boss, collaborations and joy. This indicates a positive balance in life at the moment. We will find pleasure in a passion we have. The energy will come forth and we will be merry.

When this card is flipped, it indicates the opposite energy. The partnerships or other relationships and collaborations will not go in a balanced way. Expect small arguments, feelings of an unfair situation and some bad luck. We can use this opportunity to cleanse the energy around us, by breaking off from these people or issues, when negativity occurs.

Three of cups symbolize creativity, social gatherings and friendship.Three is a magical number with anything and often brings with it good luck. These things that make us happy are here to stay, as long as we let it, or until the universe summons the energy away, onto somewhere new.

This card tells us that we are not acting in a fair manner. There is something that we are hiding inside, which is causing us to conform, for security. Perhaps we are getting lost in a religion, workplace or immoral relationship. Whatever the cause, it is best to end the fear we have and trust in the power of honesty.

Four of cup represents contemplation of life. Perhaps we are disappointed with the way something turned out and we are trying to analyze what went wrong. Just because we are not feeling at our best, is no reason to lash out on others. Try meditating on what we can do to manifest joy for ourselves, instead of wasting time on destructive energy.

This card reversed suggests that we are missing opportunities by focusing on something that is not productive to us. Turn the focus around, onto what we do have and we can be much happier. Do not compare yourself to others, as everyone is at a different point in their lives and there’s no reason to dwell on things that aren’t even in our control.

Five of cups realize despair and tragedy. This symbolizes a very low point in life. A time of darkness and misery will overtake an aspect of your life. Oftentimes, this carries with it an addiction to misery, sadness and bad choices. Do not make impulsive decisions, instead seek help from someone or something healthy such as; the gym, family or friends. Believe in yourself and the future and anything is possible.

The five of cups reversed points to an end in suffering, or philosophy which has bound us with the past. It indicates a time of trial and error, in which we will come to understand our purpose a bit more. Life is full of mystery but, what we receive from it, is what we choose to see. In the end, we are above death and there is no need to despair.

The six of cups stands for joy and innocence. It is this child-like purity that surrounds us that causes us to run into old friends, watch old movies and seek out peace and comfort.It can indicate a time of naivety and patience.

This card reversed means there is a trauma incurred during childhood, which needs to be addressed. It can represent infertility and pain. This part of us needs to be nurtured to be healed. We do not need to be harsh to ourselves, to move on. It oftentimes makes things worse. So just remember, to love ourselves, to the best extent we can.

This choice is about illusion and fantasy. It is about being delusional about something in our lives, which is having a bad effect on us. Do not get caught up in the idea of something but, rather the work involved with manifesting this desire. Wishing and thinking are only good for so long, but then, it turns into a world of escape and not reality.

The seven of cups reversed signals to us that we need to find clarity, above all else, in order to realize our future. When we focus on the present, try not to focus on what we do, but who we are. This can help us to realize who we are really to become.

This card represents the need for a mental break. Perhaps we have been working so much on a relationship or project, that we haven’t had the time to step back and appreciate what has been accomplished at the present moment. Tomorrow is not promised, so it is time to live now.

Reversed, the eight of cups symbolizes a weakness within us. It can tell us that we need to reevaluate the situations in our life that are causing more misery than happiness. If something is not benefiting us in some way, it is toxic. Ultimately, our health is all that we have and if we stress, we will become ill and death comes quicker.

The nine of cups is a card that signals fulfillment and the end of a journey, whether it be career or spiritual. It is a positive omen that indicates goals accomplished and an abundance of happiness. This is a good time to make advances in personal and financial affairs.

The nine of cups reversed indicates a disruption in the final flow of things. Perhaps there were high goals set that were due to selfish intentions. This can be greed, lust, laziness or any self-indulgent thing that serves no real purpose. Instead of wallowing in the misery, try to take positive steps forward, to advance your wishes.

The ten of cups foretells a bright future ahead. It is time to be thankful for the journey we have taken up to this point and the blessings we have received to this present moment. It is a time to be filled with hope and enlightenment. Each day is truly a gift.

Ten of cups reversed, symbolizes a lack of integrity. Perhaps we are spending time unnecessarily focusing on petty things. This can lead to arguments, miscommunication and low motivation. In order to turn the tables around, we need to work harder, see clearer and be there for others.

The page of cups symbolizes to us that there is life being born from our ideas, dreams and psyche. It is a time of fated circumstance, artistic endeavors and creative people. This card tells us that right now, it is ok to dream a little, so long as we honor these bits of energy in the waking world.

This card in a reading suggests that there is something serious, hindering our creative abilities. It could be an unhealthy addiction, unmanaged life or unfavorable attitude that is destroying us. If we can’t create from our thoughts, it means that we are holding back, our true selves, suppressing our feelings and misunderstanding intended purposes.

The knight of cups is noble in his displays of emotion. He is considerate of those around him and can clearly manage any disruptions, with great grace. He is in touch with his greater purpose and has no need to put those down around him, only elevating others to be better.He represents great understanding and protection.

The knight of cups reversed tells us that there is something that is out of control in life. It could represent a person, situation or obstacle that was at first seemingly unchallenging but, now it is something to be wary of. Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself, to strengthen the soul.

The queen of cups is the most highly recognized intuitive card. She herself represents the divine waters. She is nurturing, compassionate and patient. She is in touch with her dreams, intelligence and spiritual devotion. She is someone that we can rely on in a time of deep truth.Try to move these aspects into our lives and become understanding with ourselves and forgive.

Reversed, the queen of cups is irrational, illogical and out of touch with reality. It can indicate a mental disorder, emotional stress and also an up and down relationship that has no means of getting better.Take time out to focus on positive things in your life and how to sustain them, even if it means to spend time healing ourselves first.

The king of cups stands for the mastery of excellence. He has created his throne from many tests and tribulations of the mind. He stands on the borders to the spiritual and physical planes. He is great at handling events in the best possible way. It is time to emulate his attitude and reap the benefits.

This card suggests that we take time to distance ourselves from an attitude of superiority. Perhaps our feelings are affecting other people and we need to change, in order for things to sort out, the way that they need to. Do not be selfish and focus on the way other people around are being treated.

Cups of the Tarot

The cups of the tarot rise to the stars in the grand skies, to the rivers on the Earth and to the spirits of the underworld. Collecting so much living energy inside, until it pours out and comes to fruition. We will all make mistakes, make miracles happen too and let us supercharge our dreams by way of living.

We are pulling the truth out of the darkness and bringing structure to our paths. We are growing in the abundance of the light and helping others to banish the evil, that we see overcoming them. We fill our cups up with the rain and then we pour it out again, onto the land, until we realize, what we are doing, is creating life.

Into the supernatural we reach our arms, to touch the essence of who we are. Let us part the clouds, for each other, once we learn the ways. Let us honor the universe with gratitude and mystery. Let us depart now and I will guide you through the shadows, into the land of light…Always…my friends…again and again…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Seven Shadows - Cups of the Tarot
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