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 Haunted Robert Louis Stevenson House

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PostSubject: Haunted Robert Louis Stevenson House   Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:59 pm

Haunted Robert Louis Stevenson House
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When I lived in Monterey, California, I would hang out at the Monterey Public Library Central Library to catch up in my reading of various paranormal books. My life in Monterey was full of excitement, going to Fisherman’s Wharf and actually for one day attending the Monterey Pop Festival. At times I would go to Carmel or Carmel Valley with my parents. But, the one place that I would gravitate to is The Robert Louis Stevenson House on 530 Houston Street, Monterey, CA 93940. This place is a museum and once was a boarding house in the 1800s. The legendary author Robert Louise Stevenson once stayed there. The house was owned and ran by Manuela Giradin. In the Summer of 1879, Manuela Giradin’s husband caught typhoid fever and died. Manuela’s grandchildren, along with Manuela caught the fever. The grandchildren survived, but unfortunately Manuela was not that lucky and she succumbed to the deadly disease.

I remember reading in the Monterey Herald how the Robert Louis Stevenson House was haunted. A visitor spotted a little girl playing with a toy on the floor in the house’s nursery. As the witness watched the little girl, she just faded away into nothingness. GHOST IDENTIFIED: NURSERY ROOM GIRL.

Searching on the Internet, I discovered some of the manifestations that have occurred at the Robert Louis Stevenson House, they are as follows:

1. The nursery rocking chair will begin rocking all by itself, propelled by an unseen presence.
2. Visitors to the house will smell the sickroom disinfectant, carbolic acid, which was used in the 1800s.
3. A woman in a black dress has been seen in the nursery by both visitors and the curator, Barbara. Visitors figured that the woman was the housekeeper because she was in costume like the curator, Barbara. However, the woman vanished before their eyes.
4. A caretaker at the museum was closing the museum for the afternoon and she spied a woman in a long, black gown, with a high lace collar, looking intently down at the children's bed in the nursery. The caretaker told the woman that it was time to close the museum, and the woman, looked straight at her and nodded in confirmation that she understood. The caretaker looked again and the apparition disappeared. GHOST IDENTIFIED: STEVENSON LADY IN BLACK.

Other reports have come in that a grim reaper type of entity has been seen at this house. The grim reaper type of entity wears a black hoodie, the face is blurry and the entity wears a black long robe and has been seen floating down the hallway and disappearing into one of the rooms. GHOST IDENTIFIED: STEVENSON GRIM REAPER.

Nia Clayton of Santa Cruz says that when she visited the house, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She later felt someone rubbing on her back. The rubbing lasted for less than a minute and she could distinctly feel one hand on her back going up and down. Nia said it was a soothing rub and she was not frightened from the experience.
GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE BACK RUBBER - My theory is that Nia experienced the ghost Manuela who probably rubbed the backs of her own sickly grandchildren during the time they were ill with the fever.

Rowland Howell from Castro Valley, Ca said that he saw darting green orbs in the nursery room area. He saw the green orbs with his own eyes. His wife saw them too. When they were watching the green orbs, there was a cold chill in the air. Rowlands’ wife felt light headed after the experience. GHOST IDENTIFIED: NURSERY GREEN ORBS.

Another witness that doesn’t want to be identified says that when he visited the house, he heard disembodied coughing. The coughing was continuous. The witness says that he started coughing and felt very ill. When the disembodied coughing stopped, he also stopped coughing and began to feel like his normal self. The experience scared him immensely and the witness says he has no desire to ever visit any place that has a reputation of being haunted. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE COUGHER.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Haunted Robert Louis Stevenson House
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