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 Golden Amber Dawn

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PostSubject: Golden Amber Dawn   Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:21 am

Golden Amber Dawn
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Golden Amber Dawn Sovereign
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

We sense the future fast approaching, with a new dawn, a treasure to behold, from the eyes of the blessed. A spark relights the fire of life and the day begins. We feel the energy of the present. We release the past through time, colored like shards of amber glass, washed onto the shore of a paradise, from a beach of grand healing. We know when the rain is coming and we rush to take shelter, before the storm comes in, wrecking our ships and summoning us, back to sea to swim. Even though we try to go, the bones and rocks all come back to the land. We are going in and out with the moon and tides, rocking the world into a womb of damage, lured into the Earth by no logic and horrible circumstance. It’s simply tragic.

We need the Gods for inspiration, to find the strength to live on in an impractical world, which was molded by corruption and circumstance, fate, luck and chance. Take a deep breath and breathe in and prepare to hold it in wonder, as I release the veil that is encircling you and me, so that we may bring the truth forward. Don’t make a noise and we might get somewhere, before we are turned back…

Do not let your brain search for the sun, from which it will be blinded, or the moon, from which we lose our sanity. We let go of the dreams we were planning, as they were not made with perfect hands. Can we survive without a hunger, deep everywhere? A seed sprouting from the darkness will reach towards the light. A staircase is spiraling into the moment of translation.

I want to teach you that our tears are cycles of weather, changing in the wet season, into masterpieces of gold and amber jewels, buried inside our auras. They are treasures of temperature and time, designed by the greatest designer, who can feed our eyes the most beautiful light… In turn, creating an abundance of crystals and stones, emerging from within us, to give mana, that is healing and powerful.

Let me introduce you to the stories of the past… The legends of an amber golden fire burn on…


In this Lithuanian myth, a beautiful young woman falls in love with the God of the sea. She is in a tragic swimming accident, from which he rescues her. Her name is Amberella. She becomes distraught, living with him and begs endlessly to return to her parents.

The sea God is strongly associated with amber. He has a palace, made of the same material. He adorns Amberella with an amber crown and necklace and the stones are in abundance to the royal couple. When she swims above surface, to visit her parents, she throws many pieces of amber at them, to catch their attention.


Eos is the bringer of the dawn and goddess of morning light. She is also a symbol for hope and rejuvenation, as the golden light breaks through and a new day begins. She is also known as the mother of planets and wind. With Aeolus, she bore four sons, who became the four cardinal directions.

When her son Memnon is killed, she suffers horrible despair. She has no will to bring the dawn ever again. The tears of Eos are said to be the morning’s dew. She is often depicted with a halo and wings, to show her status as a light bringer.

Eos is cursed with an insatiable sexual desire by Aphrodite, because she discovered that she had slept with Ares, her lover. So, Eos will never be fulfilled. She is a second generation, titan God. Helios, known as the spirit of the sun, is her brother and Selene, known as the spirit of the moon, is her sister.

In Norse mythology, we find this beautiful goddess of love, gold, sex, war and death. Her husband is the god Óđr, for whom she cries red gold tears, as he leaves her side multiple times. This may be an instance of reincarnation, in parts of the Earth. Freyja is a golden light of love, whose energy can be felt, if we only close our eyes and imagine her.

She is the most glorious of all goddesses of her culture. This can be attested to being the brightest star, most powerful, like perhaps that of Venus, as the Morningstar. The compliment has various meaning in spiritual analyzation and religious movement. It is certainly an ancient beauty, meant for legendary status.


Jurate is a mermaid princess, whose king father is Perkunas, God of thunder. This immortal daughter lives in a castle, made entirely of amber, spit out from the Baltic Sea. She is a very gifted deity and has many blessings of beauty, luck and charm.

One day she is about the sea, where a fisherman named Kastytis castle is. Her mermaids swam to the surface to spy and warn him to stay away. He would not listen to what they had to say, which infuriated Jurate so much so, that she swam to the surface herself, to punish him.

When she arose above the water, she was quickly halted by his stunning looks. She was overcome with desire and passion and came close by, to greet him. She fell in love at first sight. She charmed him into coming home with her, to the underwater palace.

Angered at her actions, Perkunas sent a lightning bolt down to attack her and the fisherman. She had already been promised to a water God, in order to ensure political ease, amongst the Gods. Her immorality angered him and he chained Kastytis to the ruins of the castle for eternity.

Because of all the tragedy, she is doomed to cry for the duration of his sentence. As she cries, great storms are cast, upon the waters and the tides turn. When the sea rises up, it deposits teardrop shapes of amber onto the shoreline, to be collected by the mortals, to remind them of the grieving goddess.

Grandmother Spider

The spider woman in Navajo culture and other southwestern Native American religious traditions is she who spun the stars in the skies. She accomplished this by spinning a web, where the dew would stick and eventually become stars, shining light. This is a fascinating tale of hope and beauty. The dew creates life of a seed, spun from creation itself and miraculously, its essence is reborn.

She is a helper of other woman and inspires them to build dreams catchers, to place above their beds, by moon and sun light, to catch the bad dreams, in sleep. She has compassion and empathy for the sufferings of all beings of nature, yet she understands the dew is also like sparkling teardrops, falling from the skies for creation, which soon becomes destruction and evolution sets in, propelling us to constantly change and renew to create harmony.


In ancient Greek mythology, this goddess is the primordial personification of day, whose mother is Nyx, the night queen and brother, the god of light, Aether. Her father is Erebus, God of darkness and his mother is Chaos. Erebus is also known as the land regarded as the first stop, on the soul’s way through the underworld.

In Hesiod’s Theogony, Nyx and Hemera always pass by each other, in passive opposition. This meeting is a sort of force of nature, which takes place at a bronze intersection, which could stand for the dawn. It is destiny that they should not reside together, as it is unnatural for them to become one. Separately, light and dark stand from each other, where they do meet, is in the eternal change of time.


The time of year that the constellation Libra, comes out to play is when the days and nights have found a balance. This is why the sign is strongly associated with this season. Venus is associated with this sign, as well as with Taurus, the bull. The names of these constellations foretell a mystic alignment, which altars the fates of those, born under the signs.

Venus is always associated with beauty and feminine power. She shines bright, among Gods and mortals and finds purpose in elegant things. With Venus as your lucky sign, this points to a life of society and culture. Oftentimes we cry and when we do so, may it be healing and let the tears of Venus, glow and change us, with a soft touch.


The name Lucifer is derived from the Latin fourth century translation of the bible, the Vulgate. It is an association with the morning star as Venus, the moon, shining one and light bearer. It later becomes synonymous with Satan, in his younger years, in Christian mythologies.Before the Vulgate, this did not necessarily have anything to do with Satan or the Devil, as there were two priests prior, holding this name: Saint Lucifer of Cagliari and Lucifer of Siena.

Lucifer has first been compared to the image of a falling star by scholars, analyzing Canaanite culture. Ancient Canaanite religion suggests that a deity, by the name of Attar, is very similar to this one. Followers believed that afterlife, souls would be sent to the realm of Mot, or death. Bodies were buried with offerings of food, drink and special goods, to ensure a peaceful rest.

Lucifer is a celestial tear of the sky, falling from the heavens, piercing the atmosphere of the Earth, as a fallen angel. The message is clear here, of his tragic downfall, ruling over Hell with great power, when he should have stayed by God’s side for Eternity. Mistakes create tears, which begins healing. Lucifer is quite the enlightener.


The tale of Niobe is told in the Iliad of Homer. Within the story, she marries Amphion, king of Thebes. Her father is also a king, named Tantalus. This gives her a sense of arrogance and pride, which becomes her downfall.

Niobe brags about her 14 children at a celebration for Leto, the mother of Artemis and Apollo. She considered herself to be above her, because she had so many more. So then, Apollo and Artemis kill her family, in the name of their mother.

This caused Niobe to go into a deep depression. She wanted to die. She threw herself at the mercy of the Gods and pleaded for death. Zeus turned her into a stone and she is still eternally crying. The stone becomes a fountain. Her image can be seen in a limestone rock cliff on Mount Sipylus, with a stream of water, coming forth, as a representation of her beautiful tears...flowing from the Earth…

This lesson was meant to teach about vanity and rebellion. It was a sure way to know that all our deeds have consequence, because the Gods are surely always listening to us and watching for our misdeeds. Every action consists of a reaction, so be sure to bring in only positivity.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is an endocrine gland in the vertebrate, which is thought to help with enlightenment. It most closely resembles a pine cone and has spawned multiple legends from the inspiring power and beauty. It can be also known as the location of a third eye. This provides perception beyond an ordinary and physical manner.

The third eye is located in theory, between the two brows, upon the forehead. Someone who can utilize this energy is referred to as a seer. This eye can cause out of body experiences, mental phenomenon and also clairvoyance. With the ability to see between the veils, we can be transformed into anything we can imagine. What lies beyond these experiences is a hunt for the mystery of divine truth and enlightenment.


Phosphorus is the name of the Morningstar, in Greek culture and language. Another name for it is Heosphoros. After the sun and moon, Venus is the brightest thing in the sky. Its orbit lies between the sun and the moon.

It is honored for its shining light and therefore, many myths from cultures all around the world have developed on this subject. Great gods and goddess are considered to be wise and powerful, who are associated with this energy.

To dream of this celestial touch upon our souls, is a symbol of good fortune to come and a blessing from the Heavens. Go after wishes and dreams while they last, before they burn out forever. Light the fire of the sky and ascend into a new dawn.


Prometheus is hailed as the great protector of humankind. In ancient Greek legend, he is credited with befriending the Gods, especially Zeus and siding with them, to gain control over the titans, his family and sending them to the underworld. In return, he is granted immortality.

Zeus loved Prometheus so much so, that he gave him the task of creating humans. For this task, he used earth with water. As he structured these beings, he grew very fond of them and went against Zeus’s wishes that they should not be in control of fire. He stole light from his lightning staff and gave it to the mortals.

Zeus was so angered at the betrayal, that he punished Prometheus even more. He ordered Hermes, the messenger to the gods, to create a woman named Pandora, from the Earth. He and other Gods, such as Athena, Aphrodite and himself, all blessed her so profusely with beauty, charm and luck, that she became foolish and wicked.

Zeus, a great teacher of lessons, offered Prometheus’s brother a dangerous gift. It was a jar, never to be opened. His wife is Pandora and so, he offers her this item. She, never having to have learned any sort of control or judgment, cannot contain the temptation and opens the jar, thus unleashing a magical mess. A curse is brought to the world, filled with diseases, spiritual offences and all the troubles, ever known to mortals. A cosmic artifact, in its own luck, happened to entrap one spirit in fortune and favor, of good, within. A sprite named Elpis, or hope, as she is known in spirit. This is when Pandora realized what she had done, closing the lid tightly.

This great tragedy brought unfounded confusion and sickness to our world. This celestial problem was no longer in the hands of the Gods, as it became ours to deal with. With the enlightenment of the horrid disasters looming, Pandora was written into history forever, ending the golden age of mankind and bringing the rise of a new civilization of weakened people.

This made King Zeus’s hatred grow even more, so to the point that he ordered Prometheus to be chained eternally to the side of a mountain, where every day, an eagle came to eat his liver. Like belonging in a hell, he suffers agony here forever and all the people must cringe in fear, at their beloved thief, who brought them fire to cook, be warm and perform magick.

Golden Amber Dawn

In the future, there is going to be more incarnations of Freyja, Lucifer, the devil and all these beings of light source, which we recall from a glorious culture. Most often, the spirits written about, become royalty, legend and history. The more stories there is, the more accounts of possibility can be analyzed, so that we may reach agreement, for the purpose of greater good.

Do as our heart beats and live for the new age. Be in the moment always. Think of others but, do not forget yourself. Love harder. Be stronger. Don’t make excuses, we don't have time. Bleed art. Heal in the golden flame, so pure and remember the name of the future is truth. Become enlightened. Release the pain and reach out for a golden amber dawn, only moments away…


Air signs and desperate intrusions
Mark me by fire with numbers of the beast
Who comes to feed on flesh to please himself
Like humans and gods do
In pleasurable excursions
Lustful and passive delusions
Chained to perceptions and illusions
He is a comet flying by
Of death and conclusions
Who completes his patterns
With rings around Saturn
On our fingers and
Bites upon my neck
Immortal kisses
Love lost and hexed
From the darkness of
A star seed born in

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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Golden Amber Dawn
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