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 Haunted Camanche Lake

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PostSubject: Haunted Camanche Lake   Tue May 16, 2017 9:58 am

Haunted Camanche Lake
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Deanna Talks about the History of Camanche Lake
Deanna Investigates on her Own
Photoslide of Camanche Lake

5/14/2017: On this day, my psychic wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, investigated claims of paranormal activity at Camanche Lake. Near Camanche Lake is the abandoned town of Camanche. This town was named after a town in Iowa. The town of Camanche was alive during the time of the gold rush. The town of Camanche was once called Limerick and someone felt it was better to call the town Camanche. Perhaps, they were missing Camanche, Iowa. Nearby the town of Camanche were various gold mines. There was Cat Camp, Poverty Bar and Sand Hill.

On June 21, 1873 a fire destroyed most of the town of Camanche's Chinatown. Lives were lost.

Before the gold rush, before the miners came in, before the Chinese laborers moved in, there were Native American people that had villages throughout the area of Camanche Lake. There were the Yokuts who were a peaceful tribe, that gathered acorns, hunted deer, rabbits and prairie dogs. Further North was the Sierra Miwok tribes.
Many Native American Indians fell ill from diseases that the White Man brought to this land.

If you go to Camanche Lake now, you see fisherman, you see water skiers, you see people out having fun on their boats. But, the surrounding land is filled with spirits. The spirits of Indians who fell ill with disease and eventually died. Many miners in the surrounding gold mines were injured from their mining and there was miners who lost their lives in the gold mines.

The Chinese faced a disaster in the town of Camanche when most of Chinatown was ravaged by fire. Several Chinese laborers lost their lives in that fire as they tried to extinguish the fire.

As Deanna and I walked through China Gulch Trail, you can feel the lingering energy of people that died in this area. There were many deaths. I was not able to produce any evidence and Deanna did not pick up on anything during this hike, but there have been reports of strange mist floating by the oak trees.

Late at night, orbs are seen moving about close to the ground. A hiker named Darrell Springsteen says he saw a bear running along the meadow. Darrell says that there was no imprint on the ground, showing the tracks where the bear was running. Cows nearby seemed spooked and as he kept watching the bear, the bear faded away into nothingness. Darrell actually saw the spirit of a bear. Just like I thought, all living things have an energy essence, a soul.

There have also been reports of people hiking on the trails and seeing Indians pounding acorns and when the looked again, the Indians have vanished.

Deanna believes that Camanche Lake warrants another investigation. I must agree with her. We did a five mile hike and I was a bit sore from the hiking and at one point of time, Deanna fell and may have sprung her ankle once again, but as dedicated ghost hunters, we must continue to investigate.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Haunted Camanche Lake
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