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 Fire & Light by Deanna Jaxine Stinson

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PostSubject: Fire & Light by Deanna Jaxine Stinson   Thu May 25, 2017 12:07 am

Fire & Light
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Jinn Historian
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Rainbow Diamond Heart

My wings are broken
My love is melting
Like day and night
We fall into
The abyss
Of light

Fire & Light

The fire is smoke, scorching hot, rising up from the ground and burning bridges. A dangerous desire unleashed in naivety and circumstance has a mixed reaction. The pain felt is above any other and a strong walk on the stone in the heat may cause us to stumble where we step. We may dance on the embers of the ground or let them take us down. Fire is a weapon set loose from the heart of an angel.

The light embraces us as we fear the unknown. It softly takes us into a distant realm, where nothing seems to be hidden. It brightens and shines like a glittering reception of a shooting star into the night. We realize we are in control as we let the universe drift away and join in a final communion with the celestial objects that hold us where we are.

Grab on tight to the sun and the moon that shimmer so bright. They are the mother and father of Earth, the noblest of birth and of a royal universe. They are the crown upon the head of the Heavens, following the path of darkness and retribution. They are fire and light, day and night, stardust shining in a damaged revolution. They reveal so many secrets…


Genies have held a sense of fascination throughout the peoples of the world. The simple idea that energy transforms into reality is a proven phenomenon made naturally to stimulate our souls. The spark of a fantasy ignites into our culture, our relationships and essentially into our journeys. This is because of the power of belief and beauty which causes us to crave an airy indulgence of the other dimensions. It is basically an element of perception which invades our minds, as we listen to our hearts.

A simple prayer or desire often turns itself into reality. A dream or other divine message is interpreted as a supernatural act and can hold much control over us, as we grow emotionally. Therefore, it is more likely to be held down deep inside, until it explodes from the pressure it faces. This can be compared to the sinful nature of mankind and the hidden desires which we all possess, but try our best to suppress, even though they are likely to resurface time and time again.

A genie is kept in a container to maintain its graceful majesty. Its best secret ever kept is its name and this seems to be an indication of its heavenly purpose. This is part of where the magic is used to create and also destroy this home where it resides. Inside, it is held to the jinn’s ability to rise from a certain death and live on throughout many lifetimes in secrecy and demand, with truly enables its ultimate survival.

Below, I am going to retell you some popular myths of our people’s time on this Earth. Most of these spirits can be considered the same energy.They have different names and variations in all cultures because in all parts of the world, people are essentially striving for the same survival skills in both the realms of life and death. It is truly an instinctual desire which moves these stories of spiritual inspiration!

Genie Lamps

A genie lamp or bottle is a place where the genie’s soul is said to rest. It is kept in place by a cosmic enchantment, which causes the miraculous transfer of energy to occur, with the right trigger. This can be used as a device to also cast wishes and prayers upon to achieve a certain outcome in our favor. It is such because it is divine and lucky.

The marid jinni is thought to be of the most powerful class of evil spirits and because of this, they are most commonly found in vessels.This seems to be a way to put control over this type of being, much like the ring which King Solomon used to control them in the ancient past.Marid jinn are a transformed water spirit, which evolved into a supernatural force, therefore causing a fluid manifestation.

Asmodeus is a king of demons. He is popularized from deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist. He resides over nine different hells, ruling all of them. This makes him a prince in every realm and a king of all, especially over jinn’s. He is most noted for twisting desires relating to a sexual nature and other acts as considered sinful in moral nobility. He is noted in size as being big and bad. He is also known as having a strong correlation to the number 7.


A Ghoul is a class of demon that are said to particularly find comfort in cemeteries and other abandoned places. They feed on blood and can take the form of hyenas to accomplish their tasks at hand. They can transform into a beautiful temptress and lure people to their death in a hot desert. They are desire and nirvana, embodied in a stormy force.

The ghoul is a mischievous and dark spirit who seems to mock life itself with its ways. This being is oftentimes compared to incubus and succubus because they drain a person completely of their life force to the point that death will come. In order to survive, these are the things that they must do.

They are mostly compared to the djinn, which are powerful desert energies who conjure up magic and mystery in the desert land of fire and sun. Where then, they find a watery source, they will surely drain it upon the sand and breathe into it the mana of their environment source. In this manner, they are brought to life and can bring certain parts of ourselves to this light as well.


In Islam religious culture, this is a separate name for the devil, as we know him. He began his creation as an angel, similar to Lucifer, however his pride and ignorance caused him to be cast down from the heavens. He claimed that he is nobler than humans, because they are said to be made of clay and he of fire. His main goal is to tempt people away from God to prove this theory. He will not be judged until the final days, when the truth is realized.

His first major accomplishment in the acts of betrayal, were to lure Eve and Adam into eating from God’s favored tree, that of the immortals.They did so and were also forever punished in a cycle of abuse by Iblis and until they can break the formation, there will always be a battle of good versus evil.

There is some confusion as to his angel status because it is noted that those are made of light and the demons of fire, which are two different elements in these realms. Star lights and fires seem to separate as living energies which magnetite towards a major difference in perceptions of reality.


Ifrit is a creature of smoke that has wings. It is enormous in stature and magnificent in nature. Mostly Ifrit is known within Arabic and Islamic mythologies. The ifrit commonly lives undergrounds and beneath ancient ruins, mirroring the beautiful architectural life sprang forth from these important areas of magic and history.

The ifrit is similar in nature to humankind that there is some that will marry each other. An Ifrit has a heart and so can be either good or evil, depending on the circumstance and environment and general disposition. This can be compared to the species of man that act in a similar manner. From this energy springs forth powerful motion for change.

The Ifrit is known to be an advisor to political and societal leaders that transmute progressive social and cultural movement. This can be by the influence of clans of beings, tribes and kings or other notable sources of power in the area. They can be overcome and captured as well, to be used by someone of a more cunning demeanor for magical purposes.


In ancient Persian time this Jaini is known as a wicked female spirit who would cause chaos and disaster wherever she goes. This is an earlier formation of the genie spirit and perhaps a very important indication of the true nature of good and evil, instilled into women and those who follow their hearts.

Jaini are among the first beings amongst the pre-Zoroastrian peoples of Persia. They have a long history and so there is much mystery surrounding them, which in turn brings them more power. They are the living metaphor for the extreme view that women are either saints or sinners and there is no in-between, because of the obsession with morality and a male dominated God.

Jaini exists to fulfill a purpose of divine manner and retrospection towards the human race of surrenders. They literally hide their motives in plain sight and can never really be clearly understood. This is because of all the possibility and luck that surrounds them from their birth and first appearance in the Earthly realms. The Jaini are rare and also a symbol for honor and respect.


In Arabian mythology, a jinni is a supernatural creature which is thought to bring good fortune to some and misfortune to others. The jinni was popularized from the widespread classic title, “Aladdin’s Lamp” and also “One Thousand Nights” and has been well known since. This paranormal being is thought to be a creature that can grant wishes and manifest desires and goals. They are inspired tales from various cultures such as Egypt, Indian, Jewish, Persian and Mesopotamian literatures, which still circulate with great interest today.

Jinn are said to be composed of the elements of air and fire, forming into a hellish combination that can cause terror and death onto its victims. According to the Quran specifically, they are considered to be born of this. Because of their unphysical form, they can dwell in trees, stones and other objects of the like or as an animal. It is thought that the jinn can be controlled by a person and this ability would bring about great fortune to the one who possessed this spirit.

Jinn are compared to the Christian and western ideals of demons. They also were angels or like them in many stories and references, much like Lucifer. This makes them belong to an order of seraphim, which also their king would belong and be above in a mystical prophecy yet to be fulfilled. These beings are also known similarly as warmth makers.


In Armenian & Persian mythology, Peri are unique, winged fairy-like spirits, ranking in cosmic order between angels and evil spirits. They sometimes visit the realm of mortals to bring divine messages and prove their worth and morality. In the oriental tale Vathek, by William Thomas Beckford, written in French in 1782, the Peri is said to guard a lotus flower of immortality.

Jinn are mostly called Dev by the Persians and the most powerful ones are referred to as Narahs. The good Jinn are the Piri (or Peri in Turkish). There are lower classes of Jinn, one of which is called Gul or Ghul (from which the English word Ghoul is derived). These are regarded as a kind of female Sheytan or evil Jinni (the male is called Qutrub).

Peri is known to have evil and good intentions that can be compared to Lucifer, in Christian theology. The Peri are also known as fallen angels and then a type of demon and then back again to someone who can renew their own spirits in purity. This is most likely due to the significance of differences between fire and light. One is dangerous and unrelenting, while the other is overpowering and controlled. Together they are a robotic yet natural living creature.


Shaytan is known in many different names, especially in Islam as the devil. It also refers to all evil forces under leadership of the arch devil, who is known as Iblîs, whom was cast out of heaven. Shytan is made to incite humans and jinn to commit evil through deceptions, which is referred to as "whispering into the hearts."

Shytan is one who will not humble himself to humans, thinking that they are nothing compared to his ways. There is no escape for Shytan from the flame of his own fire, which he constantly burns himself with, in his process to disillusion mankind. If it were so that he could prevent his own destruction, he would have been able to, seeing that his purpose was that first of an angel, who could carry the weight of their monsters inside before releasing them.

Shytan is a mischievous and vengeful spirit who is sure to cause suffering for many years to those unfortunate enough to pass him. He is unable to contain his own powers long enough to recover from the tragedy and heal. Instead, he incites wounds that never seem to go. He must be kept away at all costs, wishing him away and cast him out of there; the places where he does exist are in very dark abysses.


Sila is a female jinni. She is most commonly associated with a human woman. Artful depictions of her show us a beautiful figure with enchanting eyes, wearing a soft face covering and also being of a charming nature. She is known to be cunning and mystifying. Those around her would swear that she was a demon enchantress because she dances in a melody of perfection and grace. A sudden movement and she takes control of any situation with her charm and eloquence. She is intelligent, magical and empowering. She is rarely seen, adding to her special fire shining through her eyes in an entrapping spell, which encumbers even the innocent.

The power of a woman is strong and rewarding. She has a unique ability to transverse time with her entertaining movements and flawless perfection. She stands for justice, vengeance and betrayal. Loyalty to this genie and honor are a must if you wish to survive her talons of ancient greatness.


In the Islamic holy book, The Quaran, there are many mentions of the jinn. The jinn are real in this religious order and although they are lowly beings, their purpose is divine and cosmic. The Quran was verbally revealed by God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel and within a series of 23 years, the stories were completed and the messages revealed. In their demonology reports, it is believed that the jinn are of a living spirit, known as less than angels, who would also appear in animal or human form and influence humans.

Below, I am going to share with you some of the words of the testaments of Muhammad from the angel Gabriel about the jinn. All spiritual matters manifest themselves in one form or another, through purpose or without, because they exist in the smoke and the fire of inspiration, fantasy and a reality, that is realized from the spark of creation and destruction. Everything is an idea come forth from the Earth, like waves of the ocean, naturally following order instilled by the Gods of the universe, the planets, the stars and our hearts desires. They read as follows;



"And they have claimed between Him and the jinn a lineage, but the jinn have already known that they [who made such claims] will be brought to [punishment].



A powerful one from among the jinn said, "I will bring it to you before you rise from your place, and indeed, I am for this [task] strong and trustworthy."



I created jinn and mankind only to worship me.



On that Day neither mankind nor jinn will be asked about their sins.



And that we thought that men and jinn did not utter a lie against Allah.



And He created the jinn of a flame of fire.



And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire.



And yet, some people have come to associate the jinn with Allah in His divinity.



And gathered for Solomon were his soldiers of the jinn and men and birds, and they were [marching] in rows.



They bowed down except Iblis. He was one of the Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord.



Protector - not with them. Nay, but they worshipped the Jinns: most of them believed in them."

From these verses, we can see that the jinn are considered a very real and magnificent being, created to worship God himself in all his glory and power. They are described as a living matter, which moves through our families and cities, to this very day. They wreak havoc and mayhem onto society and cultures in general, for a purpose of spiritual evolution.


In ancient Hindu folklore, a Vetala is a vampire spirit. They are known to be able to possess corpses and prevent them from decaying. They appear as the dead body brought to life. They are psychic and can tap into the past and future of a person’s path and uncover many secrets and tales to astonish them and take control over their mind.

These specific beings are thought to be very rare and also clever. Because they have been manipulating flesh and bones to their advantage since ancient times, they are quite good at entering and exiting the vessel at will. Their purpose seems to revolve around animating themselves in such a way to interact with the physical world.

Most popular texts are written in India in Sanskrit and convey a variety of feelings and theories to this shape shifting being. One such thought is that they are so intelligent that they can even reach out telepathically from a distant place and drain the person on the receiving end of their aura and purpose, to have the power for themselves.

Fire & Light

The fire and light surrounds us, envelopes us and takes us in with hands of warmth from a cold heart. The life breathe exists for those who are enlightened, deserted and masked with an unusual ability to see within the darkness, even if it’s into the face of the devil himself, who hides from the being he was in shame. A phenomenal growth of perspective measurements belongs here, which can only be understood by the rulers of time.

A flame glowing in a cold night and burning into sight occurs in a moment. The space between us returns. Forever will we see these lights and know them as the ones who held us when we were falling down captive into a lost kingdom that never existed, which we sold ourselves to in an invisible prison built by our own hands, in the first place. It is a catastrophe of monumental proportions which binds us to the dirt and darkness.

The death of our souls carry on like birds into a canyon, seeking a retrieve from the span of too much knowledge, weighing and bearing down upon us like an anvil of epic redundancy and resistivity. The challenge of our next existence is what truly lies ahead. Accept it like it is the wind beneath your soul's wings and the sun nurturing us. Let what shines, be ours.

Feel the angels soaring even higher once they have the strength to leave the pits of hell. Stars are always popping out in surprise, responding to wishes and gravity of super space and beyond. Our minds testing out the limits of physics by standing between the lines of a book and expanding into a conscious library, built with words as the brick. Then, we will slowly morph like stones set in the land into immortal imprints of majesty and bury ourselves within the tragic ability to know. A shift of ages holds us and releases us in its cycle and then we return to another beginning.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Researcher and Author
aka Wish Fire
Paranormal Hotline 916 203 7503
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Fire & Light by Deanna Jaxine Stinson
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