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 Phosphorescent Kingdom

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Phosphorescent Kingdom
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Journalist
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

“Embers in the Snow”

I saw a ghost bound
With flowers and ribbons
Upon her lace gown
She held a flame
That made no sound
It was hungry and it began
To eat her heart alive
Her hands trembled
She spoke with sorrow
About her troubles
Although I can hear no words
They were for tomorrow
The seasons melted
From a candle session
Leaving welted marks burning
Like embers in the snow
Giving off a sparkling glow
Until our world was gone
Speeding off into the fog
It was then I understood

Phosphorescent Kingdom

Jewels fall from my hand and they tremble beneath the weight of the moon. They sparkle as the light hits them gracefully and a magical sense ignites something spiritual inside of me. I want to become what this artifact of the Earth does. I want to be beauty, movement and life melting into a sparkling watery stream of existence. Its essence causing meadows and hills to move loyally with a breathe from the sun. I want to see my soul become like glitter.

Phosphorescence is the emission of radiation in a similar manner to fluorescence but, on a longer timescale, so that emission continues soon after excitation ceases, as defined by the online dictionary. If we can transfer this logic to our airy self, than we can see how we are immortal already, as the world is. We have already died at the moment in which we never existed. The kingdom we can all imagine in the next plane prepares for our birth with an unnatural condition.The sun sorts through us all, feeding like a vampire upon the elements of order. The king of destruction and honor presides over us all. The Queen, the moon, she sits upon her throne of stone gazing down at the water.

The fire comes upon us from above and below, like the minds of ancient satisfaction. Insight and power arise from the ground and we dance in a ball of magnificent elegance and fascination. I belong to you, dear reader and you are mine, as we travel into the Phosphorescent Kingdom, together as one. Take my hand and let us go now into this place, from a dark forest, where no light belongs.

Below, I am going to share with you the next level of our state of awareness. We are going to explore ancient lands and people who defined the next generation of our consciousness. We will seal the stories and religions of their ways in books and bring the future. They passed us the torch and we celebrated around it in victory, not realizing what this was. We became inspired and so then, we did evolve too…


Elysium is a name that evolved from a place or person struck by lightning, known as enelysion or enelysios in Greek culture. It is a section of the Underworld which is known as the Elysian Fields. This spot is reserved as a final resting place of the most heroic and virtuous people. In Elysium are fields of lilies and poplar trees. A stream surrounds the portal to Hades and flows into the core of it.

Elysium can be imagined in many different ways. One such is that it is like a paradise with freely flowing streams and a soft breeze locked into a warm and sunny spring day. Still, other philosophers theorize that it is an entrance to Hell itself, where people do suffer, away from the enlightenment of the Gods. Those who could show them more are no longer here. They wait for eternal damnation and punishment.

This city is a new-age phenomenon which is described as a realm for ascension and descension, into a new reality of being. Hyper cyber prosperities and sensitive information is retrieved here and translated for those residing in other levels of existence. The true meaning lay lost and destroyed. Uncovered, yet unbroken, an unwanted realization surrounds us, in which everything is science and the old understandings are illogically remembered, threaded through the loops of time into a mysterious and powerless future.

Let us not become lost in a world of words and logic. For how much chaos that was ever contained was allowed to burn for so long? It is meant to take a temporary hold on those who would become warriors over this promise, to seek to empower each other with wisdom and understanding. We learn the stories and beliefs of the past, so that we can connect to each other and bond through space time and feel ultimate love, which will radiate, long after it existed into another dimension.


In Greek culture, Helios is revered as a solar God. His counterpart in Roman mythology is Sol. He is brother to Eos, the dawn goddess and Selene, the moon goddess. Every day, he travels from his golden castle, east to west, on a four winged horse drawn chariot, to help bring light across the sky. To return back to his starting position, he goes across the stream of oceans, in a large cup, to reach his home. This is a magical river, which encircles flat Earth.

Helios has a sun called Phaethon, to whom he bestows his golden chariot too. The man tries his best to control the horses with his power, but, it is not enough. The horses are much too mighty to be controlled and things quickly spin out of control. To his utter devastation, he cannot help his son and calls upon the King of the Gods and sky, Zeus, to fix it all. With his powerful lightning bolt, he had to strike the person dead to regain the reigns and give them back to Helios. It was an utter disaster.

He is known also as a God of oaths because souls frequently stand about outside in his presence and make promises to one another. He is there to witness and understands the many feelings of mortals. He blesses those who hold true to their words and can remember easily, one who broke their oaths. He is a God who can habitat the Earth plane in a natural form.

In ancient Rome, upon its founding, a spiritual leader by the name of Titus Tatius had introduced this spirit into the world. As Sol, he was considered a sun god and was worshiped by many cults. There were temples built and sacrifices also made to him as well. He has ancient incarnations from the old worlds. Many other versions of his light have been made in other places and times. This sets him into an eternal rotation of glowing phosphorescence and immortality.


In Chinese mythologies, Hong is a two headed dragon that is comparable to rainbow serpents in other cultures of ancient history. In many other religions and belief systems, the rainbow is a symbol of good things to come but, for them, it signals an oncoming disaster. A storm then, in this sense can cause extreme devastation and tragedy, causing a harboring fear in the people.

Dragon represents the female energy in this system. A curved bow of a woman’s belly, foretells of a pregnancy of low honor and luck.Because of their prominence in the sky, it is believed to be unlucky to use your finger to point at it. It can forewarn of a bad marriage and love life ahead. The arch mimics many physical qualities of a dragon, as well.

The energy of the rainbows here represents a sort of yin and yang because of primary and secondary types. Ying and yang is a system of opposite forces born from an ancient chaos, which gives us rise into a raised vein of existence and duality. This can be known as good versus evil, fire and ice, light and dark, or any other contradictory states of existence. It is said to be the oldest thought of evidence of spiritual matters in this spirituality and many other across the world.

Yin is the black side with the white dot within and yang is the white side with the white dot without. It says to us that which is together creates a larger whole. What was once emptiness and space comes together and forms something greater than was possible apart. This conceptualization has been used approximately since the 3rd century BCE by cosmologist Zou Yan (or Tsou Yen) who believed that life went through five phases- fire, water, metal, wood, earth - which continuously interchanged. The power is invisible to our eyes but, its effects are felt in life.


This legend begins in America, specifically at Point Pleasant, West Virginia to be exact. The year is 1966 and there are also many other strange mysteries around this time, such as many mass U.F.O. occurrences. Witnesses are reporting events in the West Virginia area. In this case, there are several of them, who claim to see red glowing eyes, out of nowhere, which then proceed to follow them until they see a moth like man who scares the life out of them. There is widespread panic everywhere. Everyone looses their senses.

He is described as a faceless individual who has wings but, instead of flying, he will simply rise up in the air. Many theorists say that perhaps it is a misidentified bird but, the people in the town were very skilled hunters and outdoorsman. Some also say there is a chemical leak at a nearby preserve that could have possibly mutated this bird, such as a Sandhill crane, into something more than it was meant to be. Any possible thought is put into play here to help rationalize the fears of the public.

On December 15, 1967, a notable landmark which traversed West Virginia, into Ohio, famously called the Silver Bridge, collapsed. It made nationwide news and there were 46 fatalities noted. The townsmen speculated that the Mothman was to be the cause of the terror, as he had been rumored to be sighted there, earlier in the day. Still, others believe that this is a curse, caused by the murder of a powerful Native American energy man. Whatever the cause, his phosphorescence is still radiating about today.

People forever marked the location as his home and have become a popular spot for mystical storytelling. Crowds gather here to retell the tragedy and to warn others of his tale. There are many questions that still linger concerning the Mothman today. There have since been reports of sightings elsewhere, but because of the high sensitivity revolving around the subject, it is believed that many of them are hoaxes.

Mothman exhibited many supernatural qualities, which hinder our abilities to understand. Was his presence the result of psychic awareness, or a summoned destiny to which he was to attend? Is he a messenger from the Gods, much like an angel or is he something far more scientific than that, such as a mutant creature with a strange fascination to Earth and a thriving atmosphere to which he can adhere.

Phosphorescence of the Sea

Phosphorescence of the sea is a phenomenon which, as a result of the bioluminescence of organisms in the surface layers, makes it glow at night. There are collisions by organisms, water and more which cause it to appear as a moving creature. This event is observed worldwide. It may be seen as spots, bands or appear in large shapes, up to hundreds of square kilometers. 1.61 kilometers is approximately one mile.

These signals reach other creatures, such as fish, a way to navigate in the murky system. As they gather near these intersections, they direct themselves onto their next journey. They use it much as we would navigate by starlight, although it is likely to change more often than the upper galaxy would. It charges the electric harbor into a spectacular radiance.

The temperatures create impossible things which continue to captivate us today. How are we amazed by this wonder and not believe in the power of direction? Well, all around is surety and clarity that we are headed somewhere as there is nothing that cannot grab our attention or curiosity. We instinctively know this then, much like the fish in the water.

Our eyes lead us in a maze of perplexities and understanding. Grab onto these moments and recognize the destination of our souls. We are here for a short period, much like dancers, moving only as the music plays and being guided into the next movement by another sense. We will feel everything, because this is our purpose as tears of the Earth. We will dissolve but bring enlightenment.


Saturn is the sixth planet closest to the sun. It is the second largest one, with Jupiter being the first. It is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. It is pale yellow due to ammonia crystals in its atmosphere. It is known to have 62 moons orbiting it.
Titan is notably the largest moon and the second in the universe. It is more gigantic even then the planet Mercury. Because of this grand existence, it has garnered the name after a prominent God.
Saturn is named after the God of Roman agriculture, renewal and wealth.

His role was very important in the everyday lives of the Romans. Even the day Saturday is named after him. He is the God of great timing and dissolution. He is associated with time and so also, the Greek god Cronus, the father of Zeus, King of the Gods. He is artistically depicted as a man like being with wings.

Perhaps in the past, present and future this planet exists as a glowing revelation marking mankind and immortals alike. In astrology, Saturn marks our limitations, responsibilities and fears. Astrology can also effect cities and projects, as they breathe a life all of their own. The mythologies of these celestial objects are forever saved in our souls and will carry on through the universe to bring us together through mutual understanding, which in turn creates love.

Saturn is a movement of desirable proportions. Approximately every thirty years, a storm moves across its plane as a white cloud, mimicking the timing of our northern hemisphere summer solstice itself. The winds are the second strongest, in league with Neptune. It creates powerful displays of this, which seems to continue into a cycle of reliable rotation, proving that the elements of this matter belong in some form eternally in space.

Phosphorescent Kingdom

So, like knights, we continue on with honor and determination as we travel the path, searching for the Phosphorescent Kingdom, where we could continue to be. Where were the gates and the road to which we would find it? The great ones…would they let us in, sooner or later? They would all surely leave us in pleasure to enter themselves. There are no goodbyes sometimes before the end comes. Once we looked back, then would we realize?

We drift there, slowly in our vessels. We are wrapped in a cocoon of time which will unfold just as we are to burst from the pressure. We can no longer find comfort in a world which forgets us after she has prepared us to death. She holds us lovingly in her arms and then releases us, as large bones into her mouth, as she devours us, eating herself alive.

She will wait for someone to come to her, this princess of snow.
Transparent, freezing and unrelenting, she reasons with us all. She tempts us to stay, as we beckon to the sky for something more. Are we melting into her or will she seek her royal prince in another universe?

As he comes for her, will he overtake her and slowly move peacefully into her heart to create another planet to populate with their energy, or will he go? He is the starlight magic we all search for and we will bring our Earth with us into another dream… Let our blood flow into the sea and sink to the bottom. Let us rise up as fireflies into the night. Lanterns blazing in sight, as the world catch eyes on us, for we will return one day, with the message of truth.

The people will look with intention and be fed the mana of this creature, breeding as one species within the walls of a castle, which bounds and binds us, by angels with sharp swords. Let luck be on our side as we are cast into space as nothing, that we will become something and not just fade away. Place down your weapons and give them back to the Queen and King, as they lay their last touch upon our heads and whisper their names to us…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Researcher and Author
aka Wish Fire
Paranormal Hotline 916 203 7503
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Phosphorescent Kingdom
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