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 A Haunting in Olivehurst

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Olivehurst   Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:24 am

A Haunting in Olivehurst
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Two reports came in from the paranormal hotline. Reports of 4 apparitions seen near Olive Avenue in Olivehurst. The first report: 6/12/2017: "Hi, my name is Carol and I saw a ghost girl in the middle of the street at Olive Avenue in Olivehurst, Ca. It was about 1am and the girl ghost ran towards my car and went through my car. At first I thought it was a real person and I was scared to death, then I realized it had to be a ghost, because it went through my car and then I got even more scared. Have you had any reports of ghosts in Olivehurst?"

2nd report: 5/14/2015: My name is Dwight Lee and I live in Marysville. It was about 2 a.m. and my buddy and I were driving around McGowan Parkway in Olivehurst and out in the field, we could see 4 shadowy figures. We slowed down the car to watch, because we thought it was very unusual for people to be walking in the field early in the morning like that. As we watched the figures just vanished. So freaking weird.

Placing these reports together, I now have a connection to Olivehurst. That connection is that my mother-in-law now lives in Olivehurst. I am on the lookout for any strange anomalies alongside the roadways of Olivehurst. For right now, I have not seen anything and talking with my mother-in-law, she has not experienced any ghostly activity so far.

With a little research, I discovered that on May 1, 1992, 3 students and 1 teacher were shot dead by Eric Houston. Eric burst into Lindhurst High School and started shooting with a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Not only did he kill 4 people, but he also wounded many. There is a dedication to the 4 people that died, there is a Memorial Park on McGowan Parkway in honor of the deceased. It appears that Eric Houston was a disgruntled student that had failing grades and was not graduating from high school. When asked why he did what he did, he said he was not in his right mind. This is a tragedy that the residents of Olivehurst will never forget.

Olivehurst is right next to Marysville. Marysville is known for its haunted activity. Some of the ghosts from Marysville may be bleeding over into Olivehurst. Here are some of the haunted places in Marysville, seen below:

Mary Aaron Museum - Marysville
Caretaker Frank Aaron died at this museum and his apparition is at times seen in one of the back rooms. Frank may have caused a portal to open up at the museum, because other apparitions have been seen in the museum. Voice and footsteps are also heard in the museum. The defunct (M.S.S.) Marysville Spectral Seekers made claim that they saw 3 full body apparitions at this museum.

Silver Dollar Saloon - Marysville
I have investigated this Saloon with radio personality Lori Schulz. We obtained a few EVPs from this Saloon. Legend has it that serial killer Juan Corona once owned this saloon and that there may be a few dead bodies buried at this saloon. Of course, this is only legend. What we do know is that Juan Corona murdered 25 migrant workers. Now there has been speculation that Juan Corona may have not murdered any migrant workers and that his brother may have did the murders. The Silver Dollar Saloon was also once a brothel and some of the ghostly ladies of the night are seen sporting their 19th century floozy garb.

Marysville Cemetery - Marysville
Very haunted cemetery. Full bodied figures are seen roaming the cemetery and glowing lights have been observed. Ghost hunting groups have captured EVPs at this cemetery and yes, I investigated this cemetery. In fact a home near the cemetery is where I saw my first full body apparition of a woman walking from one loft to another loft. She was wearing her night gown. Come to find out the woman that I saw was the woman that once lived in that house and one night she was drunk and fell asleep in the bathtub. She slipped into the water and drowned. At the same house, I captured a large red orb on my camera and the red orb moved from one side of the loft and down the steps, right into my camera.

Hotel Marysville - Marysville
For some information about this hotel, stop by this link:


Yes, I investigated this hotel and there are many reports of people seeing ghostly apparitions peering out of the windows. The ghostly figures seem to be watching the pedestrians on the sidewalk. When taking photos of this hotel, many designer orbs will appear in the photographs. Some ghosthunters say that when the designer orbs are enhanced on a computer, you can distinctly make out faces in the orbs. While standing outside of the lobby, I felt two hands on my shoulders and when I looked behind me, there was no one there. On the 3rd floor in one of the windows, people have seen a little blonde girl looking out the window and they have heard her laughing hysterically. One woman named Fran says she calls the little girl "Giggles", because she has only heard the girl giggling and seen her blonde pig tail hair, but no face looking out the window.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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A Haunting in Olivehurst
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