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 Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger

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PostSubject: Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger   Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:50 pm

Name: Real Nightmares: Alien Strangers and Foreign Worlds; Ghastly and Grisly Spooks; Secret Schemes and Conspiring Cabals; Freaks, Fiends, and Evil Spirits
Author: Brad Steiger
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Price: $2.99 Each
Contact Email:
Overviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, Paranormal Investigator – Halo Paranormal Investigations-
Comments: Paranormal Researcher and Master Storyteller Brad Steiger does it again. This time with 4 e-books! Brad gathers his favorite and scariest stories of the unexplained and unimaginable!
Let’s do a run down.
Real Nightmares – Alien Strangers and Foreign Worlds: You get the scoop on the Great Shaver Mystery. You will learn about Deros (Detrimental Robots) and Shaver’s mysterious rock paintings. As you dig deeper, you will learn about the Grays invading Earth in 1954 and their secret pact with world governments to abduct humans. Somewhere along those abductions, the Grays were abducting more humans than they were supposed to, which causes a rift between the Grays and the government. It has been reported that at one time Delta Force was annihilated by the Grays at an underground base in Dulse. Some researchers say that there are 6 varieties of Grays. If you love stories about UFOs, it’s all here and you will be pleased reading about an abduction conducted by extraterrestrial robots!
Real Nightmares – Ghostly and Grisly Spooks: Step into the world of the Tokoloshe, a South African spirit parasite. Touch base with the Navajo as you will learn that skinwalkers are werewolves. You may have heard stories about Wendigos, but did you hear what happened in Canada on a Greyhound bus? A case of a Wendigo that is blood crazed on a city bus. Unimaginable horror!!
Real Nightmares – Secret Schemes and Conspiring Cabals: Learn about The Assessment. Learn about the UFO massive cover-up and what we need to know!
Real Nightmares – Freaks, Fiends, and Evil Spirits: Get goosebumps while reading about Richard Trenton Chase aka the Vampire of Sacramento. Learn how this serial killer tortured animals and then progressed in killing and even eating humans! More goosebumps as you learn about Jack the Ripper. Do you think you know everything about Jack the Ripper? Maybe not, check this story out! With this segment, you get werewolves, Voodoo Queen, Tiger People. Tiger People was one of my favorites, about the Khonds – an ancient people who inhabit Eastern Bengal and how an Englishman actually saw a Khond transform into a were-tiger! These 4 e-books are books to read with the lights on! Brad Steiger is a wealth of paranormal and scientific knowledge and he lays down some of the most terrifying stories that will chill you to the bone! Halloween is just around the corner, I suggest you get all 4 e-books! Get ready for the horror!
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Real Nightmares by Brad Steiger
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