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 Blood & Stone

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Blood & Stone
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Archaeologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
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Blood & Stone

He is the castle
That is built around me
A strong fortress
Against the sea
I am the blood
And he is the stone
The river that runs
Through my home
We are love
Him and I
Entwined into
This royal tomb
Two lovers lying
In the sky
Far between the
Sun and moon

Blood & Stone

My wings start unfolding into Heaven as I fall onto the ground in a prayer. The places that I know will not be forgotten yet, they will never be remembered. The memories that I hold so dear wrap around my brain like ivy on a tree, slowly suffocating it as the years go by. What pain is this which could numb me in such a shattered reflection of myself, which tears us both apart? Why must we surrender to the feeling that traces tears onto our hearts?

My true love, he is a castle. He is a royal tomb which holds my bones. It doesn’t matter if the structure collapses, fades or burns away. He will forever mark me. He told me five times in the essence of seasons passing, that I should go away from him eventually, so he could find his silence. With the right timing, the truth did grow.

In death there is not an absence of sound, as images become clearer in my head from the vibrations of the minutes. My time will be soon. The moments are short yet shortest for many still. A year is faster than a second when I think about the past. It goes by much faster than the past or future. Before I know it the cycle will have ended and all that’s left is what I could think to tell you. This is how important you are to me, dear.

I want to tell you about the legends of blood & stone which transport us into other realms. The magick of the unknown and mysterious lands of which we do not know will haunt over us because the future is heavy and slow in context to the moment we open up and learn our paths. This is the one thing that we all have; blood magick.

Blood Ritual

A blood ritual is one in which a release of blood is used with intention to bring about a pact, or purpose. In these instances, blood symbolizes a rebirth and resurrection. Blood magic can be used in two ways. One is by the blood of the living and the other is by sacrifice. Many ancient rituals from past civilizations used the latter as a means of extreme worship and is considered to be an evil decision by most of us, in today’s world.

One with any knowledge of the occult can translate these magical workings into a number of different ways. Use with a candle, incantations, various magical offerings or any other spell form is always intensified by the use of blood, which can have a very magnificent effect on any working. It is an energy signature of the artist.

Please be aware that exchanging blood with another person or being can cause very dangerous pathogens and poisons to transfer from body to body. It doesn’t take much to deliver life threatening toxins to one another. Please be creative and try not to use this method as some people are unsuspecting of what they do carry.


The mineral aggregate heliotrope is also known as the bloodstone. It is a variety of chalcedony and jasper, a dark green color, sometimes including red marks of hematite as well. This is the image that has sparked the stone’s name and magical powers.

In ancient texts, it is said to bring about good health and Pliny the Elder himself recounted that it can bring about invisibility to the user. It has wondrous capabilities in the magical realms.
Another property of the stone is that it is said to have the unique ability to turn the sun red, or cause an eclipse. It is known to also be able to control certain water elemental storms, such as rain and lightning.It was also used as an ancient amulet to stop bleeding in people. A Christian’s tale is that Christ’s blood fell upon a stone at his feet, turning it into this. In turn, many artisans craft biblical scenes using bloodstone, or martyr’s stone, as they call it.

If the red spots in the stone are yellow, it is then known as plasma. It was commonly placed in Egyptian tombs to protect the dead person from unknown evils and bad luck. Greek soldiers were known to wear it in battle, believing that it would bring good luck to them. Nowadays, it is used by crystal healers to reduce stress, bring mental clarity and inspire self-confidence.


Gravestones became a popular way to identify a person’s grave. In earlier times, the person’s body would simply be covered with dirt. Over time, family and friends made dedications with stones, pieces of wood, iron and marble to honor them. They soon evolved into what we now see today, which is commonly the person’s name, including the year they were born and died, sometimes with an icon of something spiritual engraved and maybe a few short words.

Burials evolved from being around a person’s home, to the church to public cemeteries, which became popular sometime in the 19th century. The business of headstones started booming and it has become like a necessity. However, as times change so too then will peoples tastes and demands. The wealthier always tend to have a more eloquent grave than the poor.

The binding properties of the stone are recognized even as far as ancient Celtic weddings, where couples would tell their oaths to a stone and then throw it out, in order to have a good marriage. This is still practiced to this day in some weddings. There is much power imbedded within the Earth and as humans we still recognize it, even in our evolved states.


We will pray hard on the day that our soul feels unrest. Yet, while we are summoning angels, the demons are feeling tempted. How you do bind them with improper words? A tower of Babel, a destruction of Earths, I dream of another birth. For all that must be ordered is unrestrained, while those who hold positions of power feel only for theirselves and what they understand.

I know you. The blood that we have flows through our veins, our spark, and our essence. Yet we bond to each other in a higher demand. Like lust or gratitude, we honor the Gods with their forces. The highest of them which can see us, they are also unchanged. Stay in the order, they say now, as they go to and fro.
Our blood and words will open the portals to a higher realm of existence.

It is a juxtaposition of elements that transfixes our hands into branches reaching out. Do not be afraid as we have been led this far without questioning our capabilities of self-modified genetics through behavior practices such as prayer. We will wish onto the blood of our bones, until the day we die, for a resurrection of the truth. May we stay buried until we are fed the mana of immortality.

The Last Supper

A common Christian blood ritual is the drinking of Christ’s blood through a glass of juice and a cracker to represent his body. But, this activity is meant to mock a real occurrence from this mythology. According to the Gospel accounts of the bible, The Last Supper is the final meal that Jesus shared with his apostles in Jerusalem before the crucifixion.

Jesus is said to take a piece of bread, breaking it into several pieces and passing it around while saying, “This is my body, which is given for you.” He then takes up a bottle of wine, of which he pours and says, “This is my blood of the everlasting covenant, which is poured for many…” To finish the ritual, he then attests that they should dedicate the moment for him always, as he says, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

This holy rite is considered today as the “Eucharist.” It is meant to remind the followers of the day and the death on the cross. It is a form of gratitude and respect to the holy being that dwells within him. It has many variations, spread throughout several denominations of churches and other religious facilities. Its meaning is also fiercely debated between different aspects of Christ’s people.

Morning Star Ritual

The Morning Star Ritual is a custom practice used by the Pawnee peoples. This includes the Skidi band. Their first accounted living habitat was recognized in Loup River in Nebraska. They were also commonly found at the Platte River, or the Pahnimaha River. The last known occurrence of this act was recorded in 1838. The last known sacrifice was of Haxti, a 14-year-old Oglala Lakota girl on April 22, 1838.

The Morning Star Ritual is the sacrifice of a young girl. The reason is because in their folklore, the male Morningstar and the female evening star mated to create the first human being egg, which was of a young girl. A symbolic ceremony was performed in springtime because that is when Mars was the Morningstar. The real one would not be performed until a person of respect within the community had the dream in which it was time to kidnap a girl from an opposing tribe to use. He would then be handed a specific warriors costume to fulfill this mission.

Once captured, the girl would be ritually cleansed with songs, sacred skins and treated with great honor, almost as if the Gods themselves would reside inside of her. Her clothing would be removed and she would be attacked by the man who had captured her. He would pierce her by bow through the heart while another would hit her over the head with a club. The chest would then be cut open while someone would catch the blood onto pieces of dried meat. Finally, the rest of the men would shoot arrows into her and circle her four times before leaving. This was to symbolizing shooting their life force into her.

At the end of the ceremony, they would lay her body in a field, facing down, so that her blood should run smoothly into the Earth. This represented to them the Garden of the Evening Star, which is all plant and animal life. In this way, her blood would fertilize the Earth and she would ensure that the spirit of the Evening star be released back into the world, time and time again.

Sun Dancer

In the Plains cultures of Native Americans we find a dance that was used as a form on invocation to the sun. These individuals gather together as one to empower each other and bring about change through the use of spiritual sacrifice and release of blood through piercing torturous methods. The typical sun dance was made around a fire, drums playing and great substance was created with energy by many people.

This tradition has been recognized since as early as Aztec and Mayan history. It was commonly thought that the sun resurrected itself each day and blood is the symbol for this philosophy. Most of these practices can only be learned about from pictures and information on ancient artifacts. The level of understanding and societal expectations has changed throughout the years and so many things can be misinterpreted.

An influence of other religions and cultures caused the native peoples to keep their present day workings only available to the pure of heart. No money and photography is allowed in the true worship of the sun today as they believe the spirits will not show around these devices. Also you must be of the heritage to honorably participate. It is thought that this ritual would show the Gods gratitude for life and cause a healing and enlightenment to occur in the community.

Blood & Stone

So we dream and we hope. We drown in the smoke. We’ve loved and we’ve lost. We will recognize the duality of life and pay that price. We will exist again, not as strangers, but as one movement of love. For all that was, is everlasting and all that will be, has already happened. This is a lasting moment made of pure energy. Please take the time to close your eyes. Do as much as you can before you die.

The words that are written into the stone, let them manifest. Let the thoughts of fear drift away and let the light in of what draws near. Live with laughter and you will not die here. Follow the path that the words are written on and you will find yourself. Do not be sure of anything else except for love and even then you may be mistaken. Do not lose yourself in the endings.

So, the time draws near for me to leave you now. I hope that in your journey you continue to grow and learn from every mistake until you become the superhero I always knew you were. I believe in you. Let the day be set forward in motion, where blood & stone become one and we are fragments of a dream just waiting to breakthrough.

Until next time…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Researcher and Author
aka Wish Fire
Paranormal Hotline 916 203 7503
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Blood & Stone
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