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 The Phoenix: UFO Connection

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PostSubject: The Phoenix: UFO Connection   Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:51 pm

The Phoenix: UFO Connection
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

In Greek mythology, and also in the Talmud, a Phoenix is a mystical bird with a continuous life that can be regenerated over and over again.

The Phoenix is associated with the sun. The Phoenix gains a new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. When the Phoenix is ready to die, it will go up in flames. After the Phoenix is consumed by flames, it is said by some legends that the only thing remaining are ashes and from the ashes a larvae, or worm type of creature is generated. From that larvae or worm, the Phoenix is then reborn to its former glory. In some legends it is said that a Phoenix can live up to 1,400 years.

Now you are probably wondering why I am talking about the Phoenix.

I received an unusual paranormal hotline call that I thought was very odd, but before I get into that, I want to mention a very unusual alien abduction case. The Betty Andreasson Affair. Betty was abducted by aliens. The case is very famous and you can read more about it, by simply Googling Betty Andreasson. Betty felt peace and harmony with her alien abductors. She went with the aliens to their small flying saucer and from there, was transported to a mother ship. When she stepped aboard, they conducted their medical experiments, probing, etc. Betty also was subjected to a minor surgery that caused her great pain and later lead her to what she felt was a religious experience.

The aliens at all times communicated with her telepathically and they did not object to her religious beliefs and went along with Betty's talk about Jesus second coming. They showed her an image of a Phoenix rising from its own ashes. This was to symbolize humanityís ability to rise from the ashes of its own destruction which was to happen soon. I am not sure what destruction the aliens were trying to relate to her. Betty also encountered a supreme type of being, called The One. Betty acquired all of this information while under hypnosis and it is odd that the aliens would show her a Phoenix. This all happened on January 25, 1967. What makes this story kind of hokey is that no major destruction has happened to mankind, which makes this story non-credible. I believe something happened to Betty, but I am not sure what. Could it be that aliens are tricksters and provide disinformation to their abductees? What strikes me about the Phoenix is this.

On August 23, 2010. Time: 1923 Hours. I received a call from Alabama. The caller only wants to be identified as Ms. Junebug. Ms. Junebug says that she had a vivid dream of seeing "gray" type of aliens surrounding her bed and looking down on her. The next thing that she flashed upon was seeing the night sky and feeling like she was floating. The next image she recalls is being inside a fortress or a castle of some sort and seeing a large fountain that is projecting out water and an odd mist. The mist seemed intoxicating to the abductee. When she looked at the water fountain, it reminded her of a tulip. She saw a huge red bird and received a telepathic message that she was looking at a Phoenix. The Phoenix did not seem to notice her, as the Phoenix was looking out of an opening of this fortress or castle. See drawing, this was drawn by Deanna Jaxine Stinson as described by the experiencer. There was no explanation as why the experiencer was taken to this strange room. The abductors did not give her any reason for being in the room. When she awakened, she was back in her bed and her nose was bleeding. The experiencer had picture moment flashbacks as described in this paragraph. The experiencer to this day, still has picture moment flashbacks and itís always of the same thing.

To see drawing of the Phoenix, go here:

It appears to me, that these alien abductees like providing confusion. I believe the reason why they provide this confusion, is to make the abductee feel like they are crazy and when they present their experience to other individuals, it will appear as if they are crazy. Betty Andreassonís abduction sounded so crazy, that many Ufologists did not take her seriously and to this day, many investigators think that her experience was an elaborate hoax. With Ufology, itís hard to single out the truth from fiction. Ms. Junebug says that on March 14, 2016 she saw huge Cumulus clouds in the sky and she was walking her dog. As she looked at the Cumulus clouds, she heard a thunderous loud noise coming from these clouds. Ms. Junebug says that the sounds were deafening. Ms. Junebug said the sound reminded her of rolling bowling balls. As she looked into the clouds, she saw a large metallic disc move slightly outside of one of the clouds and then retreat back into the clouds. The sounds and the sighting lasted for about 6 minutes. Ms. Junebug believes she may be tagged by the aliens and she is being watched.

Special Note: Ms. Junebug has never heard of Betty Andreasson and says she is not familiar with Betty's story.

All I can say is we live in a strange world in a strange universe and this is one of the many strange stories from our strange world.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
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The Phoenix: UFO Connection
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