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 Timothy Green Beckley's Weird Winged Wonders Book Review

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PostSubject: Timothy Green Beckley's Weird Winged Wonders Book Review   Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:07 pm

Title: Timothy Green Beckley's Weird Winged Wonders
The Twilight World of Cryptid Creatures
Author: Timothy Green Beckley
Contributors: Sean Casteel, Tim Swartz, Scott Corrales, Paul Eno, Brad Steiger, Hercules Invictus, Allen Greenfield, J.D. Whitcomb, Lon Strickler, Albert Rosales, Paul Dale Roberts, Nomar Slevik, Steve Ward.
You want a copy of this book? Order Hot Line: 1-732-602-3407
GlobalCommunications/Conspiracy Journal
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts
Comments: What an incredible book. Everything you want to know about flying cryptid creatures. Timothy Beckley starts it off with his trip to the British Isles to speak before the members of the House of Lords. You will learn what prompted this speech and Timothy's connection to the 8th Earl of Clarncarty. Ever wonder about those monstrous statues on old renaissance buildings? Timothy lays out some good information and adds in some legends from the British Isles. Is there a connection with dragons and UFOs? Perhaps, let Timothy open your eyes as we delve into stories of some flying cryptid beasts! Here is a sneak peek on what you will find in this incredible book: Tim R. Swartz talks about dragons in the Bible. Tim shows us that dragons are everywhere with his story on the Piasa Monster. The Piasa Monster was a monster that belonged to the Midwest Native Americans. There is information on Marion Lowe, who in 1977 was attacked by two giant birds. As we move along with this book, you get stories about Psyche, a once-mortal goddess that was depicted in having wings. The section Winged Wonders of the Olympians is by contributor Hercules Invictus. Want to get some Reports about Living Pterosaurs? Look no further, because Jonathan David Whitcomb has the answer. Allen Greenfield talks about Thunderbirds. You will love a story about a Thunderbird vs. a Killer Whale. Another exciting thing about this book is that it is loaded with pictures! I enjoyed the photos of the Thunderbirds! Then you get more on Thunderbirds by legendary author Brad Steiger. Brad lays on the facts about the Chippewa Tribe and their connection to Thunderbirds. Brad delivers one story about another and the story that occurs in April 9, 1948 will have you stopped in your tracks, as you learn about a farm family and their confrontation with a monster bird! Allen Greenfield on Mothman: Mythos, History and Sightings! You also get An Intimate Interview with Steve Ward on John Keel, the Mothman and Point Pleasant! Just in case you think you know everything about the Mothman, you don't. But, you will if you have this book in hand. Did you know there were Mothman sightings in Chicago? Sean Casteel will explain. You will enjoy the historical sightings of Mothman in Chicago. At the end of this book, you will get really creeped out as Timothy Green Beckley talks about the Jersey Devil and how the legend continues to grow for over 300 years now. You will love the Wanted posters of the Jersey Devil and yes, they are real! Can cats fly? Timothy Green Beckley has the answer. You will find chills by Brad Steiger as he talks about a humanoid in a shining uniform. This humanoid is in a cage, high in the sky, seen by a real reliable witness. Brent Raynes talks about his research on a series of Birdman sightings in Tennessee. Scott Corrales delivers with Winged Oddities: Reflections on Some Flying Humanoids. You will enjoy the 1967 story about the Watchman and the Winged Ones! Paul Eno talks about flying humanoids in Mexico and a bruha (witch)! Looking for a Summer blockbuster? Look no further, pick up Timothy Green Beckley's Weird Winged Wonders NOW, before its too late! This book is an encyclopedia of flying humanoid knowledge, stories and history! This one goes on the book shelves!
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Timothy Green Beckley's Weird Winged Wonders Book Review
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