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 A Haunting in Lincoln

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Lincoln   Tue May 08, 2018 12:40 pm

A Haunting in Lincoln
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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A Haunting in Lincoln Video Created by Deanna Jaxine Stinson:

5/5/2018: HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call: Mike Milotz; Deanna Jaxine Stinson; Paul Dale Roberts; Carol Copeland - Spyro Paranormal; Elizabeth Glaros - Spyro Paranormal; Sally Johnston; Steve Foulk - Occupant and Kathy Payne Foulk - Occupant.

The home that we investigated is an actual ranch.  The ranch is on acres of property owned by the occupants.  There is a pet pig named Sage that lives on this ranch, along with dogs, cats, chickens.  On the property are Native American Indian grinding rocks, there is a creek that runs through the property and a town called Danville once existed at the end of the property.  The property is very haunted!

May 5, 2018, Saturday: Time to be there: 7pm. Location: XXXXXXX Road, Lincoln, CA 95648. Things happen in Lincoln, here is an example: - the last time we investigated this home, EVPs were captured, an investigator was screaming in the bedroom because she was being choked. When I took a picture of her, during the choking incident, she was engulfed by a huge orb, shadow people seen, etc. The property is on Indian burial ground, so we want to also investigate the outdoors. Let's do this!

Let me give you the run down with our interviews with Kathy Payne Foulk, Steve Foulk and Sally Johnston.  


Things have been quiet for a while.  Then recently things have started back up.  With Kathy's peripheral vision, she has seen shadow figures moving about.  Strange noises have been heard around the house.  One shadow figure moved so closely to her, that she had to duck for cover.  Kathy's sunglasses flew past Kathy and came close to hitting her head.  The sunglasses landed on top of the kitchen cabinets.  The dogs sometimes stare at the wall and then start barking and growling.  There was a lock on a certain door to keep out their pet pig Sage.  The lock would mysteriously become unlocked and this happened a few times.  The lock was to keep Sage from going into a certain area of the house.  One time a huge black apparition stood in front of Kathy.  Kathy at first thought it was her husband Steve, but Steve was behind her.  The huge black apparition was blocking Kathy before it dispersed into nothingness.  There was a kitchen item that started swinging back and forth on its own.  One time when Kathy picked up the phone, she heard deep breathing, static and a demonic voice say: "I'm watching you."  Kathy relates that her other friends have seen strange things around her home.  

There are certain hotspots on her property.  

Those hotspots are:
1. On her property she has Native American Indian grinding rocks and at times people hear chanting and drum beats.  
2. At the end of the ranch, there was a town called Danville, that no longer exists.
3. Nearby creek, where a girl was murdered by miners.

Also, Kathy and Steve live in a UFO hotspot, according to Bill Birnes - Ufologist, that refers to the area as the Gold Country Triangle.  Dwayne Hines who once lived in Lincoln says that the area of Gladding Road, he and his two friends encountered a strange bipedal creature with long legs and a tiny head, that is similar to the Fresno Nightcrawler.  Dwayne encountered this creature in 1987.  Dwayne now lives in Nevada.  I will call this creature the Lincoln Nightcrawler.  Kathy says that one time her green slippers went missing for a month and somehow miraculously reappeared in her son's bed.  Pine cones have been tossed around by an unseen force.  One of Kathy's girlfriends received scratches on her back.  The scratches came from something unseen.  Kathy and Steve moved in this house in 1998.  Steve says that the house is not haunted, the property is haunted.  Kathy states another time a water bottle flew across the air from the bathroom and to the bedroom and scared her girlfriend.  ENTITY IDENTIFIED:  Lincoln Nightcrawler.

On this day 5/5/2018, Sally came across an apparition of an elderly Native American Indian, wearing a bear skin and running quickly.  Sally has also one time witnessed a cowboy entity.  Sally says that Kathy's late father protected her from the cowboy.  Kathy verified that Sally saw her deceased father.  Strange tapping sounds are heard in the bathroom and on this night, all of the investigators witnessed the tapping sounds.   Sally once witnessed the bedroom door close by itself.  ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: The Bear Skin Indian; Gladding Cowboy and Kathy's Father.

Steve talks about how his wife Kathy has seen dark silhouettes or dark outlines around the house.  Steve witnessed a can fly across the room.  Steve once experienced an entity move his tools, while he was working on the house.   There is a big ceramic rooster on the top of a cabinet and one day it was moved to the counter and no one knows how the rooster got to the counter.  Steve once felt like he was being held tightly to the bed, he couldn't move, it was a form of sleep paralysis.  As for UFOs, there home is close to Beale AFB and they do see a lot of strange activity in the air, it's mostly military.  Steve sometimes see abnormal light activity in the night sky, like a certain light that stays in one spot and blinks at regular intervals, but stays in the same location.  Steve talks about how his son Kyle once was holding a teddy bear and it flew out of his arms.

Carol Copeland - Spyro Paranormal and Elizabeth Glaros - Spyro Paranormal set up their video cameras throughout the house and the dining room became home base with monitor showing various locations of the ranch.  Carol and Elizabeth also used thermal cameras.  Equipment used by other investigators were EMF Readers, laser lights, temperature gauges, digital recorders, digital cameras, video cameras, special lights used for the interviews, sound box to enhance EVP recordings.  P-SB11 - The Portal was used and it called out Steve's name several times and also said "angel".  The Xbox Kinect Sensor was used by Mike Milotz in the creek area.  The Kinect picked up on a stick figure peeking from behind a tree.  There were many K2 hits on the deck.  

Deanna Jaxine Stinson - psychic told me to step outside and head over towards a large tree.  Deanna felt a presence there.  Captured a Class A EVP that sounds like "white baby".  Kathy reminded me of this:  "Don't forget when Carol's camera moved from the dining room to the family room. It just appeared in the family room next to the chair."

Thank you Kathy for the cheese enchiladas, tossed salad, hummus, tea, etc!  That was very kind of you!
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A Haunting in Lincoln
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