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 A Haunting in Oakdale, CA

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Oakdale, CA   Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:22 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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Date for the Investigation: July 21, 2018, Saturday / Time to be there: 1400 Hours or 2pm. Address to be at: Oakdale, CA - Contact Person: Alicia Collier/Karon McDonald. Possible activity: Alicia's brother recently died (suicide?) and they think he may be at their home. They are asking anyone on the team that has psychic abilities, if they are picking up on Alicia's brother. If a psychic on the team picks up on something, it's up to the investigators to prove that there is actually something there.

He Killed Himself Over Donald Trump:

More Investigative Videos:

Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson-Co-Owner/Psychic; Xandean Smith - Host of Paranormal Soul Brother Podcast.

Deanna woke up at 5:30 a.m. and heard the sound of beads moving.  Special Note: We have hanging beads that are attached to the bathroom ceiling. Deanna also saw the figure of man standing over the bed and she instantly thought it was me.  Deanna feels there was an entity standing over the bed and she does not know if the entity watching over her had some kind of connection to the investigation today.

To See Pictures From the Investigation, stop by my Facebook Timeline:

There may be a curse at this residence in Oakdale.  Every man whoever lived in this home, has died under strange circumstances.  There is a lot of Native American Indian energy on the land and this home is very close to the very haunted Knight's Landing.  Alicia's brother - Karon's son died in this home.   It was death by suicide.  The suicide note that 27 year old Mikey left explained his personal reasons for the suicide and he also made it clear that President Trump did not care about poor people or people with disabilities.  Mikey was autistic.  The family has been plagued by the paranormal, such as a large box flying off the shelf, a face appeared on the TV, the smell of a lady's putrid perfume (perhaps Shanell #5) resonated through the home; the front door opened on its own; a purse hits the floor on its own accord; people have been touched, people also have been pinched. When Deanna did her walk through, she detected strong energy in one bedroom, that moved down the hall into another bedroom.  Come to find out, Karon tells us that the one bedroom is Mikey's bedroom and he would constantly walk from his bedroom to the bedroom down the hall, which was his mother's bedroom.  The family has heard stomping sounds (sounds of loud walking) on this hallway.

Mikey died at the age of 27 and on the digital recorder at recording #27, Mikey says "hi".  Our first EVP for this day.  Alicia felt it could be the voice of Mikey.  We sat in a circle and allowed Mikey to draw our energy, so he can speak to us.  We were unsuccessful in obtaining any EVPs in the bedrooms.  The last place we went to was the bathroom where Mikey committed suicide.  The bathroom proved to be Ground Zero for paranormal activity.  When we asked Mikey if he wanted to talk to us, if he wanted to give us a sign, he said "no" twice.  Mikey did not want to be bothered by our presence.  Because of that, we stopped our investigation.  We felt satisfied that Mikey was still with the family.  Alicia and the rest of the family felt Mikey would say "no" to us.  Deanna proceeded to conduct her metaphysical cleansing.  The family is moving out of this home and they are comfortable in knowing that Mikey is still with them.

Karon McDonald is a former HPI Paranormal Investigator and she called HPI in a time of need.  This investigation was sad, very sad.  A young man lost his life and this family is devastated by his actions.  I pray that this family heals and prospers.  Afterwards, Deanna treated Xandean and myself to a nice Mexican dinner at Cocina Michoacana.  The food was delicious and this dinner period of time allowed us to stabilize and discuss what we experienced at this home in Oakdale.

Pending Case #2J098P709U671 - Location: Woodbridge, Ca.  Raquel Rodriguez - former HPI Paranormal Investigator calls me and explains that poltergeist activity is happening in a home in Woodbridge.  I contacted Carol and then contacted Bernadette about the activity.  Bernadette's husband recently passed away, now they see shadows in the home, bedroom covers are ripped off Bernadette while she is sleeping, objects in the home are being moved around, a jello substance was found in a box of cereal, voices are heard.   Bernadette's daughter who has never been baptized is being targeted by the entity.  Talking to Bernadette, she has a priest that is coming over on Wednesday to bless the home and she is getting her daughter baptized.  Bernadette says that if the house blessing and baptism does not work, she will be calling HPI.  Code: 2B095K705434209P68838R71
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A Haunting in Oakdale, CA
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